I had a landscaper come by and I told him I wanted to put about 2" of compost down and rototill it into the top few inches of existing hard clay soil back there, then I'd put grass seed on the whole thing (along w/ lime, starter fertilizer, etc. Loam type soil is ideal for sowing, in its composition it is made up of some sand, some clay and silt which is a mixture of the two. I'm going to first kill the whole thing. Use a sandy loam soil to top dress lawns on clay, loam and sandy loam soils and a loam top dressing for very sandy soils. Remember the squeeze test. what do you guys think. The best soil texture for growing grass is a sandy loam. Because of the balance of ingredients, loam is the ideal garden soil. By weight, its mineral composition is about 40–40–20% concentration of sand–silt–clay, respectively. really though..loam and topsoil? This way you will improve the soil without adding something too different from your existing soil. Grass seed for normal / loam type soil. The best advice I can give you is to not cheap out on soil. This means it has all the components of a good soil with the sandy loam having a higher sand content. This is referred to as friable. I'm replanting my entire backyard, it's mainly weeds/crabgrass/other junk. Aeration: The varied particle sizes in loam create a loosely-packed soil that allows oxygen to flow freely to plant roots. fall season is fast approaching. ). So, what you want and need is a sandy loam or a loam top soil. What Loam Does for Plants . It is actually a combination soil, normally equal parts of clay, silt, and sand, which gives the benefits of each with few of the disadvantages. some people think it's the same. Loam is loose and crumbly in our hands. allowing the loam to work into the old soil through the winter adding nutrients as well as fall/winter seeding. Loam soil facilitates plant growth in three key ways. Getting grass to grow successfully requires proper soil maintenance. Clay soils are fairly dense, have good water- and nutrient-retaining properties, and are great for growing flowering plants that need a lot of water. It benefits from the positive properties of both, and is free draining and nutrient filled. I have landscaped in different areas and some call it topsoil and some call it loam. Any type of grass seed will grow in these conditions, so the next step is to consider what you need for your lawn. not quite but close. it really depends on where you live. "Lawn failures are often caused by poor soil conditions under the roots," reports Robson. And i have a couple of clients who want me to lay down some loam 2 inches thick and lay down grass seed. Loam soil is a mixture of soil that is the ideal plant-growing medium.   Its texture is porous, allowing water to flow through slowly enough for the plants to access it but fast enough to avoid waterlogged, soggy soil. Loam is soil composed mostly of sand (particle size > 63 micrometres (0.0025 in)), silt (particle size > 2 micrometres (7.9 × 10 −5 in)), and a smaller amount of clay (particle size < 2 micrometres (7.9 × 10 −5 in)).

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