This investor deck template is ideal for initial VCs and Angel Investors. Their presentation uses minimal text, relying instead on visuals to demonstrate their value. If they ask to see your pitch deck, this is what you want to send. They should be used. A deep awareness of the many practical difficulties of running a business will result in a stronger pitch. Typically, you would present a pitch deck to potential investors, business partners, board members and potential clients. BetaKit has a great guide on how to prepare for due diligence. Furthermore, it's not relevant to the pitch. Icons can be used as symbols or visual cues to guide your audience’s eyes towards specific points on your slides. Pictures of manufacturing facilities or smiling service personnel also help as long as they mirror the reality of a successful startup. Other ways to add variety to your slide include swapping out the background image, or inverting the colors. Our post on picking charts will help you decide what chart is best for what data. The briefest possible mention of process details will serve well for the great majority of opening pitches. This deck is incredibly successful at summarizing the company vision and the huge market opportunity they had before… VIDEO TUTORIAL: Learn how to customize this template. It’s generally considered best practice not to go over 20 slides;  most people probably won’t have the attention span for more. A short, impactful pitch deck is a great way to impress your audience–quickly. The best visual elements pound home their points with words that allow the presenter to show unmistakable belief in the intended meanings through a confident tone of voice and friendly body language. Investors will be keen to know who’s on your team, if any of the founders have technical ability, how long you’ve known each other etc. Investors want to see hard proof of the concept, and illuminating metrics on potential sales don't hurt at all. Take a look at the second and third slide in the business pitch deck template below. In 2016, we were fortunate enough to meet up with key members of 500 Startups at the Accelerator program, where we got their thoughts on creating a template for all Slidebean users to use. The best words fly a speaker's intended meanings into the minds of listeners before disappearing into the silence of contemplation. The success of any business that anticipates significant growth depends on the quality of its team. Need funding for your business? We've got it! A good pitch deck will include a brief profile of the qualifications of the company's core employees. That’s why it’s often effective to put an icon beside a header or beside a key metric. How will the new offering meet the needs and desires of potential purchasers? How will the startup achieve this more efficiently than competitors? Use charts to present key metrics like traction your business has gained, or your profit growth. WHAT'S IN THIS INVESTOR DECK TEMPLATE? Behind stern faces, their deepest emotions await. Your pitch deck isn’t the place to go into the nitty-gritty of your business. Slide 7: Marketing Strategy that you will use to reach your customers.

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