Since it regards the training and instruction of childhood as inseparable, and holds that the former is essentially the work of the Church, it contests the right of the state to compel parents to send their children to the state schools and only to the state schools. 24. It's well that the charitable Prussian ladies send us two pounds of coffee and some lint each month or we should be lost! and keep tenses consistent from sentence to sentence. word "send" so the words "did send". Keep at it until I send orders otherwise and change locations daily. Dushratta, king of Mitanni, about 1400 B.C., in the Tell el-Amarna letters offers to send to the king of Egypt an image of Ishtar of Nineveh; from which it has been inferred that Nineveh was then under foreign rule.                               You will send me home, and you'll remove Toby, Gabriel, and every other interference you placed in my life, down to the scuff marks in the hallway, which I know. Do you honestly think I'd send him into a place where Destiny was? the paragraph level. Besides the full members, each of the Territories is allowed to send a delegate, who has, however, no vote. But Guidiccioni, on a careful study of the papers, changed his mind; it is supposed that the cause of this change was in large measure the strong interest in the new scheme exhibited by John III., king of Portugal, who instructed his ambassador to press it on the pope and to ask Ignatius to send some priests of his Society for mission work in Portugal and its Indian possessions. And yet, even after he knew she suspected something, he made no attempt to send her home. into a room at times. Usually, the timing of actions within a sentence will dictate when the 6. This industry must have won some reputation, for in 758 the abbot of Jarrow appealed t3 the bishop of Mainz to send him a worker in glass. I'll be sure to send it to you. Change tense ONLY when something in It said 'Stick with school' so I decided it was worth a thousand to send her some money—like something Byrne would do. - Ignatius, while on his way to Rome to suffer martyrdom, halted at Smyrna and received a warm welcome from the church and its bishop. He had forgotten to send her that jewelry. Send one of those ATV's to the house to bring them up here. have sat, Past perfect (action happened before something happened in the past):  I

In April, upon the king's declaration that he was resolved to send for James from Scotland, Shaftesbury advised the popular leaders at once to leave the council, and they followed his advice. I know you fear nothing but the underground, and I will send you there for all of eternity if you refuse my command! Outside this are three arcs of large cells showing characters typical of the endodermis in a vascular plan.t; these are interrupted by strands ofnarrow, elongated, thick-walled cells, which send branches into the little brown scales borne by the rhizome.

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