2, in collaboration with Tzvi Abusch and the presentation of the CMAwR-texts online. http:\/\/www.worldcat.org\/oclc\/10912576> ; http:\/\/experiment.worldcat.org\/entity\/work\/data\/5714892#Series\/yale_oriental_series_babylonian_texts>, http:\/\/experiment.worldcat.org\/entity\/work\/data\/5714892#Topic\/01030_ancient_mesopotamia_11030_rituals>, http:\/\/experiment.worldcat.org\/entity\/work\/data\/5714892#Topic\/11_12_mesopotamian_religions>, http:\/\/experiment.worldcat.org\/entity\/work\/data\/5714892#Topic\/civilizacion_asirio_babilonica>, http:\/\/experiment.worldcat.org\/entity\/work\/data\/5714892#Topic\/geestelijke_muziek>, http:\/\/experiment.worldcat.org\/entity\/work\/data\/5714892#Topic\/incantations>, http:\/\/experiment.worldcat.org\/entity\/work\/data\/5714892#Topic\/language_and_languages>, http:\/\/experiment.worldcat.org\/entity\/work\/data\/5714892#Topic\/lengua_acadia>, http:\/\/experiment.worldcat.org\/entity\/work\/data\/5714892#Topic\/riten>, http:\/\/experiment.worldcat.org\/entity\/work\/data\/5714892#Topic\/rites_and_ceremonies_iraq>, http:\/\/experiment.worldcat.org\/entity\/work\/data\/5714892#Topic\/sortilegios>, http:\/\/id.loc.gov\/vocabulary\/countries\/ctu>, http:\/\/worldcat.org\/isbn\/9780300031478>, http:\/\/www.worldcat.org\/title\/-\/oclc\/10912576>. If only you make the evil (portended by) this dog pass by me, I will readily sing your praise!” The ritual was designed to send the portended evil to a disposable object and then the subject could be purified. Some were performed on a regular basis, daily or yearly, while others were performed only when required. A variety of rituals were used for cures and protection against curses sent by the gods, demons, sorcerers, and evil omens. The website allows you to browse, read and search the texts of CMAwR online; it includes transliterations of the individual sources, transcriptions of a ‘master text’ as well as searchable English translations. Mesopotamians believed humans were created to work in place of the gods and were also required to serve the gods. Hurowitz, Victor Avigdor. Contrastingly, each individual had an independent god. CMAwRo does not contain the introductory texts and commentary that accompany the editions in CMAwR. The Corpus of Mesopotamian Anti-witchcraft Rituals (CMAwR) aims to present a reconstruction of this body of texts; it provides critical editions of the relevant rituals and prescriptions based on the study of the cuneiform tablets and fragments recovered from the libraries of ancient Mesopotamia. "Ritual, 'Sacrifice', and Divination in Mesopotamia." Mesopotamians also believed in the existence of many gods (polytheism) that determined all aspects of their lives. The priesthood was considered a profession and was open to men and women. 10). Fax: +49 931 31-82600, Differences between online edition on Oracc and the print edition, Critical Catalogue of Mesopotamian Anti-witchcraft Rituals, Corpus of Mesopotamian Anti-witchcraft Rituals online. Topics treated include kings performing various rituals, sacrifices, processions, and military camp ceremonies (a theme on which Reade spends his greatest effort). 123, No. There were also additional brick offering tables and benches which held votive statues in the sanctuary. Accessed May 19, 2012. doi: 3217848. Das von Daniel Schwemer (Universität Würzburg) und Tzvi Abusch (Brandeis University) geleitete Projekt Corpus of Mesopotamian Anti-witchcraft Rituals wird eine umfassende kritische Edition (einschließlich Übersetzung und Kommentar) dieser Textgruppe erarbeiten, die für die Religions-, Medizin-, Sozial- und Geistesgeschichte des Alten Orients von zentraler Bedeutung ist. The high priestess of the city, acting in the capacity of the fertility goddess Inanna, would have sex with the high priest or the king role-playing the fertility god Dumuzi.

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