Places up to 3 Rock ‘n Shock coils to continuously attack and possibly stun enemies. Then raise your min damage with weapon mastery from Extreme Mech while enjoying additional MaxHP and MaxMP boost. Required Level: 177 Otherwise, after Mech Alloy Research, max Robot Mastery to increase the summon duration of your robots especially Rock n’ Shock, Support Unit: H-EX and Bots ‘n Tots. Monsters Hit: +2, AP Salvo Plus – Extra Strike The 2nd and 3rd job skill build guide mentioned that you can max all skills except for a particular skill which are “Advanced Gatling Gun” and “Punch Launcher”. Heavy Salvo at max level can hit more mobs too! subscribe subscribed unsubscribe 2,648 2k. Level 1: MP Cost: 150, Duration: 23 sec to deploy Support Unit and for monsters in field to have -1% DEF. Just want to ask 1 more question about the support unit. Bots ‘n Tots (MAX) Max Heavy Salvo Plus first as Level 1 MP consumption is very burdening especially for non-funded players. Explanation: MP Cost: 90, Damage: 390%, Number of Attacks: 2, Enemies Hit: 8, AP Salvo Plus (Active: Tank’s Salvo) Have you tried logging off and in and re-tested your damage gained after adding 1 SP (Skill Point) into Extreme Mech? Reduces Rock ‘n Shock cooldown. After the duration, self-destructs with damage of 500%. Also, if you have done Edelstein Questline for Level 10-20, there is a quest that rewards 100 potions that replenishes 1000 MP. Level 5: MP Cost: 60, 50% chance of rolling a Double Down , Buff Duration: 180 sec. 5. The Mechanic is a powerful class that belongs to the Resistance. Does it add attack like those in weapons or just your min / max damage range? Summons state-of-the-art attack robots. Although Homing Beacon hits lesser enemies than Heavy Gatling Gun, it has the ability to target enemies that are on the same platform and above you too. Level 20: MP Cost: 100, Duration: 80 sec to deploy Support Unit and for monsters in field to have -20% DEF. Level 1: Damage: +2%, Enemy DEF Ignored: +2% Other occurrences where my custom mech color 'reverts' to the default color are when. When will this patch finally reach MSEA? Also, when would this update come to MSEA ? Level 1: Homing Beacon Damage: +360% They self-destruct when they run out of power. loading [pocket maplestory]- mechanic mulung dojo 26-30 - duration: 3:44.. Command: ↑↑ or enter the skill button. Required Skill: Humanoid Mech (10) Open Portal: GX-9 (Summon) Adding SP into it will raise level for both skills. Launch a special Resistance technology bullet which distorts space.

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