Cueing is reminding participants to bring back their attention, and space is the silent time given to put into practice what you ask participants to do. Some of it is informed by the latest scientific research and popular traditions and conversations, and much of it is informed by the journey I’ve been on into the world of meditation.

Terrific Ab Yoga Workout to Shape Stomach. This tuning in you should also do prior to doing your personal yoga practice as well. Alone Together Free, Live Meditations: Online, Transform Your Life with Sarah McLean Meditation Class: Online, Mindful & Happy Mindfulness Course: Online, Day of Reflection – Meditation Immersion: Online, Workplace Mindfulness Trainer Certification: Online, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Certification, McLean Meditation Institute Faculty & Staff, Hire Sarah to Speak at Your Retreat or Event, Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation. To read about the Meditation Teacher Academy Course Advisors and Faculty. In part 1 I also went over the orientation section and discussed what items one should cover in that section. Here are the objectives you should shoot for with the warm-up section: 1.

So don’t shy away from it simply because you think the students will be turned off. Lead practices with your normal speaking voice. If all the students are veteran yogis, then you can skip items 5 & 6. While you are attending to your own personal experience, doing it together is a shared event that helps stabilize everyone’s practice. When you lead from your own experience, everyone can sense this. It is a spiritual science and without spirit, you may as well be doing aerobics or something.
I will vary the demands of this meditation from time to time, depending on the expertise of the students present. I also served as the founding education director for the Chopra Center. Prepare the student’s body for the final yoga set, so they can get maximum benefit from it. For motivation, tell them to go a little further than they have gone before. After the section below describing the Online Meditation Courses we’ll discuss just what it means to be a meditation teacher. Whatever it is.”, Offer Cues from the Middle of Your Own Practice. P. 928-204-0067 I continue to awaken to the reality that meditation and mindfulness are essential practices for expanding one’s awareness, connecting with others, living with full potential, and establishing true mind/body health. Be aware that your voice might get softer when leading a class through a medita­tion. On one end of the spectrum are facilitators who just read the script, do not par­ticipate in the class meditation, and do not have a personal meditation practice. 1.

It is the set which you are building up to and it should be a set which has a particular theme or purpose. I almost always make sure we do, Next in the warm-up section I will do the all important, In this phase of the class you are going to do the set which you indicated to them in the Orientation phase. Call +1 (805) 770-8188. I’ve been teaching meditation since 1993, and have assisted in the development of curriculum and courses for leading-edge authors and educators, among them notables such as Debbie Ford, Margo Anand, Deepak Chopra, and Byron Katie. […]. At MMI, we believe a new meditator should be mentored by an experienced professional: someone who can take the mystery out of meditation and mindfulness and make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their cultural beliefs or religious traditions. Leading a practice is different than doing your own practice. In this phase of the class you are going to do the set which you indicated to them in the Orientation phase. 3. I almost always make sure we do Butterfly Pose, which is great to start off with and we also do Forward Bend, to stretch the all important life nerve. I tell them, I will demonstrate first the pose or exercise, which after observing they do with their eyes closed. Essentially the following points are covered here. Also, going forward I will include teaching tips for the exercises and meditations as well that make up the free yoga & meditation e-books and videos. You can see an actual demonstration of this tuning in in the following video article: After the meditation period and tuning in phase the students are calm, peaceful and relaxed… really they are tooooo calm, peaceful and relaxed, Here I make sure I cover as much of the daily essential work as recommended by yoga as I can. We'd love to hear from you.

Mary Pearson and Helen Galpin, the course directors, have years of experience in teaching meditation courses. Many groups have co-facilitators at some or all meetings. One tip is to do these 2 poses before the breathing exercises so that the students, who have by then been sitting with legs crossed for some time, get a chance to stretch their legs.

You can’t just talk (and please, please don’t just read a script—ever). For more from Christiane Wolf, MD, PhD, and Greg Serpa, PhD, check out their new book, A Clinician’s Guide to Teaching Mindfulness.

I hope you’ll consider being a part of this transformative program and the community of teachers that are dedicated to helping to make the world a more peaceful place! Also, don’t underestimate the benefits it bestows. In the U.S. call +1 (805) 770-8188;  in Europe, call + (353) 85 7214170. You can get details on this information in the.

If you are looking for more passion, meaning, and purpose in your life, and are a therapist, counseling professional, educator, life coach, executive, manager, healer, yoga teacher, or someone who wants to deepen the work you’re already doing in the world, and you are committed to being a guide for others and called to serve a greater cause, the meditation teacher training at the Meditation Teacher Academy is designed for you. Yoga is not just a physical science. Also, during the set the following statements I find to be helpful: After their set (which should be the end of the physical aspect of you class), a relaxation period is a must.
As the students file into the class, I make sure the early ones move up and near to where I sit, as for some reason students always tend to keep more of a distance from the teacher than they need to.

There is no need to evoke a sensation.

Use the modifications for tough exercises.

With the popularity of meditation and mindfulness, it’s becoming more apparent that there’s a need for quality meditation teachers. Parents and others who want to share a powerful, natural stress-reduction and healing modality with people they care about.

So hit them with some powerful vitalizing pranayamas here. Then say the next sentence. As long as you are very clear in your instructions, have followed the guidelines laid out above and do good demonstrations before the poses and exercises, this works very well.

It is an important conceptual point that every practice should have enough spaciousness for the meditator to notice that the mind has wandered but not so much that she feels unsupported, lost, and overwhelmed by the task at hand. This is for the new comers, thus the veteran yogis can just tune me out and continue to work on their meditation. This is not just great for getting their back, hips, neck, shoulders, etc warmed up, but this set heats up the cerebro-spinal fluid which runs through the spinal cord.

), “This moment is like this… And this moment is like this.”.

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