A few months ago, Ricsy told me, she was raped by a stranger on her way from work at a shopping mall just a few blocks from her home, grabbed as she passed her son’s elementary school. They spent the night at a friend’s house. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. One woman Siliezar met tried to take a break from more than a decade of childbearing by using birth control pills. Drug trafficking: Largely because of the geography between narcotics producers in South America and their target markets in the United States, Honduras has become home to a major industry of drug trafficking. She knows she made the right decision. Follow me on Twitter @devindthorpe. Some Hondurans reported being beaten as they attempted to cross the country. “Do you think that you own yourself?” Heydi says he yelled at her before he grabbed the machete. The only “evidence” doctors had for reporting her to the police was the marks on her belly. It could be a rape. As a result, many people likely perceive corruption to be increasing. Here’s a list of 14: 1. She had been rubbing her belly, trying to relieve the spasms. “I still think the same way I did before. “You’re in worse shape than your baby,” he teased her. That year, immigration judges granted only 21 percent of asylum cases from Hondurans. Scherly Arriaga, a second-term Congresswoman from the progressive LIBRE party, was one of the seven congressional representatives who voted to lift the abortion ban. Violence is part of everyday life in Honduras, one of a triangle of Central American countries wracked by rampant gang warfare, with some of … The fraught calculations that face Sofia and her mom are endemic across Honduras, a country that remains in the grip of a rash of violence against women and girls. He has a factory job that allows him to work in air conditioning. Family of four estimated monthly costs: L 48,667; Single person estimated monthly costs: L 19,492; WARNING! She goes to church for solace, and the pastor knows something is wrong. They provide a decent starting assumption, but they are not yet completely reliable. But she believes women have good reasons for the decisions they make. Two years ago, Sara (not her real name), a slim, 24-year-old university student got pregnant unexpectedly when the condom didn’t work. Regina Fonseca, founder and advocacy coordinator of the group Centro de Derechos de Mujeres (Center for Women’s Rights, CDM), knows no shortage of heartbreaking stories. Iglesia Cristiana Ágape, a small evangelical Protestant church north of Tegucigalpa, is awash with natural light. Alvarado has met girls who were 16, 15, or even 12 years old who became pregnant as a result of incest or rape, and were forced to continue their pregnancy. “About how I’m doing, and when I feel sad.” She feels sad a lot lately. And I asked him, ‘Did you pray today?’ And he said yes. At the same time, he complains how easy it is to get into the U.S. and how the asylum process guarantees every applicant a hearing. The scar across her shoulder, extending across her neck, is a daily reminder. This is the first is a series of three articles (second, third) written about Honduras from my recent visit. That August, they tried to place an ad, which included their phone number, in a daily newspaper, La Tribuna. The desire to leave isn’t limited to people at the lower end of the economic spectrum. That way she would only serve two to three years in prison, as opposed to the four to six years if found guilty, the lawyer said. Napping men pulled their baseball caps down over their eyes. For some, the answer is simple and disruptive: They have to leave. He died last week. A cardinal in Tegucigalpa slammed Las Ecuménicas in a Catholic website article, falsely claiming the group was funded by US-based “abortionists.” When she and other women demonstrated in front of the congressional building calling for legal access to abortion, counter protesters threw stones, bottles, knives, and sticks at them. A friend recommended a clinic, and the day of the abortion, she went there alone. A friend of his attempted to cross Mexico last year but contracted tuberculosis along the way and returned to Honduras. People accused her group of not being Christian and said they were following the orders of “crazy feminists,” she said. To calculate each city's Price Index value, we start by assigning a value of 100 to a Join our movement today. Honduras’ troubling numbers are representative of stark challenges in Central America’s Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. But the pills hadn’t worked. The migrants travel the over 3,000-mile distance to the U.S. border in large groups for safety to avoid being robbed, kidnapped or killed by gangs on the way. Not much, no,” aside from offering psychological support. But Mexico, she says, is just as dangerous. Over the five days, Maldonado slowly shifted his mindset from hoping to avoid detection by border patrol to hoping to be caught.

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