Cookies help us deliver our Services. Now that I think about it..Odin could probably drive IT off from the Earth plane of existence...he did it to Hela and Surtur. If it’s IT from the book he could solo the MCU verse and climb to high herald level from the comics. City wide Psy power. !A child’s fear is exquisite like some prime cut fillet,In fact I smell that fear inside you hi ya Eddie,Why don’t you make a puddle and let him out to play,You’re nothing without your host, just a little bit a goo,I wouldn’t be surprised if you were the remains of some alien splooge,Sprayed all over the place like in eddies room,So come on tell me venom is that the real you?I was gonna try get to Eddie he’s afraid of everything,But then venom I found your fear, here it comes swinging,I been spinning a web in my head, see where I’m going?I can turn into a spider, Peter Parker’s coming!Big teeth, and scary,We don’t eat dairy,But human meat,Is so necessary,Jump, slash and grab,Humans will snap,Not literally,Well maybe, just that, They are pretty down to earth with supernatural or psy powers. @dre_savage: @combatt: But Pennywise is more universal and he can solo this one, @andreysemyonov1337: @xxdeathmakerxx: Nah Pennywise can solo him. And maybe one of the people Pennywise killed was secretly immune to everything except omniverse-level attacks, proving that Pennywise is an omniverse-level being. Losers club can already incap Pennywise, and you give them more strength? IT has also stop people's hearts and killed people with thrown debries. We're given no timescale, nor any indication of what those universes contained. "Pennywise The Dancing Clown" goes one-on-one against "The Clown Prince Of Crime" known as "The Joker!" If we're considering all of the lore from the novel though, then thor and hulk won't stand a chance. He still seems like he's intended to be a lovecraftian cosmic horror to me. I always got the impression that IT was some kind of ancient cosmic horror that came to Earth centuries ago and has laid dormant in Derry for god knows how long, and can pretty much do what it wants in the area it lives in. @sirfizwhiz: I thought It was a werespider? IT could barely reach out past Derry to kill the Adults who move away. Still, hard to imagine that Thor and Hulk would have much trouble, provided they're informed enough to not look directly into the Deadlights for too long. The infinity gauntlet could trap IT or at least it's avatar in an endless time loop quarantining it from the rest of reality. The Turtle Beam that is alive and well via Dark Tower canon that connects and trumps all other his books. I thought this is comic Dormammu, the OP should clear it up. @ultimate-man: Are you talking about those stones? Press J to jump to the feed. IT resides in a pocket dimension, the Deadlights... @bowlt_swagg_320: Pennywise wins because he is above level, @xxdeathmakerxx: With his powers of course, @thordinson: @g2_: Come on you two this isn't that easy. Immortality: as a creature of the Prim, IT has existed before the universe, and outside it. Honestly, Dormammu's one and only feat is stomping Strange. He's a street-leveller in the movie. Maybe you should do a bit of a respect/debunk thread to put out his actual power level? So for Thor he might appear as Odin and / or Frigga and tell Thor that he was never worthy or loved by either parent, then attack while Thor's guard is down. If we're considering all of the lore from the novel though, then thor and hulk won't stand a chance.
I should make a respect thread for Pennywise. You are indeed where you belong. It has the telepathy to cross into a universe outside of space and time. IT best feat is creating a small pocket hurricane and exploding the sewers under Derry. The Loser's Club as adults were able to kill "It" but it IS suggested this is because a godlike being was working through them.

@sirfizwhiz: Didn't book pennywise choke the universal+ turtle to death on a few galaxies? In any case, sounds like Oz would eat the spider.

