Their olfactory passage, like that of the Palostraca, must have been ventral. Synonyms: adaxial. Dorsoventral definition is - relating to, involving, or extending along the axis joining the dorsal and ventral sides. Accessed 12 Nov. 2020. Prolateral refers to the surface of a leg that is closest to the anterior end of an arachnid's body. For other uses, see, "Proximal" and "distal" redirect here. All the eyes are on the carapace of the prosoma, and their sizes, shapes and locations are characteristic of various spider families and other taxa. Learn a new word every day. They are particularly used to describe the curvature of the uterus.[50][51]. They are used in anatomy, surface anatomy, surgery, and radiology.[46]. Anatomy a. Web. However, as left and right sides are mirror images, using these words is somewhat confusing, as structures are duplicated on both sides. It also had an odd blowhole thats farther up than any other whale and slightly off-center.

Anterior (from Latin ante 'before') describes what is in front,[23] and posterior (from Latin post 'after') describes what is to the back of something.

The genitals are medial to the legs.
Warsaw are characterized by an elongated second dorsal spine, they're the only grouper with 10 dorsal spines ; all others have 11.

[8] To do this, distinct ends of an organism are chosen, and the axis is named according to those directions. Similarly, the term "caudal" is used more in embryology and only occasionally used in human anatomy.

Radially symmetrical organisms include those in the group Radiata – primarily jellyfish, sea anemones and corals and the comb jellies. An indefinite number of triads of mutually perpendicular axes could be defined, but any such choice of axes would be useless, as nothing would distinguish a chosen triad from any others. ventral meaning: 1. of, on, or near the underside of an animal 2. of, on, or near the underside of an animal. We truly appreciate your support. 12 Nov. 2020. [1] This means descriptions are with respect to the organism in its standard anatomical position, even when the organism in question has appendages in another position. The dorsal (from Latin dorsum 'back') surface of an organism refers to the back, or upper side, of an organism. These terms are not used to form the fixed axes. 'left'). How to use a word that (literally) drives some pe... Do you know what languages these words come from? "Deep" is one of the few anatomical terms of location derived from Old English rather than Latin – the anglicised Latin term would have been "profound" (from Latin profundus 'due to depth').[1][37].
Another word for dorsal.

Special terms are used to describe the mouth and teeth. [3], Because animals can change orientation with respect to their environment, and because appendages like limbs and tentacles can change position with respect to the main body, terms to describe position need to refer to an animal when it is in its standard anatomical position. Anteversion and retroversion are complementary terms describing an anatomical structure that is rotated forwards (towards the front of the body) or backwards (towards the back of the body), relative to some other position. Volar can also be used to refer to the underside of the palm or sole, which are themselves also sometimes used to describe location as palmar and plantar. [22] For example, in the anatomical position, the most superior part of the human body is the head and the most inferior is the feet. For example, as humans are approximately bilaterally symmetrical organisms, anatomical descriptions usually use the same terms as those for vertebrates. opposite anatomical term to the ‘dorsal’ and it describes anatomical structures located towards the stomach of the body

Lateral (from Latin lateralis 'to the side') describes something to the sides of an animal, as in "left lateral" and "right lateral". Although the direction indicated by "proximal" and "distal" is always respectively towards or away from the point of attachment, a given structure can be either proximal or distal in relation to another point of reference.

Post the Definition of dorsoventral to Facebook, Share the Definition of dorsoventral on Twitter. . [39], The ventral (from Latin venter 'belly') surface refers to the front, or lower side, of an organism.[39]. Aurelia aurita, another species of jellyfish, showing multiple radial and medio-peripheral axes, The sea star Porania pulvillus, aboral and oral surfaces, Special terms are used for spiders. There is typically no basis for the definition of a third axis. This position provides a standard definition of what is at the front ("anterior"), behind ("posterior") and so on. These terms describe how close something is to the midline, or the medial plane. Cnidarians (jellyfish, sea anemones and corals) have an incomplete digestive system, meaning that one end of the organism has a mouth, and the opposite end has no opening from the gut (coelenteron).

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