Ultimately, this will depend on you and your household needs. That aside, along with a few more high-end features and capabilities, both devices are efficient, and their prices are on par with what they offer. A drop against the outside wall is tailor made for a mesh system, such as Orbi, because you do not have to pull any wire to get your WiFi across to the other side of the building. That's one of the fastest numbers we've ever seen from a mesh router in that test, and it only fell to 666Mbps at a distance of 75 feet -- which is still faster than we saw from Nest Wifi up close, just 5 feet away. What is different is how these routers communicate internally -- or downstream to your devices in terms of speed and broadcast power. The WiFi Access Point (or WiFi Router) which all the clients connect to. Read more: The best Wi-Fi routers in 2020. They do, however, love to rent you modem/router combinations which then make connecting another router downstream problematic. For example, the … For example, the Orbi AC2200 models (RBK30, RBK40 etc) use 1 band at 2.4Ghz (with max link speed of 400Mbps) and 2 bands at 5Ghz (with max link speeds of 866 + 866Mbps) The Orbi AC3000 models (RBK50, RBK53) use 1 band at 2.4Ghz (with max link speed of 400Mbps) and 2 bands at 5Ghz (with max link speeds of 866 + 1733Mbps). We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. At $230 for a two-pack, it's pretty tempting, but the performance was too shaky for me to recommend it. With a single range extender relaying the signal from each router, all three of our top recommended Wi-Fi systems were able to register a whole-home average of about 200Mbps across a minimum of 90 speed tests each, all of them conducted at different times on different days and in different spots throughout my 1,300-square-foot house. c. Is Comcast installing a combo modem router or just modem? You can get a supported modem only unit that will work with Orbi. Before the advent of MU-MIMO routers, your average router had no way of breaking down your ISP’s bandwidth and distributing them in even amount to each device on your network. Once you mix in customer owned equipment, solving problems becomes more challenging. To help you choose the best mesh Wi-Fi network system to meet your needs, here's a rundown of how your top options stack up against the competition, as well as our most up-to-date speed test results. All of which is to say that unless you're lucky enough to live with a high-speed gigabit internet connection, you're probably better off waiting for a particularly good sale. With an Eero system, any device can act as a Wi-Fi router or a range extender. Orbi AC3000 was released last year in March.

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