Persona 3 Remake Has a Ton of Potential. Gaining Atlus' approval of the concept, development started in the same year, after the completion of Nocturne and the Digital Devil Saga duology. [160], The localized English names of games have also been altered. [143][159][161] The port of Eternal Punishment was not localized due to "unusual circumstances", so the company released the original version on PSN instead. The banner title for Persona was changed from Megami Ibunroku to Revelations, principally because the team thought the latter name sounded "cool". [53][54][55][56][57][58] An online mobile RPG set around the high school featured in Persona 3, titled Persona Mobile Online,[Jp. [143] Persona 3 was named by RPGamer as the greatest RPG of the past decade in 2009, and RPGFan listed Persona 3 and 4 in second and fourth place respectively in their similar 2011 list. The game gets re-mastered. He was also one of the composers of the music, alongside Hidehito Aoki, Misaki Okibe and Kenichi Tsuchiya. Avoid the PSP remake of Persona 1 Persona 3 FES is a PS2 classic in the states. [82] The central theme of the Persona series is exploration of the human psyche and the main characters discovering their true selves. [101] The stories generally focus on the main cast's interpersonal relationships and psychologies. Its art style was described as a natural evolution from where Persona 4 left off. 9] Multiple Persona 3-themed puzzle games have also been developed. To further help defend against hostile Shadows, people generated the deities that exist within the collective unconscious, many of which manifest as Personas. An entire alternate main quest was also removed. Beginning with Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, the English localizations began to remain faithful to the Japanese versions at the insistence of Atlus. [86] Although they are typically stand-alone games that only share thematic elements, the Persona games share a continuity, with elements from previous games turning up in later ones. 8] and an alternate version of Persona 3 featuring different characters titled Persona 3 Social.[Jp. [96][97][82][98], The main character of each Persona game is a silent protagonist representing the player, with a manner described by the series' director as "silent and cool". A dedicated magazine originally ran for ten issues between 2011 and 2012, and has been irregularly revived since then. Oct 8, 2012 205 0 370. Over here, that's much less common, and the way the series portrays urban fantasy through that lens is what makes it so different, especially from what you would normally expect from Japanese RPGs.". Tsuchiya had originally done minor work on Persona, and found composing for the games a strenuous experience. Each skill card represents a different Persona family, which in turn hold their own abilities inherent to that family. [76][77][78] The summoning ritual for Personas in battle varies throughout the series: in early games, the party gains the ability to summon through a short ritual after playing a parlor game; in Persona 3, they fire a gun-like device called an Evoker at their head; in Persona 4, they summon their Personas using Tarot cards; in Persona 5, they are summoned through the characters' masks. [97][128] For Eternal Punishment, the main cast were adults, so Kaneko needed to rethink his design procedure. [100] Two recurring characters generated by the collective unconscious are Philemon and Nyarlathotep, the respective representatives of the positive and negative traits of humanity. [115][116] Persona 4 Arena and its sequel were the first non-RPG collaborative project in the series: its success inspired the creation of both Persona Q and Dancing All Night. [221], Atlus has created or hosted media dedicated to the Persona series. [72] He was unable to work on the Persona 2 games as he was tied up with other projects, including Maken X. [75][87][177] Io9's James Whitbrook commented that while "here in the west, we've got plenty of awesome urban fantasy, especially from a YA perspective. [112][113][114] Persona 3 was part of Atlus' push to expand their player base outside of Japan. 10] was released in 2009. [76][82] Many of the major antagonists in the series are personifications of death generated by the human subconscious. [157] Namba's first localization project for the series was Eternal Punishment. 12] represented the game's status as a direct spin-off from the series. [109] It was later dropped to further define Persona as a standalone series. [149] Persona 4 Arena was originally published in Europe by Zen United after a long delay, but the digital rights were eventually returned to Atlus, resulting in the game being removed from PSN. [24] For Dancing All Night, development was initially handled by Dingo, but due to quality concerns Atlus took over primary development with Dingo being retained as a supporting developer. [51][52] Many mobile spin-offs are related to Persona 3: there is an RPG side-story titled Persona 3 Em,[Jp. Ultimate with the April 2019 downloadable content (DLC) inclusion of Joker, the protagonist of Persona 5. Everything was taken from the Japanese Revelations to make a masterpiece remake and then translated properly for Western audiences and the like. [97][128][129][130] While designing the characters for Persona, Kaneko was inspired by multiple notable celebrities and fictional characters of the time, along with members of Atlus staff. [33] After its closure in 2008, a new free-to-play browser game titled Persona Ain Soph[Jp. [75][79], Personas are used for types of physical attack and magical attacks, along with actions such as healing and curing or inflicting status effects. This remake introduces a plethora of new stuff to the original game featuring a better translation of the original Japanese game on … [206][207], Persona was adapted into an eight-issue manga series titled Megami Ibunroku Persona, originally serialized in 1996 and later reissued in 2009. 2000-2018 © The Revelations title was removed for Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. Persona, sometimes known as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona outside of Japan, is a video game franchise developed and primarily published by Atlus. It ties in with the series' themes, and also with Philemon's frequent appearances as a butterfly. Actions in battle include standard physical attacks using short-range melee or long-range projectile weapons, magical attacks, using items, guarding, and under certain conditions escaping from battles. [119] An exception in Japan was the Windows port of Persona, which was published by ASCII Corporation. Following the release of Persona 3 and 4, the series also established a strong following in Europe. [157] In the end, due to staff and resource shortages, Innocent Sin was passed over for localization in favor of its sequel Eternal Punishment. [143][144] According to Atlus, Persona and its sequel were to test player reactions to the Megami Tensei series outside of Japan. [126] In a later interview, Soejima said that although he respected and admired Kaneko, he never consciously imitated the latter's work, and eventually settled into the role of pleasing the fans of the Persona series, approaching character designs with the idea of creating something new rather than referring back to Kaneko's work. [162], As of July 2020, the series has sold over 13 million copies worldwide. During the pre-production stage of Persona 4 Arena, Hashino approached Arc System Works after being impressed by their work on the BlazBlue series. [139][140][141] Spin-offs, such as the Persona Q and Dancing subseries, are usually handled by other Atlus composers such as Atsushi Kitajoh, Toshiki Konishi, and Ryota Kozuka. [87] Nintendo Power, in an article concerning the Megami Tensei series, cited the Persona series' "modern-day horror stories" and "teams of Japanese high-school kids" as the perfect example of the franchise. [186][187][188], The first anime adaptation of the Persona series, a television series titled Persona: Trinity Soul, aired in 2008. With the darkest narrative in the series, a Persona 3 full remake could be the perfect follow-up to Persona 5 by utilizing its modernized mechanics. [76][87][105] A recurring element in the earlier entries is "The Butterfly Dream", a famous story by the Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou.

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