Are changes necessary? Subscribe to BoLS Prime. Daughters of Khaine. However, they kept the rules the way they were and decided to see how it “bore out”. 388 comments. What people were doing was forming a gunline of Repulsor Executioners and Redemptor Dreads. Iron Hands Get Crushed With the Nerf Bat: New 40k FAQ For anyone who didn’t know, Iron Hands succeeded the Ultramarines in competitive play as of late, simply because of a few key rules. It’s the same principle as going against Knights that rotate their Ion Shields. Go AD FREE today! However, CP is extremely limited for power armor. 2021 Necromunda New Release Roadmap Revealed! It gets better with time. I hear Age of Sigmar is really fun and it’s not too far away from 40K, so it’s a solid choice. Customize Your Bases With These Themed Elrik’s Basing Bits! For anyone who didn’t know, Iron Hands succeeded the Ultramarines in competitive play as of late, simply because of a few key rules. BOO! These rules made the army as a whole harder to kill than Death Guard, thanks to invulns, ignore damage tricks, etc. Wait, what’s that YOU’RE an Iron Hands player and you’re really sad about it? If you haven’t already seen, GW dropped the FAQ on Iron Hands and Raven Guard. FAQs come and go, but you’ll stick with the sons of Ferrus Manus come hell or high water. You know what, maybe 40K is just too much right now. You’ve been playing Iron Hands for more than 20 years and still don’t really know what a “Primaris” Marine is. The Iron Hands Doctrine is too powerful, granting no movement penalties in combination with re rolls and the increase in AP to all heavy weapons. If these massive rules changes completely turned you off from the army, you may want to try and talk to the GW customer service team to see what they can do. But now, the faction may be playing totally different from before. They do everything your Iron Hands army was doing, just with more Anime. Was the Iron Hands ability to siphon wounds off to unimportant models a core part of your strategy? Oh, you did, cool. save. This FAQ knocked them down a few pegs. RAWR! Warhammer 40K: Five Armies To Help You Get Over the Iron Hands Nerf. Have you heard that Space Marines, and Iron Hands, in particular, got nerfed?! Here are some armies you can play to help make it all better. Iron Hands Chapter Colour Scheme as displayed by Primaris Marine Vangaar, an Intercessor.The icon on his right pauldron shows that he belongs to Clan Borrgos, while the Low Gothic numeral on his right … Imperial Knights, Astra Militarum and Adeptus Mechanicus: Iron Hands Nerf! Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group, and sign up to get your free hobby updates newsletter (with discount coupon codes) each morning as well! For stratagems, a Deny the Witch on a 4+ and an Overwatch on a 4+ strat were doubled in cost. Finding a meta netlist shouldn’t be that hard, just make sure you stay away from those Stormcast, I hear only the newbs play them. While there’s no guarantee of help or refunds, an army change as big as this one may be grounds to at least reach out at tel:1-800-394-4263. Did you get into Iron Hands way back when the supplement first came out and fell in love with their flyer spam lists? Well shoot. Feel free to sell the Leviathan dread though, those things are done. So the consensus seems to be that Iron Hands are top tier and possibly overpowered(unproven). Leads to random stuff like Iron Hands having the best pilots in the Imperium. Maybe it’s time to take a break from the Grimdark and try out a new and different game for a bit. Was one of your favorite parts of playing Iron Hands how no one liked your list and all your games caused the other player to break down into tears? Avengers NERF Power Moves Marvel Iron Man Repulsor Blast Gauntlet NERF Dart-Launching … So pack away those Chaplain Dreadnoughts, Leviathans, and the expendable Intercessors and pull out your Coldstar Commanders, Riptides and expendable drones, chances are if you’re a real bandwagon player you’ve already got the army on your shelf, and the dust hasn’t even formed a layer yet. 2. They’d be huddled up getting a 5++ invuln thanks to Feirros hiding out of LOS. Do you love having superior overwatch? 1. Still sad that your Iron Hands army got nerfed? GW made a hotfix and brought the Chapter back down to a reasonable level. As for the Ironstone. Well then friend, Tau just might be the new army for you. Nonetheless, I can give you a rundown of the nerfs Iron Hands received a couple of weeks after their release. It is possible that a rules change by GW could result in nerfs. But until that time, or a new Codex/ Supplement /FAQ/Edition heals your wounds, here are five armies you might want to consider playing instead to help you get through this hard time. Wow, that was brutal. Win This Army Painter Mega Paint Set: November Giveaway! While Raven Guard got reworked slightly, Iron Hands took a beating from the NERF bat. Remember Those Salamander Dice? Sort by. If you