He wouldn't know how to relate with his inner child and believe in the things he needed to in order to defeat the demon clown - spider thingy. Pennywise moves to Gotham and starts hunting. R2: Same scenario, but Batman has a week of prep time. I think I know who I'm putting my money on. Press J to jump to the feed. Fight takes place in a dark alley in the middle of Gotham City. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I also believe that the Loser's being together gave them extra powers against IT. What happens? it happened in "the killing joke" animated movie. No one outside the batfamily is available to help for whatever reasons. You may have to register What happens? 34 Favourites. Wiz: we will be seeing 2 powerful clowns clash! check out the FAQ by clicking the To start viewing messages, Pennywise wins all rounds. Pennywise moves to Gotham and starts hunting. R1: Batman has his standard equipment, suit, grappling hook, weapons. unless he gets the batfamily together to have a sewer orgy. The Dark Knight VS The Fear Inducing Alien. link above. The rivalry between Batman and The Joker has taken a strange, twisted and dark turn, as two murderous monsters with a clown motif/looks to them, are about to clash in a fight to the death. select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Discussion. Ironically, i believe the Joker would have a better chance against Pennywise than Batman. No one outside the batfamily is available to help for whatever reasons. Wiz: Clowns Are Scary (To Some People) Boomstick: That May Be True, But These Guys Are a Truly F*cking Terrifying. Round 2: Batman full knowledge and a days prep, Round 3: Pennywise full knowledge and a days prep, Bonus: Both full knowledge and a days prep. Exactly, especially since this is movie IT, not book IT. I believe it is implied in the movie that the Turtle was aiding the children like in the books, since we see Bill with a toy turtle before Pennywise appears in his basement and a turtle touched one of the Loser's legs when they all went swimming together. If Batman had time to plan out the fight, maybe even get the help of Johnn Constantine or the rest of the Justice League Dark, do you think he could actually beat him? Batman investigates the murders. Pennywise is just how he is in the books. Bruce's prep would be useless though, since Pennywise could teleport him away from any gear or vehicles he happens to bring, like he did that Jewish kid, Stan I think his name was, when the Loser's went to kill IT. Oh that’s an interesting observation, I like that analysis, More posts from the stephenking community. In my free time, I like to write up scenarios, and since it's October, what better way to celebrate than write about my favorite horror genre characters. Batman investigates the murders. 17 Comments. Batman investigates the murders. So a Clown who was beaten by kids versus a guy who terrifies criminals. To be fair I don't think anyone's happy with it other than Timm, All users, both new and returning, are expected to follow. If this is your first visit, be sure to What happens? Reddits largest community of Stephen King's avid fans. Batman might be able to beat Movie Pennywise, but I have doubts about him taking Book Pennywise. In my free time, I like to write up scenarios, and since it's October, what better way to celebrate than write about my favorite horror genre characters. By OmnicidalClown1992 Watch.

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