Fascists, white supremacists, and the rest of their ilk can go fuck right off a cliff, please and thank you, this info is Not For Those Terrible Asslamps. (Obligatory reminder to support native Irish folks whenever possible when looking for resources and services concerning Irish culture! (Power isn’t inherently negative, but like everything else, at least be aware of how your own motivations and biases are directing you.). Not everyone perceives gods and spirits in the same way, even if they’re referring to the same entities. Do we have proof? In what ways will my preconceived notions help or hinder how I develop my own relationship with her (and with her living human community too, if I’m interested in that)? Those things come with time, effort, negotiation, and consent and trust on both ends of the relationship, human and divine. I added this question because of some of the bullshit I see getting thrown around sometimes, so I just want to add: Last note: fascists, Nazis, white supremacists, and their like-minded brethren are a blight upon this earth, a humiliation for their ancestors, and a disgrace to the gods. Since this post got longer than I expected, I broke it down thusly by some of the most common questions I receive from folks poking around in this particular corner of Irish (and Gaelic) polytheism: First, decide for yourself: what do you want? It’s not unusual that they request their devotees to participate in some kind of martial art or for devotees to do it preemptively as an act of devotion. In an ideal world, what constitutes a healthy relationship between you and your god(s)? Do some research. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Do you feel like you have enough information to make an informed decision, and if not, what kind of information do you still need? If any of that concerns you, then you may want to seriously consider if this is the right kind of relationship, or the right timing for it, for you. Thank you! Be self-reflective. Which ones might be more relaxed, and under what kind of circumstances? . Whatever method you choose, remember: be as prepared for rejection as you are for acceptance. You don’t have to be. It took hiring Heathen Chinese’s divination services to figure out that the invitation was from Badb specifically (who I’d been desperately pretending not to hear because she scared me more than the Morrígan). (. By looking at mythology, lore, surviving folk practices, and the archaeological record we try to create a living tradition that mirrors that of our ancestors as best and as historically accurate as possible. I have given Her some of my workings with herbs and the wild world. Be prepared to hear an answer you don’t like. If you like, you can use an object as a kind of focal point for your physical and mental attention, like a stone or corvid feather or an action figure or whatever makes you think “Morrigan” when you perceive it. Not in the ways that contemporary western science would understand it, no, but that’s not evidence in and of itself, so why not make room for the possibility.

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