You can sign up for an Orange Internet plan online, by calling 3900, or in an Orange Boutique. Still others, like Orange and SFR (see below), offer affordable packages made just for tourists. They offer really interesting options because they don’t have any agency ! Find out more by reading our Privacy Policy or by reading more about how safe is. Disagree with you. Sign up for a phone plan in France! Sorry, an error occurred and your subscription request could not be processed. I tried to email for help but only received automated responses that did not actually address my questions and did not provide another way to contact them. I read this article before traveling and decided to get a SIM card from Orange upon arrival in Toulouse. If you ever run into problems with your SIM Card, you can always pop in to speak to someone — they speak English! Choose your plan like Orange Max, Orange Holiday and Orange Monde. We just did it in St. Martin and it worked great. It was cheaper as I did not need a second top up. Investing in Orange. The process is actually a lot easier than it sounds! Most will throw in some credits to sweeten the deal. The cost varies between 13 and 80 euros, and prepaid cards that you can charge according to your needs. With the available Travel Prepaid SIM Cards for Europe, you can enjoy a great internet experience through France … Selectra helps English-speaking customers in France set up their home contracts (energy, broadband, etc.). Share your favorites and tips for saving while traveling with your smartphone. and if they do not cancel your plan they will charge you the third month and so on even you throw away their fricking SIM card after you leaving France. If you have to use the online services for any reason, it is only in French (obviously, just be prepared for that). You can file a complaint to Orange online (in your personal space on Orange's website) or by post: Make sure to specify whether the complaint concerns your mobile phone, Internet, or fixed phone line. I was able to make calls the US but I can’t remember if that is when I started with their contract-free sim card that needs to be reloaded every month or when I switched to contract subscription. Orange Mobile Les téléphones mobiles . +339 77 55 72 27 OR free callback Announcement. Online recharge Orange France at Recharge Here you can easily recharge your Orange SIM card and Orange internet data. But don’t forget to take care of the little details — like your cell phone plan! Orange offers a variety of options for mobile phone and Internet plans, both with and without a contract. Orange (formerly France Telecom) is present in over 29 countries throughout the world. A mobile plan ties the client for a period of one or two years, but some providers offer mobile plans with no engagement. I will be in France for several months on a yearly basis going forward. I called them to cancel the plan and here the step to cancel the plan They come as a replacement of the Mini, Zen, Play and Jet which were taken on the market in 2018. A Free SIM Card in France. Find everything you need to know about Orange here, including available offers and services, how to sign up, customer service, how to file a complaint, and more. Orange SA is one of the oldest mobile network providers in France. The only drawback? It is convenient since you can stop recharging the card when you leave France and are not tied by your mobile plan. Now, you’re all set to cruise the Seine and bring along Auntie Jenny in California with FaceTime! unlimited calling to up to 52 international destinations, and/or unlimited calling to mobile phone numbers from Europe, USA, and Canada), Prices ranging from 4.99€ to 24.99€ per month, For ADSL and VDSL: €22.99/month the first year (then €36,99), For Fiber optic: €22,99/month the first year (then €41.99), Equipment: Livebox Play + UHD90 TV decoder, ADSL speed: 15Mbits/s, Fibre speed: 300Mbits/s, Telephone: unlimited calls to fixed lines in France, in the DOM and towards over 100 international destinations, For ADSL and VDSL: €28,99/month the first year (then €42,99), For FTTH: €28,99 per month the first year (then €47.99), ADSL speed: 15Mbits/s, Fibre speed: 1Gbit/s in download, 300Mb/s in upload, Telephone: unlimited calls to fixed and mobile lines in France and the DOM + unlimited calls to over 100 destinations internationally, You will need to provide the following to sign up for a mobile phone plan with Orange, Test your phone line to determine your broadband/fibre optic eligibility, Your account ID (numéro de Ligne de l’abonné).

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