› Pentachlorophenol [ˌpen(t)əˌklôrəˈfēnäl], › Phycoerythrins [ˌfīkōˈerəTHrin, -iˈriTHrin], © 2020 UseEnglishWords.com. This is perhaps the most important choice in the adventure. A peaceful solution would obviate the need to send a UN military force. To obliviate obliquity is to forget all the organs, not just the ear, with their vestibular canals. Examples of obliviate in a sentence Add a sentence Cancel. It seems it has been a real, although rare, word in English for quite some time. I'd better obliviate some of this stress. – Joe White Jan 18 '12 at 3:37. Despite the defendant’s apology, the judge was obdurate and gave him a thirty-year sentence. 33 sentence examples: 1. cougre picks up a trout and threatens everyone with it. Synonyms for obliviate include forget, disremember, misrecollect, unlearn, fail to recall, let slip, not recollect, not remember, clean forget and fail to remember. The Memory Charm (Obliviate), also known as the Forgetfulness Charm,3 was a charm that could be used to erase specific memories from an individual's mind. From classical Latin oblīvium oblivium or oblīviōn-, oblīviō oblivion + -ate. According to this quote from JKR, there's more than one type of memory charm. In the scene where the three are attacked just after leaving the wedding, she wants to. Visit a page 5. Sentence Examples. Katz said the discovery could also potentially obliviate the need for using fetal tissue, a practice opposed by many anti-abortion … The characterizations, for all their clarity. Regular definitions added and latest articles, Copyright © 2010 - 2020 by AZdictionary. Although the hurricane was rapidly coming their way, the townspeople were obdurate and did not leave their homes. Mid 17th century; earliest use found in John Gadbury (1627–1704), astrologer. “Definition of obliviate in English: obliviate VERB rare * with object To forget, commit to oblivion. : To obviate this disturbance it is best to work at incidences as nearly as possible perpendicular. Add a comment 10. Obviate definition, to anticipate and prevent or eliminate (difficulties, disadvantages, etc.) They obviate the need to walk about with a small shovel and sepa Actually, there is in-book proof that she did not use obliviate! The only consolation, we may feel, was that a portion of the money that war yielded was used to obliviate the penury of wretched almsmen. All Rights Reserved. Vote & Rate 5. What does obliviate mean? I tried to obviate my mother’s awkwardness with the cell phone by telling her it wasn’t necessary to hold it up to her mouth when she speaks into it. Sentence with the word Obliviate. (0) To forget, to wipe from existence. How to use oblivion in a sentence. It was different from the charm that creates false memories.4 1 History 2 Effects 2.1 Dangers 3 Breaking the Charm 4 Known uses 4.1 Attempted uses 5 Known practitioners 6 Etymology 7 Behind the scenes 8 Appearances 9 Notes and references, Talbott will tell you to use the Memory Charm on her. definitions. Stengel predicts that a Presidential candidate on the right will make waves by staging a "Sister Souljah moment" against the Tea Party, which should obliviate any further need to ever reference Sister Souljah again, in America. Add collection 200. You can choose to do so or not. Add word 100. obliviate should be in sentence. On the tuition-fee front, there may be a business opportunity that may obliviate the entire fee for a certain school (which happens to be both near our home and a good school). Oblivion definition is - the fact or condition of not remembering : a state marked by lack of awareness or consciousness. Pronounce word 150. 2. : But even time cannot obviate the seismic effects of new inventions, and shifts in jurisdictional matters are always imminent. :). 1. by effective measures; render unnecessary: to obviate the risk of serious injury. To obviate the unsteadiness of motion which this tends to cause, the shafts are provided with a second set of cranks at right angles to the first, connected by means of a similar coupling-rod, so that one set of cranks pass their dead points at the instant when the other set … 3. Stengel predicts that a Presidential candidate on the right will make waves by staging a "Sister Souljah moment" against the Tea Party, which should obliviate any further need to ever reference Sister Souljah again, in America. 0. Cobra_Girl: Whew. Man I was SO obliviated last night after drinking that liter of Popov Vodka and gobbling 4 Xanax! : "Mankind's duty is to man.". Find more ways to say obviate, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. I obviate the need to travel. See more. Sometimes, you are too obdurate for your own good! formal : to make (something) no longer necessary : to prevent or avoid (something) See the full definition for obviate in the English Language Learners Dictionary. Comments on obviate. Heard on a New York City TV news report in the 1970s, after an explosion at a gas storage tank being dismantled, a worker in a hardhat told the reporter "My shack was oblivated! Terms and Conditions | Cookie Policy | Contact Us, Stengel predicts that a Presidential candidate…. Most people chose this as the best definition of obliviated: Simple past tense and pas... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Eventually, city wide free WiFi services may obliviate the need for renting this, but it is valuable in many situations today, so I figure why not? The refusal to fix the java home bug is another example of Sun attempting to obliviate whenever possible. Meaning of obliviate. Information and translations of obliviate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! AZdictionary.com was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. The characterizations, for all their clarity, obliviate the need for characters, and obliviate the need to write stories with characters. That was close. Learn more.. To reduce women to no more than the physical, especially when no one else is restricted to such, makes women equivalent to fetuses and denigrates women (non-obliviate, thinking and feeling individuals) and the role that they play in pregnancy while granting fetuses (obliviate, non-thinking, non-feeling humans) an elevated role during pregnancy. verb. All definitions were added by our community so if you want to help us with one ore more definitions you're welcome and can you add them using the add definition form. If you care about Merula and consider her your friend, it is highly recommended to NOT use, The book didn't say she used Obliviate, just that she modified their memories.

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