The wearing of this polish causes the surface to become rough and become a magnet for dirt. But while marble has many positives, it is a porous material – meaning that liquid and stains can easily work their way down into the surface. Through following the steps above, your marble can look as good as new in no time. If dirty mops are used on a regular basis, it can turn the matter worse. Over the weekend one of the water pipes broke in a bathroom and completely flooded the home. Upon investigation in these cases I have often found dirty mops being used. Most of these coatings are not specifically designed for use on marble floors. If, however, the floors have undergone recrystallization procedure, it is important to eliminate the recrystallized layer. Another possibility along these same lines is that process sometimes used for polishing marble floors is known as re-crystallazation. The stain will typically be the color of the paint that made it. Virtually all marble contains trace amounts of iron. If water and/ or air is eliminated the iron will not oxidize. After several hours pick up excess solution with a wet vacuum and rinse thoroughly with water and a chelating agent such as EDTA. If you expose a brand new nail to water and air it will turn brown and rust. Many marble floors are coated with waxes, acrylics, urethane and other coatings. Beside warped wood, soaked drywall and an irate homeowner, the marble tile seemed fine except for some minor water spotting. Another fruitful way to combat iron staining is preparing an iron stain remover (or poultice) with Iron Out and diatomaceous earth. Understanding the core reasons why the stone fades or discolours due to iron stain or recrystallization can help you find a rational solution. If these procedures fail then testing for iron will be necessary. Water speeds up the oxidization process, so marble in bathrooms or anywhere that has been exposed to excessive moisture can turn yellow fairly quickly. The workers came right when they said they would and did not leave any mess after the install. Wembley, HA9 0HF. We can check the tile for moisture using a moisture meter. Copyright © 1996 - 2020™. Before testing this procedure it is important to first determine if iron is the cause. If the marble tile has been recrystallized, it will be necessary to remove the recrystallized layer. Floors are mopped with strong cleaners or wax cleaner combinations or with no cleaners at all. Waxes & Coatings. If there is a flood and the marble floors or countertops are exposed to air and water persistently for a long time, check the iron content in water. Before testing this procedure it is important to first determine if iron is the cause. But while marble has many positives, it is a porous material – meaning that liquid and stains can easily work their way down into the surface. If your white marble has turned yellow, there are restoration methods that can reverse the damage. It was at this point that he called me. You should know the procedure of how to clean yellowed marble countertops with cleaners comprising of safe components. Recrystallization (also known as crystallization) is a process of polishing marble floors. Iron is a mineral found in stone and can occur randomly throughout the stone. If this process is applied to a white marble floor that contains moisture it will turn the marble yellow. In severe cases, the process of oxidation is difficult to reverse or stop. Beyond cleaning and re-sealing, make sure that you are exercising caution around your marble surfaces. After all, marble worktop are prized investments and so efforts should be taken to keep it looking healthy and shining. If there are spare tiles that have never been installed it would be a good idea to also have them tested for total iron. Keep in mind that this seal will not last forever. As marble wears, the highly polished surface begins to become scratched and worn. Cure: To remove yellowing due to a wax or coating buildup the marble will need to stripped with a commercial wax stripper. Deep stains need grinding and polishing if you want to unveil the hidden white marble below. If all the sealer has absorbed within these 15 minutes, apply an additional coat. How to Clean a Discolored Marble Tabletop. Yellowed Marble from Flooding or Chemicals. Be sure to rinse the floor thoroughly. Let the poultice go to work. But before you can remove the stain from your marble, you must first determine what type of stain it is. It may be necessary to repeat this procedure several times to remove all the imbedded dirt. The same process is occurring with the iron in the marble. Marble Cleaner. It’s a question we often get from homeowners and businesses. The poultice operates by working its way down into the stone at the site of the stain. Step 5. We can remove one tile and have it analyzed total iron. If the stain still remains then replacement is the only solution. Years of inadequate marble care or improper marble floor maintenance causes the marble to wear. To exercise caution, send a sample of the tile to the laboratory for testing iron to deter iron stain later. Make sure to cover the entire surface. In fact, waxy coatings of urethane and other materials may be the reason your white marble floors have turned yellow see it here. Daily cleaning and mopping is the right way to take adequate care of the material. There are fifty-fifty chances that the stain may get eliminated. After several weeks the replacement of warped wood and drywall was completed, but he noticed the white marble had turned yellow in many areas. The poultice mixture will be applied to a small area and covered with plastic wrap. He told me he was building a two million-dollar home and had installed nearly 3500 square feet of a white statuary marble tile. That makes it easy for dirt and grime to get trapped in the coating. It may be necessary to repeat this procedure several times to remove all the imbedded dirt. Sealing marble is not a complicated process at all. Placing mats and runners on marble floors helps in preserving the glazing looks of marble. We serve the greater Charlotte, NC area and can treat Carrara, Calacatta, and other types of marble with yellow stains. This process of oxidation is similar to the rusting of metal. Step 3. This guide will provide you with knowledge on what types of stains can occur on marble and how to get rid of those stains. Techstone left us with a floor far beyond our expectations – it is now in showroom condition.On seeing the result, we immediately negotiated for Techstone to return to refurbish a countertop.Dealing with the firm was a delight: acquiring a quote, scheduling the refinishing visit and working with Ted were all relaxed and agreeable activities.

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