The information in our articles is NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. They may also provide about 7 days advantage in earliness and harvest season, depending on crop and time of planting. Why is a high-fiber diet so important? Almost half of the final concentration of sugars is accumulated during the last week of fruit maturation. Soil test results, field experience, and knowledge of specific crop requirements help determine the nutrients needed and the rate of application. Fruit 7" x 7.5", 5-6 lb: Earlidew, Honeybrew, Honey Dew Green Flesh, TAM Dew. The liming rate is based on 100-score lime. Dietary fiber, also called roughage, is present in plants, in soluble or insoluble form. & detox juicing guide. A sweet sticky substance produced by the leaves of some plants. Honeydew melon and cantaloupe are two members of the same species, Cucumis melo (). melo var. The minimum soil temperature required for germination of these crops is 60 F, with the optimum range between 70 to 95 F. Depending on cultivar, muskmelon plants may bear separate male and female flowers on the same plant (monoecious), which is typical of elongated-fruit varieties. vs. These melons may keep longer, but with extended holding, the may fail to ripen or may ripen but fail to develop the desirable flavor and aroma. It is recommended that at least one honey bee colony be introduced for every acre during the blooming period since native bee populations may not be adequate, or may not coincide properly with the blooming period. One cup of honeydew contains 1.4 grams of fiber, which we need to help regulate digestion and cholesterol levels. Fruit is round 7.5" x 8", 5-6 lb. vs. Cantaloupe Melon. The rate of lime application can be estimated from the following SMP buffer table. Susceptible to Fusarium wilt. These have yellow, or yellow and green rind, usually slightly netted, and weigh 6-9 lb. Plus 4 Substitutes, Epsom Salt — The Magnesium-Rich, Detoxifying Pain Reliever, Detox Your Liver: Try My 6-Step Liver Cleanse, Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits and Uses (30!). CAUTION: Many muskmelon and specialty melons are sensitive to foliar applications of sulfur used to control a number of foliar diseases. When using appropriate plasticulture techniques, eastern muskmelon yields of 8000-9000 fruit/acre at 4-6 lb/fruit and western muskmelon yields of 12,000 to 15,000 fruit/acre at 3-4 lb/fruit, have been reported. Main season: Saticoy Hybrid, Gold Star, Roadside, Supermarket, Canada Gem, Summet, Pulsar, Eastern Star, Burpee Hybrid Improved, Harper Hybrid, Classic, Fruit Punch, Ambrosia. Lime applications are suggested when the soil pH is 5.6 or below, or when calcium (Ca) levels are below 5 meq Ca/100g of soil. Black plastic ground mulch controls weeds, may increase soil temperature, conserves moisture, and protects fruit from ground rots. Melons are often grown with furrow irrigation in eastern Oregon. Muskmelon seed numbers approximately 19,200 per pound. These practices include use of recommended varieties, selection of adapted soils, weed control, disease and insect control, good seed bed preparation, proper seeding methods, and timely harvest. Honey Dew (approximately 110 days in the Columbia Basin): Smooth, greenish-white rind, turning creamy when ripe. The flesh of a honeydew melon is usually pale green, and the peel ranges in color from a creamy yellow to green. Now for the grand finale! When it occurs, netting may be rope-like and prominent or flat-surfaced, fine, and less conspicuous. Crenshaw melons are picked when the blossom end begins to soften and the skin is golden yellow and green. Honeydew even adds a nice sweetness to salsa and chilled soups, and people commonly pair the fruit with salty meats, like prosciutto. (countable) A melon with sweet green flesh, with a smooth greenish-white exterior, of cultivar group . Honeydew and Cantaloupe are types of muskmelon that belong to the gourd family. This will require 3-4 lb/acre of seed. In general, boron deficiencies are uncommon. Proteins are essential for a healthy, balanced diet. Apply this amount of phosphate (P2O5) (lb/A): *Assumes extraction procedures similar to those used by the OSU Central Analytical Laboratory. Hami melons may have either red-pink, salmon, white, or green flesh. If the application of N plus potash (K2O) exceeds 50 lb/A, there is danger of seedling injury from the concentration of salt when fertilizer is banded at planting time. Approximate summer irrigation needs for the Hermiston area are: 3.5 inches in May, 5.0 in June, 7.5 in July, and 7.0 in August. If they are not, windbreaks should not be allowed to touch the plants because abrasion of the enlarging fruit can cause that fruit to be misshapen. There is less danger if the band application is split into two bands. They may vary in length from three or four inches to more than three feet (snake cucumber-which is really a melon). One group is slightly longer than a football but smaller in diameter (resembles Rochet type). Long Shelf-Life Melons: Sunseeds has recently developed a series of Western shipping type muskmelons with long shelf life. Mainly for greenhouse production, but also grown under plastic tunnels or in the open field: Acor F1 and Alienor F1 (both monoecious and resistant to Fusarium races 0,1 and 2); Charentais Improved, Ido, Panchito (netted rind). When we don’t get enough vitamin C in our diets, it can result in impaired immunity and higher susceptibility to infections, which has been shown in studies. Potassium should be applied before planting or banded at planting time. Hold melons temporarily at 36 to 41 F and 95 % relative humidity. For distant shipment, less mature cantaloupes are picked at "half slip" but when the stem attachment area is smooth, rounded and slightly depressed. Canary (approximately 110 days in the Columbia Basin): Late maturing, bright yellow corrugated rind. MCT Oil Health Benefits, Dosage Recommendations and Recipes. Honeydew melon is a source of carotenoids like beta-carotene that have anti-inflammatory and cancer-protective effects. reticulatus are the