, Hartridges: Britain's oldest independent soft drinks company. Opihr Gin has wonderfully spicy botanicals including Cubeb berries from Indonesia, Black Pepper from India and Coriander from Morocco. Totally undrinkable neat.

I have tried it sober (6pm) I have tried it tight (late morning) I shuddered both times.

wedge of grapefruit rind, cardamom seeds and peppercorns with tonic.

The catch here, though, is that you need to find a good tonic — most mass-produced tonics contain over …

Not a gin. We recommend keeping an eye on their activity going forward as to date, there have been some fun and enjoyable things to take part in, both for those in the drinks trade and regular drinkers alike. Its presented beautifully and I was thrilled to be able to gift a bottle to a friend. Please click here for more details. Such a pretty , decadent bottle. Fevertree tree tonic goes well with it. love this, so refreshingly different from traditional G&T with lime/lemon.

The gin is really good too very smooth, we are enjoying it with old Jamaican ginger beer, chilling , sat here in the garden after a lovely day. The clever use of messaging behind the drink and initial big budget splurge was well thought-out too. Tried this for the first time on Sat. Love it.

For those who like a Gin Buck (Gin and ginger ale) – Ophir is a contender for the ideal gin choice, as its flavours carry particularly well in the mixer. Delicious over ice with a sliver of ginger. Brilliant with tonic. I kept an image of the spice markets in mind while deciding on the spices and botanicals to include in Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin. We've been serving it with apple juice and a lime/apple garnish.It's incredibly popular; very distinctive peppery taste.

Overpowering spices hide the delicate flavours, An outstanding and uniquely pleasurable drinking experience, Have had one out the bottle and I somehow think it will not get touched except by visitors. It is pretty spicy but still with that gin taste.

Bonfire Night Gin Cocktails you have to try! Gin should not have cumin in it.

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My favorite gin, gorgeous spices... Not one for people who like sweet gins. People will either love it or hate it. We can't actually ship Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin to you in United States at the moment. I managed to drink it with tomato juice, Bloody Mary - style (or Red Snapper as they call it (or Bloody Awful as I call it)) , but that is the only combination that sort of works. x. I had it served with a stick of cinnamon and slice of orange. While this may sound like the content of a hipster’s Anthropolgie shopping basket today, during days of yore such items were extremely exotic and would have only been garnered through mad and dangerous means. Horrible.

I loved this gin. The spices were in huge demand however and so the ships sailed…, Opihr Gin positively vibrates with the influence of the stops along the route.

A London Dry Gin made with botanicals from along the traditional spice route that led back to the UK. Lovely spice at first with a long coriander finish. I mixed it with some Fever Tree tonic, fresh lime and a sprig of coriander. Currently drinking it with Fever Tree naturally light Indian tonic and a slice of lime, lovely! Very crude and unappealing to my taste. If you’d like to get your hands on one of these beauties head to Morrisons or wait around 4 weeks to be able to order them on Ocado.com!

The logo itself features two red, colourful elephants and is redolent of the unusual, exotic taste of the drink. Truly awful. The taste is quite elegant with a nicely balanced group of spices. Terrible, these spices are not working with gin. I always make sure to order this when in that bar. Nice neat.

Absolutely love this gin. Quite a gentle but refreshing taste, if you like bursting botanicals then this won't be for you!

Thought my hygiene had taken a nose dive til I realised the smell was coming from my drink It smells like armpit after an 8 hr shift! Great with tonic or neat with ice. Very easy to drink.

This one sounded interesting and exiting so I gave it a try. While there is certainly a spiced explosion to taste, there is also a discernible sweetness from the orange in Opihr Gin. There was a large reception for Opihr Gin and it seems to have cemented its place in bars and cabinets alike with relative ease. I 100% love it . I like to drink it neat, over ice, or in classic cocktails.

of 6.5% in three flavours: Gin & Tonic with a dash of ginger, Gin & Tonic with a twist of orange, and classic Gin & Tonic. Taken neat and now without the ice is my preferred method.

!I loved it !!!

Opihr gin is Spiced London Dry gin created by master distiller Joanne Moore who I recently met in London.

We love it. You can join the ILoveGin club where we send you a new box like the ones below for just £14/m inc free delivery, you’ll get 2 new gins and 2 tonic/mixers each month to try, enough to make 4 G&Ts plus discounts on full size bottles. 25ml Opihr Spiced Gin; 35ml Cumin espresso; 35ml Creme de banana; 7.5ml Sugar syrup; Method. I wanted to like this but all I could taste was overpowering cardamom. This is the most refreshing gin I've tasted. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin is an aromatic take on the premium gin category.

