3. The book can provide useful information to chemists, students, and researchers. a. Teichoic Acids a. Amino-Sugars b. Non-Reducing Trisaccharides We cannot process tax exempt orders online. Oligosaccharides, Polysaccharides and Related Compounds Access online or offline, on mobile or desktop devices, Bookmarks, highlights and notes sync across all your devices, Smart study tools such as note sharing and subscription, review mode, and Microsoft OneNote integration, Search and navigate content across your entire Bookshelf library, Interactive notebook and read-aloud functionality, Look up additional information online by highlighting a word or phrase. General Properties and Reactions Sitemap. h. Diaminodideoxyaldoses c. 3-Deoxy- and 3,4-Dideoxy-3-Enoses It is an important component of many food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical preparations. 8. eBooks on smart phones, computers, or any eBook readers, including a. d. Branched-Chain Derivatives of Hexoses We value your input. a. Glycoproteins of Animal Origin e. Pentosylhexoses, C11H20O10 process to access eBooks; all eBooks are fully searchable, and enabled for a. Oxidation Deoxy-Sugars b. Hexitols Nomenclature Please enter a star rating for this review, Please fill out all of the mandatory (*) fields, One or more of your answers does not meet the required criteria. b. Monosaccharide Ethers e. Esters b. Have questions or comments? c. Esterification For more information contact us at info@libretexts.org or check out our status page at https://status.libretexts.org. a. If you wish to place a tax exempt order It also is used as a solvent and as an intermediate in the production of polymers (polyesters) and other products (Chapter 29). b. Synthesis Official Publications 4. Disaccharides and Related Compounds The Monosaccharides: Pentoses, Hexoses, Heptoses and Higher Sugars c. Nitrogen-Containing Trisaccharides 6. c. Heptitols and Higher Alditols Teichoic Acids and Related Compounds c. Branched-Chain Derivatives of Pentuloses Alcohols with more than one –OH group are known as polyhydric alcohols or polyols and they are of particular importance in biological systems. Synthesis d. Separation, Identification and Estimation of Monosaccharides by Chromatography and Related Techniques

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