Okay, so let's get into the actual technical elements of creating our passive income product from scratch. Note: you can find how to create sequences with your specific email service provider by doing a quick Google search. You can do this by clicking "add new". The sequence goes through what to expect from being on the list and then ends with a "pitch" at the end. You maybe did this in a GoogleDoc (recommended). So, the shortcode we need to embed on the page is WooCommerce's "add to cart" short code. But you're going to want to go into your WP page builder and start a new page. I can promise you — if you're providing enough value from front to back (from the exposure of your content to the pitch of the product) you'll definitely be creating customers. You will then want to upload your newly created passive income product and add it to the backend of WooCommerce. You can also choose the thumbnail image, download limit, expiration etc. If you aren't currently building an email list — you need to be. From there, in the left hand design navigation bar, we're going to select "text" and then build a text box on that blank page copying and pasting our content from the GoogleDoc we created earlier; creating a new page whenever we run out of room. It has helped me to build a 6-figure business with 4-5 figure monthly income. You owe it to yourself to be rewarded for all of the knowledge, wisdom, and information you can share with the world. We're already nearing 3,000 words and there's no way we have enough bandwidth to include that here (it could really make up it's own book — just building an email list). With that, however, I can only choose one of the methods I generally go over. So, the passive element of this whole sequence is coming into play now. Now, everytime someone signs up for your email list, they are going to be automatically (cough — passively — cough) sent through the system we provided and be "pitched" this product. Like I said, WooCommerce is a free plugin (there is a paid version, but we don't need it). Next, our template gets expanded and set in the design area. Let's consider that you're including opt-ins with your articles (you know, those fancy things you see at the end of articles). But I promise we're nearing the place where all of this is going to fire off automatically thus making it a passive income system. So, if you're not building an email list by now — you really need to. An email list allows you to build a tribe of subscribers that you can then direct to and pitch your newly created passive income product. It is taking advantage of already working systems to create cash flow for yourself. I know, I know — we've had to do a lot of "active" work in order to get here. And there you have it — the quickest way to get up and running with your very own passive income online business. The most important part of this guide is going to be the cover of the book. You're going to then download (in the top right) and save as a PDF. Don’t hire. So, as broadly as I can put it — when you're building your new WP page, you're going to want to include an image of your product (which you can take directly from your Canva PDF) and put that somewhere on a sales page. See image: You can find the URL to the page you created from the backend of your WP site. Don’t build. Now, not everyone is going to be interested in the book— but there are going to be people who want the value you can offer them by providing them with this product. How many emails daily/weekly/monthly/yearly can they expect to receive? So, imagine you have the idea for your book that is going to be a solution for a given problem within your operating niche. This article is about that second element: how to build an effective passive income machine. We'll assume that you already have a hosted Wordpress site and an operating theme. That isn't to say they "pop out of thin air" there is active work needed in order to grow this side of the business. Again, I had to do this because the pages would look different and cause too much confusion. Now the first two considerations have too much nuance to you as the reader for us to illustrate the in's and out's of creating content. A pretty box doesn't make the detergent work better. A niche is, "A specialized or focused area of a broader market that businesses can serve to differentiate themselves from the competition.". In order for your future customers to purchase this product, you need a "digital storefront." You need all of these things in place in order to proceed forward. So when you actually publish this page and someone clicks on the "add to cart" button, they will have your PDF added to their purchase cart and a completed sale of this passive income product can be completed. Once you have saved your newly created product, it's time to upload it so people can buy. Now, I've been at this for about 4 years and I have gone from absolutely obscure and unknown online writer to over 3 million views, 5-figure a month income, working for myself, and doing the work that helps fulfill me that my office job and restaurant gigs couldn't. From there — you want to welcome them into your tribe over the next few days: After that (let's say it's a 5 day sequence) — on day 5, you can "pitch" this product that we created in the email. However, once those systems are in place, I am able to completely turn my attention back to the active side of the business. Generally when I have — I talked about two different ways this can be done and I really glossed over the technicalities of each one. Let's consider a few things before we jump right in…. So when you've downloaded the plugin, you will see "products" on the left navigation bar of your WP site. In fact, you can see where yours is by hovering your mouse over the product in the product list and seeing the id: So then obviously, yours would look more like: Now, I am able to show you at least an illustration of the code injected into the page but not on the page builder — it is through the backend page builder that comes strictly with WP. So for you, let's say it's health & fitness. We're going to want to click that and it will put a blank page underneath our cover. Simply ask them what problems they are dealing with and think of a solution to a problem that comes up and creates a theme. So after you've created your free account, you can see on the home page, the template for a book: Once you click there, you will be brought into the design page. It is to be noted that you will need to setup your Stripe and PayPal accounts in the settings section of the WooCommerce plugin in order to be paid. Directing your audience to the sales page (automatically) is where we're going to pick up next. So you want to build a passive income online business but don't know where to start? Here, we'll be creating our downloadable passive income book. You will have a series of steps listed out in the image that is going to follow. Considering that, we can move forward with the WooCommerce plugin to sell your passive income ebook. Well, luckily for you — you’ve landed in the right place. Now that you have your saved PDF, we need to upload it to WooCommerce in order to allow for someone to purchase it. You're going to need this URL so you can direct your audience to this page should they have interest in the product that you just created. So in this article, I want to be more thorough for you. We're not going to go over exactly what product you should or need to create — you can find the answer to that question by probing and surveying your audience and email list. Note: there isn't any copy text, images of the product etc. What can they expect to gain from the list? Next, we're going to go into how to store that newly created digital product into a digital storefront. This has been proven by California Institute of Technology Professor Leonard Mlodinow in his 2012 Best Seller, Subliminal: How Your Unconsious Mind Rules Your Behavior, "Moreover, when quizzed about the reasons for their decisions, the subjects proved completely unaware that those factors had influenced them […] Their comments included much about the relative merits of the detergents, but none mentioned the box. Why should they? But this isn't going to be a normal button we can add in our page builder — it's going to be a shortcode. You can barely see it in this image, however underneath the cover page is a button that says, "add page." Passive income is an income earned without much participation from the earner. You will see I did a basic design to include an image of the ebook on the right. Again, this is because I don't want to confuse you that my screen looks different than yours and my elements are different etc. Unfortunately in this article, we're not going to go over building an email list in depth. Follow along in the directions above for uploading your product into WooCommerce and then implementing the WooCommerce "add to cart" shortcode button so when a site visitor clicks the product — it will be added to their cart. Next, you're going to need to sell the product passively through your email list. What's a niche? You do this through an email welcomes sequence. This shouldn't be too hard if you are already operating in a country where Stripe and PayPal are allowed. Passive — the passive side of the business is everything involved with the systems of the business that I built. What you're going to read in this article is my proven method for building a passive income online business. The important one here that we want to focus on is the "book" creation. If you are operating with WP, you will at least have this screen. Well — like you, I'm one of those people. These templates can be found on Canva — a free to use design platform that has preloaded templates ranging from business cards to Facebook ad banners. It can be used to sell everything from: And of course, we'll be focusing on that last bullet point. This isn't the first time I've written about this. These processes work on autopilot. Let's assume that you've already written out the guide (book). So, with that being said, we are going to go over using a hosted Wordpress site and using WooCommerce (free plugin) in order to do so.

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