Fabulous with the FeverTree Aromatic tonic, Absolutely brill, best mixed with Fever Clementine with cinnamon Tonic , Still tastes like traditional gin, but better. I typically drink gin straight or in a Martini and haven't yet found a mixer capable of overcoming the power of this one.

This is our favourite Gin!

It's my favourite with slim line tonic and strawberries. London dry with spice!

It’s something completely different so I can understand why it divides opinion. With ginger it was more palatable. Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic As a lover of gin this was suggested to me by a bartender in Penzance. Gentle spicy and very smooth. For those who like a Gin Buck (Gin and ginger ale) – Ophir is a contender for the ideal gin choice, as its flavours carry particularly well in the mixer.

The Opihr Stubbies are an exciting development for Opihr and present these adventurous consumers with a new and convenient way to enjoy our distinctive gin in a variety of different, yet equally delicious, serves.”. Smooth and very spicy, the aroma is amazing. Enter your email to get the latest gin news, freebies & recipes: You'll LOVE Masons Orange & Lime Leaf Gin!

Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin receded with a lovely warmth, echoing coriander and ginger.

It’s a stubby, clear glass with the logo printed boldly across the front.

I found the aroma of body odour difficult to overcome. Gin and tonic is the epitome of an easy, flavorful gin drink.

I hope that when people enjoy the gin, they too are reminded of the vibrant aromas, tastes, noises and colours of these exotic spice markets.”. And they look great too…. Nose: Clean and crisp, with soft juniper expression and citrus spices, Taste: Invigorating sparkling blend of Opihr gin with citrus and pepper, Nose: Soft spice, citrus and ginger aromas, Taste: Refreshing sparkling blend of Opihr Gin with light ginger tonic, Finish: Medium length with soft warming spices, Nose: Fruity fresh orange notes with warm spice, Taste: A zesty sparkling blend of Opihr Gin with rich orange and tonic, Finish: Medium length with medium sweet finish. Russell Kirkham, UK Marketing Director for Quintessential Brands, said; “The G&T will always be a classic gin serve but today’s consumers want to go beyond that.

Forget your regular G&T cans, these pre-mixed G&Ts taste like they have just been poured in a high-end bar by expert mixologists!

Lightly spiced, fantastic with Fevertree elderflower tonic & sliver of lime. On my shopping list, what a great gin but Adnams Copper House is even better.

I can still taste that and coriander even 15 minutes later.

Went with my duck legs and spiced plum sauce. Yet not too subtle. Too much cardamom overwhelms this. Upon its launch, Moore said: “I took my inspiration from visits to the Orient and various countries along the Ancient Spice Route. :-), Refreshing with a hint of the east! As a martini , announce it as a Cardomomini - dicky but sets people right beforehand and then serve mini pappadums and mini bhajis to start the fun. I see others are getting coriander, but I'm getting cardamom, and other more subtle flavours, and it's delicious!

Cardimun completely overpowers the flavour.

Fantastic smooth taste and for once I can detect the coriander and the pepper and juniper, so a really good Christmas present from my new best friends from Poland who now live in London.

Tout simplement excellent,le meilleur épicé que j'ai bu.Un arôme détonnant,une odeur de cuir fabuleuse.

My favourite very refreshing with ice & squeeze of orange . I now know what gin to ask for.

Stunningly good Gin - A great winter warmer when served with ginger ale, a squeeze of lime and a halved chilli pepper to garnish.

It's like drinking a liquidized curry or licking a sweaty pit. the main flavour here is cardamom, which I do like but I'm a little disappointed it doesn't have more depth.

The other botanicals were completely overpowered by the taste / smell of cumin.

Opihr Gin has gone from strength to strength this year – in March, the brand was confirmed as the fastest growing of the top premium gins in the UK and the Good Housekeeping Institute reaffirmed Opihr’s superior taste and quality by voting it the No.1 gin in the UK in a blind tasting by a panel of spirits experts.

No spam and entirely confidential. No doubt future plans will be as engaging.

Horrible, curry and tonic. You can purchase one of them for just £2.99 and they come in beautiful 275ml bespoke glass bottles with a twist off cap so that you don’t need a bottle opener to start enjoying them! I had it in a bar and they served it with half a red chilli as a garnish. Spices are over powering and not an enjoyable gin, Gorgeous flavours, dry and spicy so not for those who like the fruit gins. Love the spice of this Gin.

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