That, forasmuch as they would not be made better by his ministry, they should be made worse by it those that were wilfully blind should be judicially blinded (Isaiah 6:10): "They will not understand or perceive thee, and therefore thou shalt be instrumental to make their heart fat, senseless, and sensual, and so to make their ears yet more heavy, and to shut their eyes the closer so that, at length, their recovery and repentance will become utterly impossible they shall no more see with their eyes the danger they are in, the ruin they are upon the brink of, nor the way of escape from it they shall no more hear with their ears the warnings and instructions that are given them, nor understand with their heart the things that belong to their peace, so as to be converted from the error of their ways, and thus be healed." BibliographyEllicott, Charles John. The purpose of this blog is to provide insights from the Christian perspective. He it is who when, after his resurrection, he sat down on the right hand of God, did but sit down where he was before, John 17:5. Compare Acts 9:3-11, which records the Apostle Paul"s conversion and call. The concept of a Messiah who is both the Son of David and the Son of God is also stated in Psalm 2:7. "Commentary on Isaiah 6:7". for I am undone because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts. IV. Not the same word as in Isaiah 1:25; Isaiah 4:4. Lo, this hath touched thy lips. https: His reign shall be characterized by a reign of peace on earth because He is the very embodiment of peace itself. Here is a communication between God and Isaiah about this matter. Again, using the prophetic perfect, the prophet speaks of Him as though He were already born! To our Lord Jesus himself, in his agony, there appeared an angel from heaven, strengthening him, Luke 22:43. Some read the foregoing clause with this, thus: As the support at Shallecheth is in the elms and the oaks, so the holy seed is the substance thereof as the trees that grow on either side of the causeway (the raised way, or terrace-walk, that leads from the king's palace to the temple, 1 Kings 10:5, at the gate of Shallecheth, 1 Chronicles 26:16) support the causeway by keeping up the earth, which would otherwise be crumbling away, so the small residue of religious, serious, praying people, are the support of the state, and help to keep things together and save them from going to decay. He touched my mouth with it - Isaiah's mouth was cleansed … BibliographyWhedon, Daniel. Thine iniquity is taken away - That is, whatever obstacle there existed to your communicating the message of God to this people, arising from your own consciousness of unworthiness, is taken away. The real significance of this unique Child comes in His foretold name. https: And it was as to an evangelical prophet that these things were shown him and said to him. Retail: $19.99. https: They had each of them six wings, not stretched upwards (as those whom Ezekiel saw, Isaiah 1:11), but, 1. Every minister of the gospel, though conscious of personal unworthiness and unfitness, should yet go freely and cheerfully to his work, if he has evidence that he is called and commissioned by God. See God upon his throne, and that throne high and lifted up, not only above other thrones, as it transcends them, but over other thrones, as it rules and commands them. Note, [1.] [2.] Shall walls and posts tremble before God, and shall we not tremble? Lo — This is a sign that I have pardoned and purged the uncleanness of thy lips. (4.) 2. The Targum is, "and he disposed "it" in my mouth; and said, lo, I have put the words of my prophecy in thy mouth, and thine iniquities are removed, and thy sins are expiated, or forgiven. (7) And he laid it upon my mouth.—So Jehovah “touched the mouth” of Isaiah’s great successor (Jeremiah 1:9); but not in that case with a “coal from the altar.” That prophet, like Moses (Exodus 4:10), had felt only or chiefly the want of power (“Alas!

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