"is with mom") the best, or something really good, outstanding. !’ or ‘you don’t say!’ in English, in a surprised context. "from those over there") "the best"; descuéntate : beat it, get lost; descuéntatelo : hit him; descontar : to hit, irregular conjugation (descuento, descuentas, descuenta, descuentan, descontamos); dispensa: (also 'spensa)excuse me(? If one day you master all the meanings of. Ex. ; tacuche : (literally: "suit") zoot suit; fancy clothing; talonear : "to heel", to walk, also to con; tecato : heroin addict; tinto : (literally. "old lady") girlfriend, wife; volar : (lit. Me fui de la casa y me olvidé de dejarle comida al perro. : ‘¿Qué pedo, wey?’ = ‘What’s up, mate?’. Since I learned Spanish from “el calle” and the guy who sold me “mota”, I assumed “chingarerra” was Spanish for garbage, trash, things strewn about. tengo huevo = I’m feeling lazy. quióboles. More Spanish words for gun. I also use “hijole!” almost daily. Or, The bar is just around the corner… ‘Ahhh si, andele‘. ‘No mames wey’, Bullshit dude!! from "mayatl" (Nahuatl) an irridescent black scarab; mayatero : someone who tries to "act black" such as by saying the word "nigga", ; mexa : from a Mexican origin; miclo : light-skinned Mexican; mojado: wetback. Ex. Food, man, dog, house). The world’s interest in Mexican slang has skyrocketed because of all the attention Hollywood has put on cartels. Chingadera – Fucking thing! Tío – It means “guy” or “dude” in Spain. means, "what's up man?" One of my favorite Mexican slang is for handcuffs, "esposas" (wife). ; entacucharse : to dress up, more specifically, to wear a tuxedo or suit; escamado : scared. noun. (used when asking for volunteers); derived from/related to con safos (see above); zoot suit : an outfit of male clothing consisting of large pants which become narrower towards the bottom, a stylish, a nice looking jacket which matches with the pants, and a long chain running from the pocket. : ‘¿Te dieron el trabajo? Mexican Proverbs, (sometimes spelled "buey" or "wey"), ; homeboy : (also "homie") 1) a very close associate usually identified as someone from one's own barrio or neighborhood; 2) a person with whom one identifies closely with implying a strong loyalty toward; possibly derivative of Spanish "hombre"; homes : (also "holmes") variation on the word "homeboy", used to identify a friend; can also be used as a casual greeting for anyone; Firme / Feedme: 1) everythings all good; hyna: a girl, or girlfriend, ; jaina : (also spelled "hyna", "heina", and "hayna") woman; honey; girlfriend; jale : a job ; jefa/jefita : mother; jefe/jefito : (lit. "Prestame una bola." jajajaja eso tambien es muy mexicano y hasta mas dificil creo!! Have you tried it yet? These top 50 Mexican slang words with translations and examples (recently updated) will have you speaking like the locals in no time. While they both mean ‘what’s up?’, ¿qué pedo? And is a very informal word and only to be used with people you know very well. An object that is useless or doesn’t work. Wey/Güey – Means dude/bro. I have no energy "to throw corn dough") to defecate; tirarlo a león : (lit. Oh, and mamadas can mean both ‘blowjob’ and ‘bullshit’. Has both positive and negative meanings. Another funny post you might like is OMG, Did I just say I’m horny??? When you didn’t hear what someone said to you. Most closely translated to ‘mate’, you’ll mainly see it written as wey (which is incidentally how it’s pronounced) rather than güey. Medical Terms, careful with the word buey..it has morphed over the years…up to the 80’s it meant cuckold and or dumb as an ox these were fighting words. Aguas!! The most popular way to say ‘hows it going’ with friends. Please add positive uses of chingar. ; ésa : short for Sureña; ése : short for Sureño (lit. Poco a poco estoy aprendiendo mas slang!! My Mexican brother-in-law always says “Simon!” when he enthusiastically agrees to or with something – kind of like the Jamaican “Yah mon!” We might say something in North America like “Right on dude!” or “F*ing A!” or “Absof*inglutely!” He also says “camara” a lot, which I think means “right on” or “fer sure.”. ‘No mames!‘ Get fucked, you can’t be serious! ¡A poco!’ = ‘You got the job?! "that one", "that guy") ; esponjes : lie as in "no esponges ese"; esponjes : angry, as in "no te esponges" = "don't get angry", ; fajates : blew it; feria : money (literally "fair", as in "county fair," but references the homonym "fare" as a bilingual pun) ; filero : knife. Similarly, if someone is buena onda or buen pedo, it means they’re nice. For a more complete run down of chingar’s many, many uses, we recommend checking out this guide. “A mis amigos” sounds like the book was dedicated “to my friends,” something you often see on the front page of a book. La Chingada it’s really an small town very far from Mexico City haha. It isn’t always negative, though, as chingonazo refers to someone admirable. Standard Spanish, compare English paunch. or when someone doesn’t believe you, like I’m telling the truth.. Contents 1 A C 2 D J 3 K M 4 N R 5 S Z …   Wikipedia, Chicano Movement — Part of a series of articles on Hispanic and Latino Americans National origin groups Argentine Americans Bolivian Americans Chilean Americans Colombian Americans Costa Rican Americans Cuban Americans Dominican Americans Ecuadorian Americans… …   Wikipedia, Guero — Infobox Album Name = Guero Type = studio Artist = Beck Released = March 29 2005 Recorded = September 2003 – nowrap|August 2004 Genre = Alternative rock Length = 49:58 Label = Interscope Producer = Beck Hansen, Dust Brothers Reviews = *Allmusic… …   Wikipedia, Mexican American — Mexican Americans 1st row: Bill Richardson • Salma Hayek • Roy Benavidez • Hilda Solis 2nd row: Rosa Gumataotao Rios • Carlos Santana • Jessica Alba • César Chávez 3rd row: Robert Rodriguez • Eva Longoria • Cain Velasquez • …   Wikipedia, Ricci v. DeStefano — Supreme Court of the United States Argued April 22, 2009 Decided June 29, 2009 …   Wikipedia, Reconquista (Mexico) — For other senses of this word, see Reconquista (disambiguation). The best way to learn Mexican Spanish is 100% through their slang! Used with close friends. Él tiene que estar levantando pesas. The grammar is deliberately incorrect. Actually, Mexico is Sports, Well, yes, fresa is literally a strawberry, but in Mexico, a person can also be fresa. They tend to be used to varying degrees depending which part of Mexico you’re in, and cabrón can also be used as an insult at times. La antigua ciudadela contaba con varios cañones en su parte más alta. Any immigrant crossing the Rio Grande river (mostly Mexican). "Vamos al borlo." In Spain the phrase would be "y unas narices". Thanks Miguel. ; narices : no. Nor does it list Mexican slang words and expressions unless they have originated in Pachuco Caló or have been incorporated into it with altered meaning. : I found you through Two Expats. I just left the house without leaving food out for the dog.

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