Yes! International Subscribers - Click Here One mint relative that’s not so well known in temperate North America (though it has been grown here at least since 1900) is patchouli, two species of which (Pogostemon cablin and P. heyneanus) are increasingly seen in the catalogs of herb nurseries these days. It was cut near the ground and one stalk was left to each bush. Buy Patchouli - Plant and 6000+ more gardening products online. Best wishes, 4,400. You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. The name means “bearded thread” in Greek and refers to the hairy middles of the four stamens. Under the ordinary conditions, the essential oil of patchouly is a fluid, and will not congeal, expect by an excessively low temperature; but if the plant be distilled after it has been gathered several years, more than half the product will assume a crystallisable form, far less fragrant than the newer fluid essential oil, and would probably be quite odourless if repeatedly crystallised from alcohol.”[9]. Companion planting is the practice of planting different crops in proximity to each other, on the basis that they help each other in nutrient uptake, pest control, pollination, and other factors necessary to increase crop productivity. Sign in with your online account. According to Jeanne Rose, author of 375 Essential Oils And Hydrosols (Frog Ltd., 1999), patchouli oil is one of the essential oils that “benefits from long storage. Canadian Subscribers - Click Here Sales. Patchouli Plant Pogostemon patchouli Live Plant $12.00 Loading In stock. Patchouli is known principally for the fragrance of its essential oil. Hundreds of small light pink flowers over the winter. Use a commercial soilless mix or prepare your own from equal parts of peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite with a teaspoon or two of lime added to give a pH of about 7. The Paisley Herald and Renfrewshire Advertiser reported in 1855: “Patchouly herb is extensively used for scenting drawers in which linen is kept; for this purpose it is best to powder the leaves and put them into muslin sacks, covered with silk, after the manner of the old-fashioned lavender bag. Major producers include China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Brazil, and the Seychelles. Owner of CompanionPlants. Mixing equal parts of dried patchouli leaves and finely ground dried pyrethrum flowers (which have no aroma) may increase the repellent’s effectiveness. Aromatic leaves and stems produce Patchouli oil. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. This seller usually responds within 24 hours. The patchouli plant grows from two to three feet high and is a member of the mint family. Thriving outdoors only in the warmest climates, it is root-hardy only in subtropical Florida and Texas; in most of the United States, patchouli must be treated as a very tender perennial or an annual. A perennial plant, growing to 0.9m x 0.5m. Patchouli is known principally for the fragrance of its essential oil. The oil is steam-distilled from the leaves and stems, which are harvested two to three times a year, and the quality of the oil is better if the dried leaves are aged before distillation. Please try again. Once the French began applying patchouli to their shawls, they then pawned off their shawls as real thing, as noted: “We all remember the rage there was for this scent a short time ago; and how the whole world was delight with patchouli in essence and patchouli in powder, patchouli sachets and patchouli bouquets, till one grew almost to loath the very name of the sweet scent … and the test of the real Indian shawl used to be this strange odour, which had not then found its way into the Western world. The large fragrant leaves are roughly oval in shape and irregularly toothed and are borne oppositely along the branching stems. We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. The genus Pogostemon consists of some 30 or 40 species of shrubs, sub-shrubs, and herbaceous plants native to tropical Asia. “According to the statements of distillers, the brown oil is derived from the leaves of old plants and the green oil from the leaves of young plants. The species of patchouli commonly available in the United States are P. cablin and P. heyneanus, also known as P. patchouli or P. patchouly. Customers who bought this product also purchased. Indicative of this was how one nineteenth-century lady was seized with an overriding passion for it: “Her linen, dresses and furniture were saturated with [the golden brown essential oil] … In a short time she lost her appetite and sleep. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The dried tops of the patchouli plant supposedly offered medicinal properties. Home About Us Shipping/FAQs Online Store Links Contact Us We do this with marketing and advertising partners (who may have their own information they’ve collected). An aroma synonymous with the Hippie era, patchouli cultivation has its place amongst the de rigueur herbs of the garden such as oregano, basil, thyme and mint. The patchouli herb is an aromatic plant often used in perfumes and natural remedies, Plant Profile: Patchouli Herb. Also used in pot pourri, cosmetics and bath bags. Although Liberty Hyde Bailey declared (of P. heyneanus) that the plant has no ornamental value, many herb gardeners feel otherwise. Further information on the distilled product was provided by Ure’s Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines: “When the patchouly-plant is distilled it yields a dense essential oil, to which it owes its odour; this