© 2003 by UKGB LIMITED & MIZWOM FAMILY GROUP, PLANNING FOR FUTURE PURCHASE AND MARKET RESEARCH. EQ Paymaster works with the UK’s public and private sector schemes and the Life and Pensions sector to manage complex administration and payments. Therefore we pardon a kind request to submit all valid documents to our investigation office. _Below you find 3 different  files that you need make the download, complete and return us signed. Our client’s dividends and commissions will be securely deposited into Europlaw Group’sescrow account, which will bedistributed without delay and in exact accordance with the stipulated terms and conditions entered between the client and Europlaw Group. The net effect is more of your money staying with you rather than getting spent on fees. A blog by the team at PayMaster. Paymaster : Blick Law Firm offers Paymaster and Escrow services to many clients, both domestic and foreign. PayMaster Payroll Services Time and Labor Management (TLM) Human Resources, Workers’ Compensation Pay As You Go Onboarding, Help with Recruitment, Benefit Assistance A Better Way to Pay Customize the services that work with your current and future needs. We have involved in exchanges in different regions in conducting precious gold trade, managing account transactions, Oil trade, jet fuel, etc. Anyone who wants to keep an escrow account or confer support must accept to follow Paymaster’s multi-horizontal Escrow Agreement. The organizations or the user will be completely in charge to pay or resolve any expenses incurred. * SUGAR ICUMSA 45     * SUGAR ICUMSA 100     * SUGAR ICUMSA 150     * SUGAR ICUMSA 450    * SUGAR ICUMSA 600 * RAW BROWN SUGAR 800-1200   * BEET SUGAR ICUMSA 45   * YELLOW CORN     * PALM OIL     * ANIMAL FEED    * WHEAT * WHEAT FLOUR * SUNFLOWER OIL   * OLIVE OIL  * CORN OIL   * SOYBEAN OIL    * EDIBLE OILS     * BRAZILIAN WOODS   * UREA N46% (PRILLED AND GRANULAR)    * CEMENT     * POTATO   * RICE    * CREAM MILK POWDER    * CONDENSED MILK * MANGANESE ORE   * NIOBIO   * IRON ORE     * ZINC INGOTS    * MINERAL MINES (IRON, MANGANESE, AU METAL) OTHERS. Despite to this reason, we have been famed globally as a wealth insurance and administration organization. Come check out what PayMaster can offer you! For these reasons, Europlaw Group chose to provide a safe, efficient and secure payment system to its international clientele from both its United Kingdom and Republic of South Africa bases, but with a Mauritius-based foreign currency receipt and settlement platform involving a special trust which it settled in Mauritius called EUROPLAW GROUP TRUST and structured as follows. Least charge €500. In accordance with Section 21 of the Mauritius Trust Act 2001, the Enforcer has the legal responsibility and the capacity to enforce the trust in accordance with its terms and purposes and to appoint a successor. Various transactions involving such areas as real estate as well as in various commodities, such as note transactions, oil, jet fuel, gold and diamond transactions. In accordance with Section 21 of the Trust Act 2001, the Protector function is to advise the trustee of the Trust, and with such powers as was conferred by the Declaration of Trust. Additionally, we encourage to do certain investigation upon the first funds and collections. As seller or buyer, agent, broker or of intermediaries our clients need to handle fees and commissions of international transactions - and they have to transfer these funds regularly to various recipients (Beneficiaries). Many financial organizations and banks have been caring exchange prior. ...we might start selling comfortable chairs. As Paymaster, Bentley Legal Trust handles the incoming funds, and then disburses the funds according to either an IMFPA or other fee disbursement agreement.

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