cannot see that the Iron Hands supplement is head and shoulders above the other supplements, and pretty much all other Codexes, then there is no point; thankfully, you yourself do actually see an issue ("Yes we do need a bit of a nerf") - so maybe you could hold off on the (actual) personal attacks calling people whiny bitches. share. © Copyright 2009 - 2020 | Spikey Bits, GW dropped the FAQ on Iron Hands and Raven Guard. Here’s the latest. Ah, now I get it, you’re not a bandwagon jumper at all, you’re a hardcore old school Iron Hands player. $29.99. Sure Iron Hands were being better Tau then the Tau, but now that the Iron Hands have gotten nerfed and Tau buffed the shoe is on the other blue foot. These highlights are: The Master of Ambush warlord trait which is probably the most useful was added that both units have to be set up (if the Warlord is Infantry) anywhere 9″ away per normal restrictions. What do you think might be reasonable possible changes they might make? View … Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Nerf Iron Man Assembler Gear 4.5 out of 5 stars 265. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Of the bigger changes, Feirros’ 5++ invuln bubble doesn’t affect Vehicles anymore. report. It is our mission to bring you the latest from the miniature wargaming scene, from narrative missions, hobby how to tutorials, battle reports, unboxings and reviews, retro flashbacks, news, rumors and more. The big hitter lists *may* have been brought down a tad by the nerfs but the Iron Hands still have a few tricks up their sleeves that make the quite deadly. While true, we have already seen that IH is … That means that you can’t have Carab Culln in a Leviathan as part of a Successor Chapter redeploy 9″ away from the enemy. Featuring the Knight Houses of Draconis III and their household retinues, the Draconian Armored Defenders Astra Militarum regiments, and the Skitarii maniples, Cybernetica Cohorts and Titan Legions of the Adeptus Mechanicus forge world, Draconis IV. best. However, it only affects Infantry models now, making their tanks only slightly tougher with the base 6+++ FNP that Chapter gets. The rules of the faction before the FAQ might have been the main reason some people bought into the army. Page 3 of 15 - Iron Hands nerf? We might seem OP now...but give it 6 months. Did you like running a bunch of unkillable mech suits? There might be something to this…. Worth giving it a try at least. Well then try your hand at Eldar flyer spam! Let us know how you are coping with the FAQ, down in the comments! Painting Orruk Brutes Red: eBay Rescue Tutorial. All rights reserved. However, now you have to pick one vehicle to benefit at the start of each battle round. Warhammer 40K: Five Armies To Help You Get Over the Iron Hands Nerf 1. Pisst, hey comrade, have you ever heard about Raven Guard? Will meta chasers have to peel the black paint off their Ultramarines once again? If no changes come is … This might look like a small change to horde armies. For you Iron Hands are a work of love, and labor of sacrifice, you are a true old hand and a loving player of narrative, how good or meta the army is doesn’t matter. Raven Guard also got tweaked slightly, however, they pale in comparison to the Iron Hands changes. Sure they got nerfed too, but it was a little nerf, barely a scratch, and they’ve still got a lot of nice tricks up their sleeves. It’s been out of the top tier of the meta for a bit, but with Space Marines getting nerfed it might just be good again. GW made a hotfix and brought the Chapter back down to a reasonable level. - posted in + IRON HANDS +: The codices are being updated and re-leveled, guys. This isn’t a change, however, it’s important to note that the Callidus and Stranglehold Stratagem do stack. Click Here. hide. Imperial fanboy, tabletop fanatic, King of sprues. New Iron hands rules. You just got your whole army painted (so much Chaos Black spray paint) and now it’s no good? I hear that with Iron Hands nerfed they are set to be The Next Big Thing ™ for Space Marines and maybe the meta in general. What do you think about the rules changes for Iron Hands and Raven Guard? Top Airbrushes for Miniatures that Make Great Gifts. Good on you friend, you keep playing your Iron Hands, just make sure you tell everyone how long you’ve been playing and that you’re actually happy they got nerfed. You’ve got no plans to ditch you’re loving crafted and painted army, not after all the time you spent coming up with names for each Marine. The new FAQ for the Iron Hands arrived on the scene and there is no denying the fact that it was a pretty big nerf. All names, trademarks, and images are copyright their respective owners. The Iron Father dude (I don't have him because I'm using a Successor Chapter) … This thread is archived. 40k Analysis. And finally, for a psychic healing power, Reforge can’t target a vehicle that has already been healed this turn.

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