One or two brief comments are in place here: It is clear that of first importance in education in the view of the reformers was the need to have young minds thoroughly taught in the doctrines of the Word of God. It was expected that children should have a knowledge of God’s law and commandments, the chief Articles of the Faith, the correct way to pray to God, to understand the number and nature of the sacraments, and to appreciate who Christ is and how he exercises His offices as the Redeemer. Fathers especially were to be compelled ‘to bring up their children in learning and virtue’. The Scottish Confession of Faith of 1560 powerfully affirmed a church built on the Reformation doctrines of the authority of scripture, the supremacy of Christ in headship of the Church, and became part of the foundation for the Westminster Confession of Faith years later. The rich were to pay for the education of their own children either in whole or in part. It became thereafter a Protestant stronghold in Scotland and a settlement started to develop there of those friendly to the Reformed faith. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. | The Standard SC. Before then, she had dismissed her Protestant advisors and had tried to rule herself, with dismal failure. He had recently overseen the Company of Pastors, which prosecuted charges of heresy against the scholar Michael Servetus, although Calvin himself was not capable of voting for or against a civil penalty against Servetus. Fleeing England, he settled next in Switzerland. The Mass was forbidden, and Protestantism was established with the approval of a Confession of Faith. This did little for his general health, as may be imagined. By now, Scotland had an infant queen, Mary, living in France until old enough to rule. He also had an older brother who helped their father with his business. degree from the University of St. Andrews. ( Log Out /  These ecclesiastical and educational proposals were written in what was called the First Book of Discipline and it was subscribed in the Tolbooth of Edinburgh on 27th January, 1561. To the Queen Regent, the time was right to rein the Protestants back in, permanently. John Knox and his brethren were setting out vital principles for the establishment of the Reformed Church of Scotland throughout the whole realm and educational provisions were regarded by these reformers as essential to their work. Queen Elizabeth in England was sympathetic towards the Protestant struggle in Scotland. One is sufficient for one sacrifice.’ He then caused a two-handed sword, which commonly was carried with him, to be taken from John Knox, who, although unwillingly, obeyed and returned with Hugh Douglas…[Later,] before midnight, the place was beset about so that none could escape to raise the alarm….The Bishops, with their accomplices, condemned this innocent man to be burned as a heretic, thinking truly, that they should do to God good sacrifice.” Though Knox had insisted on staying, Wishart told him to go.

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