dissolved in alcohol, in the proportion of 2 ounces to 1 gallon of spirit, forms the ‘essence of patchouly’ of the shops. When patchouli was collected, it was prepared by being dried in the sun during the daytime. The oil of P. cablin flavors chewing gum, baked goods, and candy, and that of P. heyneanus has been used in India ink. As a matter of fact, patchouli plants reside in the family Lamiaceae, or mint family. Your friends at Mother Earth Living are committed to natural health and sustainable living. The leaves are excellent for sachets and potpourri; the oil is used in India ink, perfumes, soaps, incense, air fresheners and insect repellants. People either love or hate the smell of this easy to grow and care for aromatic plant. Patchouli grows best in full sun or part shade. Cotton balls saturated with pa­tchou­li oil and placed among stored clothing can substitute for the dried leaves as a moth repellent. It works as a deodorant by masking body odor. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. European copies of the shawls failed to sell until manufacturers realized that the exotic scent was part of the shawls’ attraction. account? This aromatic herb emits the definitive perfume of the Orient and India in particular. Patchouli has culinary and industrial uses, too. Microtoena patchouliiPlant Specifications*above specification are indicative only. Commercial perfumes that contain patchouli include Tabu, Bill Blass, and Polo. Patchouli oil has also been used to repel silverfish and bookworms from books. Thank you!! Patchouli is frequently used in soaps and cosmetics that are said to rejuvenate dry and “mature” skin. In India, in the 1800s, it was used “as an ingredient in fancy tobaccos, and as a perfume for the hair … [and] valued as a means of keeping insects from linen and woollen articles.”[3] Its old coat smell also filled muslin bag sachets to keep out destructive vermin. Courtesy of Wikipedia. Everyone wanted one, and although the French had been able to imitate the shawl’s fabric, they could not imitate the smell until one man discovered the secret. Sign in with your online account. The name means “bearded thread” in Greek and refers to the hairy middles of the four stamens. They recommend patchouli for external use to treat anxiety, at least in small doses; too much can be sedative. Flowers of P. cablin are white, while those of P. heyneanus are tinged with purplish pink. The oil is steam-distilled from the leaves and stems, which are harvested two to three times a year, and the quality of the oil is better if the dried leaves are aged before distillation. Drought and frost tender. United States. We welcome you to our sister publication Mother Earth News. A companion plant. An alternate common name seen in some older references is pucha-pat. The scent of patchouli oil seems to require a certain appreciation of its deep, woody aroma, but even those who don’t care for the fragrance of the oil may find the scent of the fresh leaves to be quite pleasant. Everything arrived so healthy and beautiful, very happy with purchase, will definitely be purchasing in the future! Advanced; 50mm forestry tube, Established; 40mm tube. It’s exciting! However, at night it was covered and it was also protected on the approach of rain. Both are shrubby plants that may grow 3 feet tall under optimal conditions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. International Subscribers - Click Here The latter is sometimes known as smooth or Java patchouli. Thriving outdoors only in the warmest climates, patchouli is root-hardy in subtropical Florida and Texas; in most of the United States, patchouli must be treated as a very tender perennial or an annual. The essential oil of patchouly is one of the least volatile of any known; hence it is one of the most persistent of perfumes from plants. Crushed leaves act as an insect repellent. For instance, it was claimed wealthy natives used the plants to stuff mattresses and pillows. The fruits are four seedlike nutlets. It is widely used in perfumes, oils and soaps and its leaves make an excellent potpourri. The Ladies’ Companion, They have little fragrance. For over 50 years, “The Original Guide to Living Wisely” has focused on organic gardening, herbal medicine, real food recipes, and sustainability. The green leaves are roughly egg-shaped, up to 4 inches long, deeply veined, and notched. Patchouli is a shrubby perennial plant that grows up to 1 metre (3 feet) in height. Get 1 Free Product Today All India Delivery Lowest prices. I am always nervous ordering plants on line. *** We Guarantee safe live delivery of your plants. My favorite factoid from Wikipedia - the Mattel toy company used Patchouli oil in the plastic for the action figure Stinkor from the Masters of the Universe line of toys. So, I've contacted Companion Plants about it. The patchouli plant (and the reddish essential oil obtained from it) evoke images of sweaty sun and green lawns in Berkeley, the strains of Mr Tambourine man drifting across a lucid landscape, smiles and avocados, lace stockings, violet-paned sunglasses, brown breasts with dancing nipples and matchboxes containing (not matches). Because of this guarantee, shipment dates are weather dependent ***- You will receive a plant very similar to the one pictured.- We ship by USPS priority mail on Monday and Tuesday only to prevent plants from sitting in un-insulated mail trucks all weekendThanks for looking! How to Make Your Own Patchouli Oil First, only use mature, healthy leaves.

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