The possible health benefits of eating this cruciferous … Cabbage is only a descendant of Brassicas. But they have their differences, and they are as follows –. Lettuce has a sort stem but as the plant grows the stem also lengthens and branches. Children belonging to these zodiac signs must be handled with extra care, 7 best parent-child zodiac combinations that are the most compatible, How to prepare your child for a COVID-19 test, Your ideal parenting style, as per your zodiac sign, I feel guilty about leaving my daughter at home, Your parenting weakness, based on your zodiac sign. Meanwhile, cabbage came from a phrase calle Normanno-Picard caboche, which meant head. What are the release dates for The Wonder Pets - 2006 Save the Ladybug? Frustrated and amused at the same time, she ended up going back to the grocery store herself to get the right vegetable! They also don’t know if cabbage is a cold compressor that subsides inflammation. Sometimes, even researchers can’t explain if the cabbage leaves have nutrients that can decrease breast pain or swelling. Both cabbage and lettuce have short stems. © 2017 | All rights reserved. These two are similar and different at the same time. So, when a breast is sore from engorgement, here is how to relieve the pain with cabbage leaves. Lettuce needs to be grown in sandy soil with a pH of somewhere between 6 or 7 on the other hand cabbage should not be grown in soil whose pH value does not exceed 6.5. Appearance can be an important difference between cabbage and lettuce. What is the difference between a cabbage and a lettuce. Most people think that lettuce and cabbage are same, but these vegetables have major differences when it comes to nutrition, culinary uses, odor, flavours, textures, taste, appearance, and growing conditions. Cabbage belongs to the genus Brassica, whereas lettuce belongs to the genus Lactuca. After 20 minutes and you feel like the breasts are warm, you can remove the wilted leaves and throw them away. The better question is, how are you 23 and don't know the difference between a lettuce and a cabbage? It is the primary ingredient in green salads and is also used in sandwiches and wraps. Depending on the variety of cabbage, the heads have a round, pointed, oblong or conical shape. Let’s demystify query Cabbage vs Lettuce. How is the Senate Majority Leader chosen? Lettuce is known for being crunchy that is why it is added in salads or burgers. Cabbage is typically served cooked or used in coleslaw dishes, while lettuce is usually eaten fresh. Boiled lettuce is disgusting (think of lettuce that's been on a burger for hours) Cabbage is crunchier and thicker. Lettuce has more water to the leaf, while cabbage is firm. For many years, the ancient people of the world cultivated and made use of this vegetable due to the leaf’s medicinal properties. Lettuce, scientifically known as Lactuca sativa, is a short-stemmed leafy vegetable that belongs to the genus Lactuca. Meanwhile, cabbage is considered a cruciferous vegetable. They are also two totally distinct plant species (Lactuca - The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. The surface of its juicy leaves is hairless and waxy. Cabbage, like other vegetables, is packed with vitamins and minerals. Lettuce has more folate than cabbage with a ratio of 38% while cabbage has 10%. Do cocker spaniels require assistance for delivery? Rich in vitamin A, iceberg lettuce improves the health condition of the eyes and also helps the bones to grow and develop. When it comes to the texture and taste, cabbage leaves are noticeably tougher and thicker than lettuce leaves. After that, cut out the stem from each leaf’s center, making sure that you keep each of them in one piece. Cabbage has more fiber and vitamin B than lettuce. Many people assume that since cabbage and lettuce look the same, they taste the same. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. It is eaten across the globe and can be prepared using various cooking methods. While these greens looks similar, but there is a lot of interesting differences between the two, which will also help you find out which is a healthier option. You will rarely see these flowers though because farmers pick lettuce before it starts to bolt. But somehow, cabbage leaves are more nutritious and sweeter compared to lettuce leaves. The vitamin C content of cabbage is 54% while that of lettuce is 9.2 mg. Cabbage has 7% of manganese while lettuce has 13 mg. With time, the Greeks and Romans understood why the plant is nutritious and joined in its cultivation. Studies have proven that the cold leaves of cabbage are soothing. Appearance can be an important difference between cabbage and lettuce. Kajal Aggarwal's honeymoon fashion is so HOT! As such, instead of using cabbage, lettuce leaves can replace the use of bread, tortillas, and buns for a sandwich. Lettuce leaves are gluten-free and a low-carb vegetable. There are a few health differences between the plants. Heads of cabbage typically weigh between 1 and 12 pounds, and each plant produces one head. Various health issues such as depression, chronic diseases, and folate deficiency drastically reduce if the body system has enough folate content like iceberg lettuce. The people of this region had known cabbage for a long time. Cabbage and lettuce are both green vegetables that have many layers of leaves. Lettuce … It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol. The main difference is how they are prepared and the way that they are grown. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. This rich phytonutrient antioxidants plant is a seasonal leafy vegetable which belongs to the family of Brassica. After presenting the report of research in 2013, it was clear to see that the main components to blame for this effect in lettuce is the non-polar agents. Both cabbage and lettuce are super-foods that you can’t resist. Cabbage consists of a short stem and a head that forms a bulb-type shape, which is usually green in color. Weight loss: This man lost 30+ kilos with running and giving up processed food! Lettuce is known for being crunchy, which is why it is used in salads or on burgers. Summary. It does not like soil that has a pH level higher than 6.5. Lettuce thrives in a warmer area under the shade while cabbage grows in cool environment. Depending on whether the leaves will become soft or stiff, loose or bunched, lettuce seedlings will vary in appearance. At times, it can be quite hard to tell the difference between a head of lettuce and that of cabbage. Cabbage are cooked most of the time, but can be used raw. View profile You can prepare a bunch of meals with cabbage, but lettuce has limited kitchen usage. Cabbage has a decent amount of iron, magnesium and calcium. In some research studies, eating cabbage has also been show to help manage peptic ulcers. Knowing the difference between collards and other greens is … Cabbage has a more rounded appearance. There are several varieties of cabbage with their different colors.

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