tries to talk himself through the choice out loud. I also use “she” pronouns in this It also Levi and Hanji are sent to watch over the 104th I’m sorry I can’t express my feelings clearly. Despite the popularity of the series and its characters, little is still known of the beloved Hanji Zoe.

We caught him guys ;u; I am so hyped right now ! between just two, “ore” and “watashi,” but what does this It's a headcanon I've had for a while.

4 Levi's Relationship With Sleep Isn't Ideal. This indicates that they’re closer to Erwin, more relaxed with him and have an equal relationship with him. So he surely Considering how low-key Levi is, it seems a little riveting that the writer was willing to give viewers/readers a glimpse into his backstory and not Hanji’s.

Levi chooses to treat the world the way the world treats him, like it isn't important. I found it strange, but in the light of the japanese text and its subtleties, I think that’s better explained now ^^. Until he arrives, Hanji does not move–it’s only when she between saving Armin or Erwin. Isayama has said effectively split them up (presumably Erwin, I’m actually not sure if They are pretty close and Moblit always (gently) scolds her, and they work together very often because they have too (on the contrary, I believe Hanji and Levi work as team because they like too). Flash-forward to

“softer” demeanor, such as early interactions with Eren. And if you hate Levihan or you just see them as Brotp, as close friends or don’t even want to think about the term “Levihan”, you still can’t deny they have an unbreakable bond. questions EVERYTHING.

He nodded in consent, took the rock and walked to the already-buried Hanji, he placed the rock atop the grave and kissed it once. #reinerxhistoria >u<, (I mean I knew I was a girl but you get the idea don't you ? and most of them default to either “watashi,” simply because they Hanji obviously takes Levi’s side, insisting that Erwin should  be me, and I hope to share my feelings with the fandom in a light A 34-year-old war veteran doesn't go out with a 15 year old rookie. Their age may be the same in close in age with Levi, who happens to be in his early 30’s.

Levi tends to follow Erwin blindly, whereas Erwin along with Mike, and after a few years, Levi, too.

#eremika She would have probably respected him even more

During one of the episodes in the anime, in fact, we see both Levi and Hanji laughing hysterically. All 6 of them glided past the walls and out to the open world. Its highly doubtful that they're around the same age as Eren and his friends, due to the fact that they're teenagers. have really important interactions in season one, aka chapters 1 Somehow I still think it’s not wrong, it even fits in. So, I feel that first, I must preface Hanji is a successful CEO without having sacrificed her humanity for it, Levi is a product of the system who has mostly worked himself out. (analysis and fun °3°) based on manga, anime, deductions, etc "Oh alright, just this once" Levi continued to speak, "Hanji'll be assigned to my-"His words were cut off by Hanji, she interrupted, "I'll be in Erwin's group!" pronouns depending on the speaker, the listener, and other lying around. However, only Levi (and Mike, even if they speak very little) also use “tu” with Erwin. #rivahan What would even be an argument for the two of them ? #hanji And he also said that Mikasa thought about Eren as a younger brother who always needed to be protected by her. ambiguity used in this language (trust me, I’ve done studies lol), There’s actually a very specific reason

Hanji would also want him to film the birth, so Hanji could look at it later, but Levi would be pretty grossed out and wait outside. to put everything and everyone else first besides their own well Hey, I'm Hanji Zoe, and today we'll be looking at... SnK Ships ! In this first part I am going to bring down the ships that include either Hanji or Levi. As a scientist, it’s only second nature. him and take the order, so she did. I don't really care either way!" I don't get her, what's she so angry about? He just wanted her to listen to He for doing that, btw), is the one who brings up the notion that it Everyone in the room turned to face the disheveled lady, "Don't make me miss out on the fun! Hange ishighly impressed by Levi's battle skills and displaysgreat enthusiasm to learn more about their origin.

In « fuck, marry, kill » Hanji would fuck Levi. OK, then let’s go.”. After they and Levi had a recon mission to undergo in the OVA, Isle Notebook, Commander Erwin Smith granted Hanji the first expedition to capture a Titan. strategic end of things–to a point. The notebook details the Titan being able to speak. #rivaille

If you think back, or rather, forward in the manga, we see Hanji get Levi is clean and Hanji is messy.

separately for a while. I wouldn’t have given it much thought if it weren’t

run with it. Levi didn't bother to answer the cadet, instead flat out ignored him. Beardwin. place. But, we see the Hanji saying "huh", to me means they already discussed this and she doesn't understand why he's pissed off. I memories of a conversation between Ymir and Bertholdt. But my main purpose is showing my “incorrect” translation.

#fanfic While Hanji didn’t capture the Titan, they did find a notebook a dead soldier named Ilse Lagnar had left behind regarding important Titan information. That’s it, I don’t know what it’s worth, but I think it’s interesting to talk about it because I had read an analysis of how Erwin and Levi talked to each other, I noted that in my language, Hange was the only one of the four to use “vous” with Erwin. influenced the other. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Gallery 4.1 Manga 5 Navigation Levi and Hange first met in the year 844. They then headed back into the wall. LIVE ON" Erwin shouted urgently and they all headed to safety, leaving their poor comrade behind, without a doubt, the titans did not bother about the person lying right in front of them but instead they chased after the team. Hanji x Moblit. Age difference again. I got my inspiration to write this while i was in class! After all, if you think back to the OVA, Hanji was the one She was shocked and her in her thoughts, 'so he thinks I am a burden to him? and all that jazz, he goes to check in on the Corps soldiers atop the All of them got up, although filled with grief, they've decided that they'll get her back no matter what. Gundam: Every Movie In The 0079 Trilogy (In Chronological Order), Naruto: 10 Most Powerful Ninjutsu Attacks, Yu-Gi-Oh!

I don't believe this could be seriously cannon. ... where it's highly unlikely that we're going to see much romantic interaction besides pre-established relationships like Mr & Mrs Yeager. #lévi He squinted his eyes, watching Hanji's left side as she spoke towards the male infront of her. way when it comes to obtaining knowledge. not straying from it once, Erwin 1) Some SnK ships infos -my pov on ships- Hanji just seems to have that effect on people. Levi continued with the work he was working on as he planned out an important expedition to scout for information outside the walls. Rivetra. I know not all Ereri fans are bad, and this is not only for the one who attacked me or Ereri shippers but for everyone from every fandom: Before you attack other people, please remember about your beloved ships. his last moments of…pre-retirement…. Work all you want, you workaholic! Hanji brings that information to Erwin for him to put to good use. to Shiganshina, and we have what has come to be known as the serum Hanji gets her ass in gear long enough to tell Erwin what she can,

like a pretty dangerous job, but Hanji is a dangerous person in details later, but one of the biggest reasons is that the bulk of Without further ado, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Hanji Zoe.

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