Marvel Comics Reportedly Fires Publisher John Nee, Thanos is a Loser, and He Secretly Knows It, DC's Most Badass Universe Was Just Created By Lobo, Thor Humiliated Electro In The Most Ridiculous Way, Marvel's Biggest Civil War Twist is Officially in The Past, Rick & Morty: Everything Rick’s Transformed Into (Beyond Pickle Rick), Darth Vader Was Still Haunted By Younglings Murder After Empire, Why Marvel's Ghost Rider Needs To Be An Avenger. Negan and Eugene have a poor relationship. "There is always next time, I suppose" he says, much to Dwight's disgust. As they're about to kill some walkers, Negan joyfully exclaims how the two are working together. Related Topics. After that, he kicked Gregory off the building, calling him "pathetic.". Negan Lives #1 will be available in comic shops exclusively on July 1.

Negan's backstory will be revealed through Image+, all-new monthly magazine published by. He also yells at Dwight for daring to beat a "defenseless child" and is even seen losing his temper at another leader who allows rape to ensue within their ranks, declaring them less than human, apparently unaware of the hypocrisy. Negan realizes that if the herd keeps them stuck inside for more than one day, they will all be dead and he orders squads outside every two hours to clean up the infestation by any means necessary. Negan taunts Spencer, saying that Rick is willing to put the good of others before his own feelings, and then brutally kills him. He introduced his weapon of choice: Lucille, a baseball bat covered in barbed wire.
She tells Negan that he should learn and follow the Whisperers rules, however doubting his survival. On patrol, Magna spies Negan approaching with a bag. Alpha asks him to stop, but he continues making sexual remarks, leading to Alpha punching him in the face, prompting Negan to apologize, saying he can tell he crossed a line. The retailer community does backbreaking work to get comics into the hands of our loving fans, we should all be doing more in these trying times to show them how appreciated they are. The one-shot titled Negan Lives will showcase what happened to Negan since his last appearance in The Walking Dead #174 when he tried to get Maggie to kill him before burning his trademark baseball bat and walking away for good. Lucille - Former Wife (Deceased)Sherry - Ex-"Wife" (Deceased)Amber - Ex-"Wife" (Deceased)(Unnamed) - 4 Ex-"Wives"(Unnamed) - Ex-Mistress He laughed at this, beating Rick with his bare hands in response, before leaving with his Saviors. Laura runs up saying they've got movement and possible contact. Magna and her companions leave the cell. Rick demands to know what happened or he won't leave Alexandria alive. Family Later, after Negan kills Alpha, Beta is furious at Negan and plots to avenge Alpha. When they begin their attack, they are immediately surrounded by many of Rick's forces, who manage to cause Negan to order and retreat and head back to The Savior camps on the hillside near Hilltop. The two women then also leave and he sighs, leaning against the bars. Caucasian-American
While The Walking Dead TV series is still going strong as it will soon wrap up its 10th series on AMC, the comic ended last year in surprising fashion. Negan was also supposed to die at the hands of Maggie in. At first, it was implied Negan was some kind of cult leader, as the Saviors believed that Negan spoke through all of them. She asks him if he's looking for revenge on these people. | Cookie Settings. Captain America Tried to Stop Miles Morales Becoming Spider-Man, The Walking Dead's Negan Returns in Brand New Story, surprisingly and abruptly ended earlier last year, after killing off the series' main character, great to see Kirkman and Adlard end the book on their own terms, The Walking Dead: 10 Different Nicknames For The Zombies (& Where They Came From), The Walking Dead: The 5 Best Weapons Used To Kill Zombies (& The 5 Most Useless), An Avenger Just Learned The Secret of Earth's Most Powerful Species, Why Fans Hated Marvel's Civil War II Event, X-Men: Marvel's Magneto Has His Very Own Cerebro, Captain America May Be the Key to Ending Galactus’ Hunger, Spider-Man’s Secret Power Makes Him The Perfect Vampire Hunter, Marvel Reveals Why X-Men's Apocalypse Really Turned Evil, Naruto Reaches His Most Powerful Level in Boruto #51, The X-Men Just Had Marvel's Strangest Wedding Ever, Black Panther Was Almost Shang-Chi's Brother in Law. He goes to interrogate Holly some more, but catches David in the middle of trying to rape her. Even then he is furious, as only eight people accept the ultimatum and leave.

This annoys Negan, who makes further threats, but Eugene never obliges. Negan feels insulted that Spencer would wait until Rick is gone to tell him this. Maggie's reaction on Rick not killing Negan is unknown, but it is implied she understood by not wanting to kill people if necessary. Negan reassures them that he only wants trust. The two share uncomfortable words about his scars as she does so. His first step was to allow their prisoner, Dwight, to be set free so that Paul could follow him to their base. Ezekiel deeply hates Negan and wants him dead, as he stated that Jesus knew how much hate he had for the Saviors.

Two years after the war, Carl goes to the basement of an unknown house and talks to a figure in the shadows. Maggie deeply hates Negan for killing Glenn, and assisted Rick in the war against the Saviors. Caught by surprise, Negan begins bleeding out while Rick begins to address the remaining Saviors. Negan states his willingness to learn but also questions how the Whisperers recruit others when they trust so little in reference to Beta's attitude towards him. He elaborates by saying that Rick's forces won't have enough manpower to counterattack and that because Dwight shot Rick with an arrow, his death will cause the remaining forces to bow back down to Negan and he says that he will be their Savior again, as long as they let him urinate on Rick's dead body. She disagrees that Beta protects her to which Negan suggests otherwise, calling her a hypocrite and that she wouldn't survive as long as she has without Beta protecting her. Kirkman wrapped up the comic’s original run in July 2019, so it’s only fitting that Negan Lives will be released exactly 12 months later. He is going to be monitored for a long time and will fight in the front lines against the Whisperers. It is later revealed that Lucille was named after Negan's wife, in tribute to her before the apocalypse. As the zombies converge inside the courtyard area, the Saviors retreat back inside the foundry to develop a new strategy. After ordering Dwight to lock Eugene up and to check on the others, Negan returns to his wives. He delicately lowers her onto her back and then slashes her throat several more times until he holds her head in his hands. He briefly entertains the idea of letting Rick's plan go through only to reveal a wildcard; after the ambush at Alexandria, Negan ordered Gregory kidnapped and brought to him. Together, Rick and Negan take refuge in an abandoned house. Here's the description from Skybound as well as the one-shot's cover from Adlard. She returns her respect to the fearless and jolly Negan. He tells them about his encounter with Michonne, Aaron and the Militia. He then orders her taken away and goes off to clear his head.

After successfully bombarding Alexandria, Negan is seen leading his men back to Sanctuary when he sees a herd of roamers attacking several people from Alexandria. Dwight also seems to be intimidated by Negan, as he decides not to tell him about Paul's escape, in fear of Negan's wrath. Negan told the group that the Saviors would be back in one week to collect half of everything they have, or there would be more killings. Negan takes this all in and Rick says that they can take their supplies, but they must give the survivors something in return: make supplies of their own to give or trade for others via a barter system. He wants to fight with him, not against him. Another idea for the name was "Negus", emphasizing how negative it sounded. Later that night, Negan makes a fire and drops 'Lucille 2' into the flames and walks away, seemingly forgiving himself and moving on from Lucille.

He decides that he will stay in Alexandria until Rick returns from the supply run. When Beta disarms him, Dwight tosses him Lucille, who Negan hits off Beta's back.

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