U kunt iMovie gebruiken om gratis foto- of videodiavoorstellingen te maken op alle Mac-computers. Bovendien kunt u de vergelijkbare bewerkingstools ook in de videobewerkingsinterface voor diavoorstellingen krijgen. Before you actually start creating your slideshow with a video editing tool, it’s always good to do some preparation work – deciding on your slideshow concept, thinking of an outline, and preparing the content will help you save time in the creation process and ensure that you have a good flow in your slideshow. Simply click on it with two fingers and select Delete. At this point, iMovie gives you the option to create short and fun Hollywood-style trailers with some ready made templates. For my slideshow, I chose one fast piece (“Down the way”) that matched the lively first part of the slideshow, and one piece that had a medium pace (“Happy Ukulele”) that was perfect for the peaceful second part. Using the Ken Burns effect can add interest to an otherwise stale image. On the top menu of the Browser pane, click on Transitions to preview the available transition options and select only one or two. Als u een diavoorstelling met stijlvolle sjablonen op Windows wilt maken, kunt u het proberen Apeaksoft Slideshow Maker. Dat is alles om een ​​diavoorstelling te maken in iMovie op Mac. With iMovie for iOS and macOS, you can enjoy your videos like never before. Creating slideshows is a great way to share photos and videos, but it’s something not everyone knows how to do. U kunt bijvoorbeeld tekst en titel toevoegen aan een diavoorstelling in elke gewenste positie, lettertype, grootte en kleur. (In case that isn’t readable, the message is telling me that QuickTime can’t open the file. Once you decide on a transition, you can easily drag and drop it between any two clips in your project timeline. We hope this tutorial will help you to create lovely slideshows in iMovie. Na het downloaden van het item kunt u het bestaande thema van de diavoorstelling bewerken en zelfs een nieuw maken. Adjust these two frames in the way you want to see the effect start and end. If you want to create a simple, elegant, and professional-looking slideshow, the following transitions will be your friend: Cross dissolve, Cross blur, Fade to black, and Fade to white. Opmerking: iMovie werkt naadloos met iPhoto. Sorry about the panic call. I offer a free email course as well as paid video courses and other educational resources to help you get started on the right foundation! You can do this from the, When you use photos in slideshows, it’s always nice to bring in some motion to still images. First, I downloaded the music files and then I transferred them into my iTunes account. Plaats vervolgens foto's in een album met de volgorde die u in de diavoorstelling van iMovie wilt weergeven. To insert a title slide, select Titles from the top menu of the Browser pane, select the type of slide you want, and drag & drop it on the Project timeline. You can trim another part to reuse again if you like. ), How to Extract & Save Photos from Your Email Accounts, How to Create a Photo & Video Slideshow with Microsoft Photos, How to Create a Photo & Video Slideshow with iMovie for Mac, The #1 Mistake People Make When Trying to Organize Their Photos (+How You Can Avoid It! You can even share it by email, although that might be a less attractive option. How to add Theme to iMovie? Interested in DPO PRO: The Ultimate Photo Organizing Masterclass? Alternatively, you can trim the video on the project timeline itself by clicking on the video and adjusting the white frame from both sides to the desired length (see below). When playing a video, more options will appear in the top menu. She is fascinated with the idea of motivating and inspiring others to do the same by writing here at OrganizingPhotos.net and her blog Mind Your Photos. Copyright © 2020 Apeaksoft Studio. When pictures and photographs are imported into iMovie for Mac, there is an automatic zoom applied to all the images. iMovie offers a variety of movie templates too, but in this tutorial, I preferred to go for no theme to show you the editing features that will help you to create your own theme. Wat betreft Windows-gebruikers, u kunt een diavoorstelling maken in iMovie-alternatief genaamd Apeaksoft Slideshow Maker. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Last but not least, iMovie, the best slideshow maker for Mac, has been around for a long time and has always focused on one philosophy: ease of use in a clean and elegant interface. It's totally free for Mac and iOS users to use without any limit. If you want to create a simple, elegant, and professional-looking slideshow, the following transitions will be your friend: To watch how your transitions look, click on any photo or video on your timeline and push the space bar on your keyboard to view your slideshow playing in the, If you aren’t sure how to choose the right type of music that matches the style and length of your slideshow + that’s royalty free, have a look at the tips in, For this tutorial, I selected two instrumental pieces by, with slightly different rhythms and bright, relaxing, and uplifting tunes – exactly the kind of feeling I wanted to create for the viewers of my slideshow. Welnu, het kan je beste iMovie-alternatief voor diapresentatiemaker zijn om in korte tijd een diavoorstelling van een foto of video te maken. You can also adjust its duration, and apply it to the entire slideshow. You can read more about video formats and resolutions in my blog post on best practices for organizing and managing your video collection. Als u niet tevreden bent met iMovie-sjablonen voor diavoorstellingen, kunt u het programma gratis downloaden om meer te ontdekken. You can also correct and enhance audio, which I advise you to do once you start working with the music and audio settings (in the next steps). The video file size should be the same, but if you create them differently — like with more transitions and titles and such, then it could be higher. By the end of my third one-hour session with Caroline, I had accessed all my old Aperture images, dumped all the images I had into one place, and identified and deleted all the duplicates. Bewaar of deel uw diavoorstelling in elk formaat of platform. You have a lot more control in iMovie. In less than three minutes you can import the photos, add transitions, insert titles, and include music. Saed to desktop, as mp4, but got error message when I attempted to open it: /Users/kevinmurphy1/Desktop/Error mesage 101716.jpg This panning and zooming effect can also be applied to video clips to add some further motion, especially to footage which is rather stable and focused on a single scene. You can read more about me here! Copyright © 2006-2020 CleverMedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. As you are listening to the background music, you can put markers on the photo and video slides by simply tapping on, If you have audio in your video clips, you’, ll hear both the background music and your audio playing at the same time. You’ll have more options that way. Selin Tagmat has a background in architecture and communication. Rework the music selection around any audio clips in the slideshow! I have never restored photos before, so she explained everything thoroughly and offered different pricing options which helped tremendously! 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