Follow the left hand wall to SCROTUS INSIGNIA #4 (69/77). The Rot N Rusties is one of the Regions of the Dead Barrens in Mad Max video game. The trick to this race is to ignore the minions as much as possible as they will just be replaced anyway. After entering the camp you will be attacked by a large group of enemies. As soon as you see the cars emerge you quickly turn back the way you came and start dropping mines behind you. Bring the car out on the cliff edge to snipe the sniper so you can traverse the traps in a slow pace. SCRAP #1 is up there. Evade is the key here - to every enemy. After Dead Barrens Pass you'll be frequently attacked by Scrotus war parties. If you have some cliffs nearby it's usually better to get out of the car and force enemies to come after you on foot. Reserve at least 10 Thunderpoons for the Big Chief Chariot as it's very easy to miss and hit a minion instead. But it's in a hole very close to your new mission marker. Kick open the door and prepare to fight a lot of Scrotus. Return to your car and head out on the East side. Exit through the doorway up here and look to your left for History Relic [4:12] (73/85). In the narrow hallway of the Underdune the Buzzards have no way of avoiding your mines. community members have thanked the author. Enemies throwing Thundersticks are located at the bridge, above the battle arena. Park your car at on this side - the East side - and enter the camp on foot. Get out of the car and follow the path and your first fight against 10ish Scrotus. Let's get that last Wasteland Mission going: 2. SCRAP #1 is next to the entrance gate. Walk through the cave to encounter another Scrotus. There are several oil pumps scattered across the open area so start by driving around destroying everything you can reach with the weapons of your car. When satisfied change back to your best Magnum Opus and hunt after the convoy and take out any remaining vehicles. Scarecrow. Many times while driving through Wasteland, you will spot fearsome Scarecrows or Snipers looking for victims. I'm clearing out Gutgash's territory, and the very last scarecrow is playing a vanishing act on me. Use the ladder to climb up on top of it to find SCRAP #5 and a breakable crane which will result in Transfer Tank 1-4 being destroyed. Don't bother stopping at locations along the path. SCRAP #4 found! Smash through the gate at the other side and take care of that last Thunderstick Launcher. It's better to slow down in the turns and go fast in the straights. The Transfer Tanks can be reached by throwing a Fuel Can from the INFINITE FUEL supply in the shed the the West. Next Deep Friah's Territory - maps Dump Prev Pink Eye's Territory - maps Grandrise. Before heading through the door you should climb the ladder to the right of it. The Intel Encounter at [O 8] won't be there anymore so let's cross the border, Scavenging Location [O 9] (190/191)Enemies: 4 RoadkillsLoot: 2 Scraps, Ammo, Fuel Can, Legend Encounter Objective [U 8] (OPTIONAL) (2/5), Scavenging Location [S 5] (191/191): Easy to reach with off road drivingEnemies: NoneLoot: Fuel Can, CANNED FOOD, History Relic [5:13] (85/85), Eliminate Perimeter Defense WHEEL GREASER [AA 4]: Go off road to the plains in a northern west to east arch around the camp.4 Snipers in 4 Large Towers3 Thunderstick Launcher2 Molotov Slings2 Flame Pipes, Intel Encounter [AA 6] (OPTIONAL): Intel on WHEEL GREASER. Scavenging Location [L 26] (165/191)Enemies: 3 ScrotusLoot: 2 Scraps, Fuel Can, SPOTTER vehicle, Scavenging Location [F 30] WATER (166/191): Long drive to the South edge.Enemies: 2+2 RoadkillsLoot: 4 Scraps, Scrap Pallet, Ammo, Fuel Can, CANNED FOOD, Water. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Use the Harpoon to take out those enemies.

Scavenging Location [W 16] (131/191)Enemies: NoneLoot: 2 Scraps, Ammo, MAGGOTS, History Relic [2:14] (58/85), Scavenging Location [R 17] (132/191): Underground complex.Enemies: 4 RoadkillsLoot: 2 Scraps, Ammo, Legend Encounter [S 17] (9/12): Start Epic Jump quest, Scavenging Location [R 16] WATER (133/191)Enemies: 8 Roadkills (1 sniper) + 1 Roadkill Top DogLoot: 4 Scraps, Ammo, PROJECT PART: Scrap Crew (1/3). The road on the easternmost side of the Dump is totally empty of enemies. 1 wounded RoadkillLoot: 2 Scraps, Ammo, History Relic [3:20] (74/85), Intel Encounter [N 25] (OPTIONAL): admirer, Scavenging Location [N 26] (164/191): Hatch near the silos (and in the ruin)Enemies: 1 Roadkill sniperLoot: 3 Scraps, Secret Scavenging Location [O 27] (OPTIONAL): Inside a cargo container. Use that Thunderstick on the door in the South end. This walkthrough is the property of Eliminate Perimeter Defense THE CHOKE [N 7]: From the bottom of the ravine1 Sniper: In a Large Tower. Be airborne in a vehicle for 4 seconds or more and land without dying. Continue forward - grab a Fuel Can - and blow up the door to the next area. Finishing this race should net you two achievements: Pink Eye's Stronghold [S 21]: The race finished just outside her Stronghold so pay her a visit. In the entrance area there is a small shed to the left with 2 AMMO. Make sure to heal up before entering the are that looks like a cistern. These are your only options to deal some serious damage. You will get full health for the next battle.

This is a tough Top Dog fight as there will be wave upon wave of reinforcements.

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