netted, aromatic melons (muskmelons) and Persian melons.C. Hydrocooling is the most efficient method for rapidly cooling muskmelons, and they should be cooled to at least 50 F. Crushed ice is still used to remove field heat from muskmelons. Placement of colonies in the field has an effect on the number of bee visits per flower. The flesh is crisp and very sweet. These melons should be firm, well netted, well formed and pulled at full slip for best quality. Very similar to "Canary" except rind in mottled green and yellow. It may be sutured (ribbed or grooved), smooth, or netted (covered with a network of corky tissue). Smooth or slightly netted, gray-green rind with dark green, slightly furrowed sutures. Muskmelons harvested at the hard-ripe stage (3/4 to full-slip) can be held about 15 days at 36 to 41 F, but lower temperatures for this period may cause chilling. On top of this, carotenoids found in honeydew have chemoprotective properties, according to research, helping protect healthy tissue from the harmful side effects that are caused by some anticancer drugs. The recommended daily dose is 0.8-1g of protein per 1 kg of body weight. Honeydew vs. Cantaloupe. of Crop and Soil Science. Top 6 Benefits and More. The flesh may be white, green, salmon pink or orange. A number of varieties resistant to sulfur-induced foliar damage are available. To detect whether or not a melon is ready to eat, look for honeydews that have a pale cream rind, feel too heavy for their size and have a noticeable sweet smell. U.S.D.A. In some cases, a honeydew allergy is possible. Muskmelons are sensitive to damping off, especially under cool, wet soil conditions. Cantaloupes are a type of muskmelon. Cantaloupe vs. Honeydew: Nutrition Profiles Cantaloupe and honeydew have very similar nutrition profiles, but their color difference also signifies a nutritional difference. In some packing sheds, muskmelons are first dipped in hot, water to cleanup surface bacteria. Following are commonly used commercial descriptions. Honeydew Melon. Research in California indicates that "a higher quality marketable crop results (50 crates per acre increase with two colonies; 100 crates per acre with three colonies)". Dipping melons (muskmelons - see above) for 3 minutes in hot water (138- 140 F) has been reported to reduce stem-scar and surface molds, and extend shelf life, and may be useful with these types. Fruit oval 6.5" x 7.5", 5-5.5 lb: Casablanca. Adding honeydew melon and other fruits and vegetables containing high amounts of vitamin C promotes glowing, even-toned and healthy skin. In addition to this, honeydew also helps you stay hydrated. The choice depends primarily on economic factors and type of container. This temporary "active" acidity from fertilizer is encountered following recent applications of most N fertilizer materials. Persian melons when ripe have a skin that begins to turn a mauve color under the net, the blossom ends begins to soften and the flesh has a tinge of orange. This article is based on scientific evidence, written by experts and fact checked by our trained editorial staff. This melon will "slip" like cantaloupe does, and resists splitting during periods of rainy weather: Galia, Gallicum. As might be expected, the effect of soil moisture on sugar content of muskmelon is particularly serious when prolonged periods of saturated or near-saturated soil moisture occur during the final stages of fruit development. For acid soils low in Mg (less than 0.8 meq Mg/100g of soil), 1 T/A of dolomite lime can be used as a Mg source. There is more possibility of damage to seedlings on acid soils where the pH is below 5.5. Although people commonly refer to cantaloupe as muskmelon or vice versa, it should be noted that there is a difference. Here are a few more honeydew recipes to try: If you’re wondering whether or not your honeydew is ripe before cutting it open — look for melons with a pale cream or creamy white rind. Lighter soils need more frequent water applications, but less water applied per application. are clickable links to medically peer-reviewed studies. Muskmelons are commonly packaged in 38 to 41-lb half-cartons containing 9, 12, 18 or 23 melons; 53 to 55-lb two-thirds cartons, packed 12, 14, 18, 24, or 30 melons; 80 to 85- lb jumbo crates, packed 18-45 melons; 70-lb standard crates; or 45 to 50-lb half wirebound crates. These melons may be stored for several weeks to a few months with little quality loss. They both provide free radical scavenging antioxidants and a number of health-promoting vitamins and minerals. Avoid excessive soil moisture. 70 days from transplanting in the lower Columbia Basin, 75 days in the Willamette Valley) are classified as eastern types or western shipping types. This melon contains carotenoids, including beta-carotene and phytoene, and it provides vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, folate, magnesium, thiamine and vitamin K. Benefits of this melon include its ability to help with weight loss, skin health, hydration, brain function, immunity, heart health and even protection against certain cancers. Honeydew and cantaloupe are both melon fruits that belong to the Cucurbitaceae family. They complement the use of plastic mulch and drip irrigation in many crops. A cup of honeydew contains over 40 percent of your daily recommended value of vitamin C. This means that it provides beneficial antioxidants that help reduce the risk of inflammation and disease. melo var. Chinese "Hami" melon (approximately 110 days in the Columbia Basin): "Hami" is the generic Chinese word for a group of crisp-fleshed "winter" melons. Also for trial: Haogen, Makdimmon (also called Mediterranean Delight). Although all melons are classified as Cucumis melo, several "botanical" or "varietal" subdivisions are recognized. Photo credits: Bill Mansour, Oregon State Unversity. That said, both cantaloupe and honeydew boast a range of health benefits, including their ability to boost cardiovascular health, promote healthy skin, boost the immune system, aid digestion and protect cognitive health.

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