If God had wanted to kill them, she says, he would not have: *shown them the wonder they had just witnessed; *given them the announcement of a coming child; Manoah’s wife demonstrated insight into God’s character that her husband lacked. It wasn’t customary to put off child birth, hence I would suspect she couldn’t have children. Manoah and his wife both fell on their faces to the ground as they realized who this Man really was, and Manoah thought they would die (Judges 13:20-22). ( Log Out /  The son’s head should never by touched by a razor because he “is to be a Nazirite, dedicated to God from the womb. The child grew, and the Lord blessed him. Rather than Manoah protectively offering comfort and reassurance to his wife as her presumed ‘head’, it is the woman who provides wisdom and encouragement to her trembling husband. But, as time went by, Samson surprised his parents by asking them to arrange a marriage with a Philistine woman he was attracted to. The Man of God did return, but not to Manoah. He belongs to the tribe of Dan and lives in the city of Zorah, located just north of the Tribe of Judah. One day when Manoah’s wife was alone, the “Angel of the LORD” appeared to her and revealed that she would have a son. In a deeply patriarchal society, during a time of national oppression, she demonstrated faith, wisdom, humility, courage and family leadership that was extraordinary for her time and situation. Manoah and his wife both fell on their faces to the ground as they realized who this Man really was, and Manoah thought they would die (Judges 13:20-22). After the angel ascended into heaven in the flames of the offering, Manoah feared greatly, for he and his wife had seen God (v. 22). The angel refuses to eat anything but suggests they offer that goat for a burnt offering to the Lord. Samuel was the last judge because during his life, Israel demanded a king. Manoah asks the angel his name, “so that we may honor you when your word comes true?”, The angel replies that his name is “beyond understanding.”. Most of us know the story—Samson did eventually have his hair cut off, and he lost his strength. One day, the angel comes again to Manoah’s wife while she is out in the field when her husband is not with her. The Man of God recommended that Manoah prepare and offer a sacrifice to the Lord instead. Did you notice anything missing from the exchange? Categories: Men in the Old Testament, Samson. I see no one has commented, so I will. Manoah only thought of a curse, we will die, while his wife actually listened to the message. As the goat and the grain offering are placed in the fire of the altar, the Angel immerses Himself within the flame, ascends to Heaven and disappears from view. www.greatsouthland.org, www.breadforthebride.com, The Angel graciously repeats the Nazarite dietary requirements Manoah’s wife should observe while she is pregnant. Was the woman praying for a child? After Manoah listened to the Man, he offered to prepare a meal for Him. The man who appeared to me the other day!”, Manoah follows her home. It would seem the Angel is honouring the woman’s decision to keep that piece of information hidden in her own heart until a time she herself chooses to disclose it to her husband. Your words “the crisis always reveals who we really are and also reveals what we believe” reminds me of the present hour with a killer disease moving across our nations. While this is commendable, perhaps it indicates that he needs more reassurance. It is worth noting at this point that the term ‘Angel of the Lord’ is considered by many Biblical commentators to be a description of Christ in His pre-incarnate form. This is reminiscent of Gideon’s fears when he saw the Angel of the LORD (Judges 6:22-23). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. So, they didn’t need to eat this diet, yet they trained Samson so that he could tell Delilah that he was a Nazirite “from the womb”. Manoah’s wife does give birth to a boy and names him Samson. ), Manoah: ‘Are you the man who spoke to the woman?’, Manoah: ‘Now when your words come to pass, what shall be the boy’s mode of life and his vocation?’, Angel of the Lord. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. At this point, Manoah just wanted to know what his son’s rule of life and his work would be (verse 12). It is his parents’ responsibility to negotiate terms for the bride, even when they oppose the marriage. It’s interesting to note that other women of faith had also been childless, including Sarah, Rebekah and Hannah. Just as the Lord chose to make himself unnamed, He also did the same for this woman. Thankyou Noni. God gave them a king. That puts her among a long list of barren women that are given the promise of sons. The person who voluntarily came under this Nazirite vow was to be holy to the Lord until his days of separation were complete. Her son was to be what the Bible calls a Nazirite from the womb. It is Manoah’s wife who, leaving the Angel in the field, runs quickly to fetch her husband. He exposes the motives of Manoah’s heart by directing a question back at him: ‘Why do you ask my name?’ He asks, adding ‘seeing it is wonderful.’ The Hebrew word ‘piliy’ is translated as ‘wonderful’ in some Bible versions and ‘incomprehensible’ in others. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Excellent commentary on this story!! There was a reason for this command.

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