Pennywise is way powerful than Dormammu. Pennywise destroys him. @zetsumoto: feats play a huge role, but so does the Dark Tower canon which is the current canon over all the other novels. Please support my work on Patreon! Putting him any higher would be speculation. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Fat thor and professor hulk are both adults who have been spiritually broken, and would honestly be a detriment to the Loser's club since they could go insane from their experiences with IT. It's pretty much only implied strength; like GotG Thanos or Odin in Thor's movies. Can read or sense minds across America by feats. Maybe lowest high tier. One of the reason IT wanted them all back to Derry. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! 3 years ago That said, dommamu wins against movies and novel anyway. Dandelo was a were Beatle, but same psychic vampire that feeds off emotions as IT. Its just a Werespider of decent Psy ability. You afraid what people say? Movie Pennywise gets destroyed by MCU Dormammu and blinked out of existence by comic Dormammu. Perhaps it was a universe filled with slugs. @sirfizwhiz: So is IT a boss or a push over? Movie series was very vague, but Novel clearly states how the "adults who barely believe in magic" actually win. IT's power (it's implied, though not stated that this applies to the movies as well) is based on imagination & faith. Dormammu has 0 feats.

Get back inside you’ll make us look weak,I need to finish this clown with a simple maths question,7 children times 1 clown solve the equation?2 teary eyeballs and 1 cracking up villain, pathetic,Big teeth, and scary,We don’t eat dairy,But human meat,Is so necessary,Jump, slash and grab,Humans will snap,Not literally,Well maybe, just that,Yes I’m a clown, you’re fighting a clown!But we actually have a few things in common I’ve found,We’re both aliens and we can both shape shift see,We both love human meat, but you’re a pussy!You won’t eat some kids?
Com's point above is mine as well. MCU Dormammu, I'm not sure how he'd fare against novel / comic Pennywise but comic book Dormammu will stomp really hard. So to say he is Lovercraft universe being is simply false by that alone. It's more fun if you have to kill Pennywise, since the Loser's Club in part 1 only manages incap him for a time. Battle forum wise he is mid tier at best. No way to attack the real form except via psy power as the ritual of Chud was The Turtle Beam psy amping the kids/adults. Or one filled with non-powered humans. And Strange is significantly below city-block level. Uh huh. @sirfizwhiz: Gan >>>>>>> infinity x Old Ones, Pennywise doesn't have bargaining feats to defeat Dormammu. Round 3 is such a stomp because gauntlet Hulk could just use the gauntlet to destroy him. I doubt he'd appear as a clown to them, though, he appears as his target's deepest fear. If we're only considering the movie, then the loser's club wins. More or less. Due to being a psychic avatar, Pennywise can shape shift forms into anything. @matthijs_noyce: MCU Dormy conquered many universes. This is an original song and is available on iTunes and Spotify - iTunes - Connect with the Don ++ iTunes - Spotify - Instagram - Twitter - Snapchat - fraser-nash+ PS4 - DonFraserNashHere's the lyrics -Penny vs venomBig teeth, and scary,We don’t eat dairy,But human meat,Is so necessary,Jump, slash and grab,Humans will snap,Not literally,Well maybe, just that,You, are a clown, I’m fighting a clown?But I’m in the superhero category? While IT is an eldritch abomination from outside the universe...part of it is still in the universe. Being able to conquer a nonspecified universe over a nonspecified amount of time is not a universal-level feat. @sirfizwhiz:Really? The losers fucked him up with an iron pipe and you want to throw in one of the biggest marvel brains in the body of a Hulk plus fat Thor who's no slouch as shown in Endgame?

Pennywise is way above Dormanmmu (MCU) and if this was comic version Dormanmmu Pennywise still wins. Are you talking just Movie strictly or novel?

King even stated Dandelo and IT are the same species, and Dandelo had his ass kick by Roland. featless universes. So if Dormammu is able to stomp Strange, that puts him at city block level, approximately. I don't know. IT can only control a handful of minds. Have you read the book think first.

@ultimate-man: Yeah that guy lost to kids. xD. With that said, I still think he'd stomp Pennywise. I feel like you are just falling into comicvine's "MUST HAVE FEATS" trap. City wide telepathy. Adults don't fair well against IT. @dre_savage: @combatt: magic?

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