We purchased these certificates as gifts for each other at Christmas. Meaning of the hebrew name:1. Also are these certificates in frames? There is no better way to personally connect to the ancient, holy words of the Bible. To find out what your Hebrew name means, please purchase our Hebrew Name Certificate! Home – August 31, 2016. ‘Orah’ Weissman Shalom Judy, your Hebrew name is Yehudit (Yeh-HU-deet) Sharon (Shah-rohn). Which name is used / required, first, second / middle or last name, when ordering a certificate? Wear your Hebrew name proudly with our Hebrew name jewelry! Please could you let me know the Hebrew names for Robert and for Pamela (Honey in Greek). It was a real blessing to get them. – December 12, 2016. Janet Elizabeth Jones Miles The connection is based on equivalent meaning or biblical character who personifies the meaning of the individual’s name, or based on similar phonetics. Shalom Victoria, at this time we do not provide meanings for names other than the Hebrew name provided by our researchers upon purchasing this item. Very curious as to my Hebrew name. “And it is always rewarding to help someone reconnect to where their name came from, reconnect to their roots.”. Shalom Adriana, your Hebrew name is Shachar. Ariella Mendlowitz Thanks. My family is French. Hi, We sell a variety of Hebrew name products. Ariella Mendlowitz Finding someone’s Hebrew name, when they have a name given in a different language often involves quite a lot of research and intense work. My name is Tomella as I am named for my grandfather Tom and great aunt Ella. To find out the meaning of your Hebrew name, please purchase our Hebrew Name Certificate! – September 19, 2016, Shalom, my name is Bonnie, could you please tell me what my Jewish name is. Is there a puzzle that is only solvable by assuming there is a unique solution? To find out the meaning of your Hebrew name, purchase one of our Hebrew Name Certificates! Thank you! Generally, we create Hebrew Name certificates based on first and/or middle names. Shalom Gina, your Hebrew name is Malka (mal-KAH) Shachar (sha-KHAR). David Lee Ahlerich What is the meaning of my name in hebrew my name is neil? Is it safe to look at a mercury gas discharge tube? Adriana Marianne de Hoog Shalom, I was born with the name Linda Kay Beach. Shalom, I have a friend and her first name is Ingrid, what her Hebrew name be? what does the name SHONEI mean? Shalom Wanda, your Hebrew name is ‘Noa’ (no-ah). Shalom Norm, your Hebrew name is Naphtali (Naf-ta-lee). Hi, my name is quiet different. Any way it explains my name John James. Value of meaning of your name in Gematria is 994, Online Gematria Calculator with same phrases values search and words. Even an incorrect ‘Hebrew’ meaning circulating on the internet meaning bitter. Shalom.. what is my hebrew name for Julie? My name is Dilu. For the recipient’s name, should it be the maiden name or the married name? I’m named after a man, Layne. Perfect Remember, Hebrew reads from right to left. What are some Hebrew last names for my character? They are now framed and on the wall in our dining room. Wear your Hebrew name proudly with one of our beautiful Hebrew name necklaces: https://israel365.com/store/product-category/jewelry/hebrew-name-jewelry/! Blossom, Ariella Mendlowitz my last name is coblentz. I’m a Gentile , but My Heart is full of Love For all JEWISH PEOPLE AND FOR ALL OF ISREAL . I’d very much like to find out the corresponding names in Hebrew. My original name recorded in Bible was Arvil. Yes, the name of the flower Daisy originates from the Old English for “day’s eye”.

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