In Your Son Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen. You must never feel as if you are sacrificing the things that are most important to you. A prayer request for my life. Where you at my king? Im blessed to be chosen by God almighty I’m favored to be a witness to speak of his goodness and mercy…I live today because God cares for me thank you believers of God for sharing!!! I don’t mean to start a debate the here, I don’t debate scriptures. Amen, I give it all to you Lord in your time Amen & Amen, Oh lord bless bless me with a Godsent life partner. The Partner each of us needs is The Holy Spirit.

Thank you dear Lord,for You are with us always in every step of our way. Amen.

The one i serve you with,let your wil be done YAHWE.

I surrender my all to You. Peter 3:7 “You husbands in the same way, live with your wives in an understanding way, as with someone weaker, since she is a woman.

Read the book of Mark verse 11:24. I am kindly looking for a partner. The purpose of dating is to see if you want to spend more time with someone. Grant me the wisdom to see the right person and to keep him (her) happy in our relationship. Amen. Grant her patience. The Bible says He who watches over us neither sleeps nor slumbers, so surely He is there for us all the way. When you find the right person they won’t be like other men or women of this world.

Walk away and she will realize what she had. May I give him due respect as head of the family. Dear Heavenly Father and my Lord and savior set me and my right companion on the right path to meet each other and start a relationship and get marriage in Jesus name Thank you !! my companion who loves you, Lord Jesus I know in your timing you will send me a God fearing man Thy will be done Amen & Amen.

Please share more of your supportive comments in the future. Thanks for that, it is good to have some clarity. I put my faith with Ms.Conner.

I thank you for everything You have done for us all. I’m thinking she’s not my missing rib. Thank you again. I am 30 years old. You must make this choice judiciously and not let yourself be blinded by infatuation. The Lord will help us all who put our trust in Him. I know that you have a plan for my life, so please help me be patient for the right person. Does he want to lead me to my future wife or does he want to rid me of any desire to get married? Let her be filled with love, humility and understanding for me and the family we will commit. Lord’ Thank you for the blessings everyday Forgive me Lord for what ever sins I committed to you Im asking Lord to guide me and lead me to the right person you choose for me to be my life time partner in the future.. A man that trully accept me as i am’ accept my family too as he his own..
1. Choosing the right person to spend the rest of your life with is one of the most significant decisions a person can make.

I am pleading with our ever merciful Father with a heavy heart to give me the one that will compliment me fully .. I don’t mean to start a debate the scripture here. I am young man searching for love and happiness. I know that I am not perfect, so I pray that you will find me someone who is patience and understanding.

When we parted, the universe brings us back together again. Right now I'm using "you or whoever else may be interested", but I just don't know if thats the best wording. God bless you. LARRY, I FEEL THE SAME WAY YOU DO. The problem is that I have been going from one potential partner to another. I thank you for letting me take my self to Collage even if i did not have parents . Lord, teach and guide them to seek You first and to learn to give love more than expecting to receive it. Is humble and Lord fearing peeson. Please, please pray for me I am desperately lonely and frustrated, Hello Juliette, thank you for posting this out. Only as your eye and heart are focused on Him, and Him alone, can He prepare you to be who you need to be for a godly wife.

God, find a God-fearing man for her. Keep trusting in God for your daughters. Why has God not answered my prayer, I’ve also been praying a long time and I can empathize.

Nita, I pray now that God favours you with a life partner. lord i know you have plans for me.. guide me to find a right man that god fearing,and accepting my past … im 37 yrs old and my relationship is complicated since 12yrs ago.. im still wiating for the man who will be there for lifetime.. i try to search before but i will surrender all you lord what its you will.. i know you have plans for me and ill surrender it to you lord in jesus name…amen, Lord I will be waiting on you to send me the right person in my life . Click here to add yours in the comments section. THANKS FOR HAVING SUCH A WONDERFUL PRAYERS.
I know all things all possible for him, Amen, you’re married now I guess, I pray He grants your heart desires. Beautifull prayer.

Help me prove that I am a gentleman and God-fearing and would be able to take care of her and protect her in all aspects of life, in good times and in bad. Amen, Serve God faithfully and everything including husband shall be addeded unto you,Math 6: 333. Amen.

We pray this prayer and lift up our heartfelt desires in the blessed name of Jesus, Amen.

Thanks alot for the wonderful prayer. Help me to submit myself truly and wholly to him in my family life. I would love to see your photos and share mine with you, we might be a match. All the men I have met so far want to abuse me or use me for money.

I find it had accepting men who aren’t ambitious. please grant hear her cry and grant her a man after your heart . I’m at a crossroads like I know so many visiting here are as well. God Bless You all, I pray that Yahovah God will give you a husband of your heart’s desire according to the will of Yahovah in the name of Yehshua HaMashiac (Jesus), We become more frustrated and lose direction in life when age seems to be catching up on us when marriage is due but the moment will come but it comes when we ready Fox committment as well … the Lord Grant you your burning desire, God is able if we just allow Him and seek Him first, I pray for all the above children of God to our Merciful and most compassionate Saviour to grant their heart’s desires to unite then with their soul mates this very year itself. Please pray for me..I know Jesus is watching…though I am overwhelmed of these.. Teach me to guide and seek you first so that I will be able to love my partner fully and completely. May His past be history as we take each other from the day we come together in a relationship.

Life without parents its not easy but you keep your word that you will not live me nor forsake me. “I often give the person a real problem, whatever I’m wrestling with right now, because you can learn a lot about a person that way,” —Jane Park, chief executive of Julep. Amen.

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