Specifications will include new and updated content, in line with the required subject criteria outlined by the Department for Education. <> Numeracy and mathematics 9 6. endobj In our dedicated Teacher Hub you can browse our full curriculum, search and view our lessons, and download, edit and share slides, worksheets and videos with your pupils and colleagues. Between the beginning of Year 7 and the end of Year 11, they’ll progress through Key Stages 3 and 4. It’s up to schools to decide how many hours of teaching they allocate to each subject, but the core subjects typically have more teaching time. Computing has deep links with mathematics, science, and design and technology, and provides … 3. Science should lead into combined science for all or triple science (three separate sciences). It’s normal for students to do two hours of homework a night in KS4. Teaching and Learning Research Summaries: A collection for easy access. That’s the reality of trying to fit everything in. All students follow a balanced curriculum comprising an equal number of Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics. So that’s the thinking. The final compromise is on Y11 PE. But your model would be way better than drop down days – I hate those! Reaching into the corners: 12 ways learning can be hard – and what to do about it. (They don’t explicitly say ‘do a three year KS3’ but they might as well have given all the other rhetoric.) Art/DT/FT/Music/Drama are all vital as part of the matrix at KS3 – but there could be various ways to deliver them all over time. It also allows us to say that one option must be an arts subject – thus delivering on our commitment to arts for all. The other option could be a second Arts/DT or Chinese, computing or a Business/Enterprise course. Planning for disrupted learning: Go long; provide the tools. The next big choice is whether to go for three or four option blocks. Password must contain at least 10 alphanumeric (letter or number) characters. ( Log Out /  Registered Address: Activate Learning Education Trust, Oxpens Road, Oxford OX1 1SA. Progress is assessed throughout the course using end of unit tests that are based on past examination papers. Password must contain at least one lowercase character. ( Log Out /  �fc�g�E��^�9���aB�BG��E~���~��4��,"dz�?M�|��PT�=J��R,n�k��;����pK���a�?z�t��by*'�1ď�2��r�L�-��&��UX�o�f���O0>Lܩ1� ���?�����DhD�8������dʚ��u�#�v�$��҈o+`B�!�Wː�U�^�y� {�-IĦ��g�Uu��Ks�A�Zx�tUI��I��0LiJP�i:�$�{$_݀���F� ^��������'}_��ewZ�@�Sf�R���s��(K}���{QV�Qa��ot�:�����=���� /�E�sQF�Z��(��� Yܓ\�(=��l�[��t/���i�x �d�z/��AX9e�6�Y@�|X�rY���4��.�c�҂������d�2MH1Q��5 Combined science: 13 KS4 Cell biology, Organisation 7 Version 2.0, 24 August 2020 Oak National Academy Biology: 17 B4 Bioenergetics 15 KS4 Cell biology, Organisation KS3 Plants and photosynthesis, Biological systems and processes B5 Homeostasis and response Combined science … Science Curriculum Overview KS4. Sadly. Free CPD! ICT/Computing should be included as a discrete subject at KS3 and an option at KS4. Design and technology (DT), including cooking and nutrition, Design and technology (e.g. This blog is a walk-through of the thinking in an imagined school, designed to highlight the range of parameters curriculum designers might have to consider. %PDF-1.5 endobj The ELC provides flexibility, but on a clear progression pathway. #shortpost, Can we talk sensibly about exams please. Year 11 2016-17. Following recent national curriculum reform, our GCSE course will follow the course provided by Edexcel for all students who will achieve their GCSE qualifications from 2018. If you need help with yours, let me know. Ref: DFE-00182-2013 PDF, 245KB, 34 pages. National curriculum in England Purpose of study A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. A second language preference would be Chinese, if we can afford to sustain the staffing for a niche group. endobj There will however be a number of core practical experiments all students will be required to undertake throughout the course, in addition to practical work used to support teaching and learning of theory, Questions assessing students’ use of mathematical skills will make up at least 15% of the assessments. A small number of students could get the full P8 bucket quota without Ebacc – this could be a free choice between dropping either MFL or Humanities in favour of other choices including ASDAN for a few where this is felt to be more likely to lead to success.

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