officer, “God bless you for your service,” before leading the Ganderites onto a shuttle bus. What we’ve had, we’ve always shared. He picked up the PA and reminded everyone about what they had just gone through in the last few days. She is Jewish, but she went, blind with tears, to the cathedral to light a candle. "" When 38 planes were diverted to Gander International Airport on the Island of Newfoundland and the population of the area nearly doubled, the residents of nearby Lewisporte opened their doors to the passengers, providing them with clothing, housing, showers and much-needed comfort. They started calling us the “plane people.” We enjoyed their hospitality, explored the town of Gander and ended up having a pretty good time. I didn’t know where I was, I didn’t know when I was getting home, all this stuff had happened to my country and I was stranded.”. THANK YOU for putting up with us! Here it is: Here is an amazing story from a flight attendant on Delta Flight 15, written following 9-11-2001. Air traffic controllers used an aircraft divergence plan from Y2K — the response to computer chaos anticipated on New Year’s Eve 1999 — to smoothly land and park the influx of jets. I have always taken God’s gender as generic in the same fashion as mankind is referred to as MEN in the KJV……it is His inspired word so He prefers to be called in this fashion but God has no need for gender as it is his construct for reproduction….I find no offense in the suggestion however other than the selfish attempt of one to own God in a fashion by assigning attributes to Him He has not given Himself… is the same when some try to give God a certain race when races are the product of the three sons of Noah and their intermixing. It was absolutely incredible. Dekester, I’m SO GLAD you got to read the beautiful post from Wee Weed.That’s how I think of you and my other precious Canadian friends. One color The crew just stayed out of their way. Its modernist lounge with geometric flooring and sleek furniture is a trip back to 1959, when the Queen opened it as an avant-garde ode to the glamour of air travel. Dennis O’Rourke says he will always be grateful for how the people of Gander helped him and his wife cope. Bigly.

The reality is that we are here for another reason.” Then he went on to explain the little bit we knew about the situation in the U.S. “I didn’t go home for five days,” Elliott, who is retiring as mayor in September, recalled. Question: What is the population of Gander?

On this anniversary of September 11, 2001, We The People of the USA thank you sincerely,  O Canada,  for your kindness and support of our brothers and sisters in their time of dire need. I will never forget the kindness of our Canadian neighbors at a time when we needed a helping hand, an arm around our shoulders. Back on the plane, we were reunited with the passengers and found out what they had been doing for the past two days. Wuz gonna take a sip of my cold-drink. Fourteen people were rescued. We became one soul. Thank you, Ganderers!! Newfoundland; Island with St. Johns Gulf Stream at one end, and frozen air Port aux Basques at the other, 900 miles of moose roam between., and there’s a book about that day, too – “The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland.”. According to the Gander International Airport, 39 planes were diverted there on Sept. 11, 2001. On this tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001, We The People of the USA thank you sincerely, O Canada, for your kindness and support of our brothers and sisters in their time of dire need. God bless you, Neil, and may God bless Canada. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. As we carried each other down the stairs of the burning building “There are very friendly people here. Most of the dogs and cats had apparently been shipped on their own, or their owners were on flights diverted elsewhere. We had B-models at WRI and I flew in them often – “The Pickle” was the first in, I believe. This older link gives some info regarding official story and unofficial story – sounds depressingly familiar?? We are The Power of One. THAT, my friends, was EXACTLY what the imploding skyscrapers sounded/felt like. Rag Tag Bunch of Conservative Misfits – Contact Info: Part of one of the staircases sheltered them during the collapse and stayed amazingly in tact under the rubble. GANDER, N.L. As we stood in our plant parking lot watching the (yes, black) helicopters circle, Son was on his cell to me standing on the university’s roof, watching those humongous planes fast-land every couple three minutes at CAK. The TurboStar is ready to go in seconds. “He said he was going to set up a Trust Fund under the name of DELTA 15 (our flight number). Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When the stranded passengers finally got to fly home a few days later, they couldn’t believe how wonderful their Canadian hosts had been. “To Keep our Compasses Calibrated.”

They were hungry, tired, and far from home. Gander International Airport, which was the first North American airport on the transatlantic route, took in 38 wide-body aircraft, mostly heading for U.S. destinations. As we gave our blood in lines a mile long, ( Log Out /  “And the bottle of screech wouldn’t be only half-empty!” someone behind him yelled. I am so hoping the wonderful Treeper who had posted it will do so again, or if anyone else is familiar with it and knows how to find it, it would be great too. All the elderly passengers were taken to private homes. “It would have been nice to have a picture of them with their family,” Harris said. THANK YOU for being our BESTEST neighbor. That sums it up pretty well. Be well good Treepers, I (along with many others) was totally unaware of the gracious generosity of the Gander community toward those directly/indirectly affected by the terrorist actions on 9/11. Stuck in Gander, Newfoundland On September 11, 2001, seven thousand passengers were stranded in the tiny town.

Harris’s only regret is that in the mad pace of those days, she forgot to pin notes to the kennels asking owners to let her know their pets arrived safely. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Most Canadians are pretty good people… solid, boring, -OK- but very trustworthy. Nothing beats a dependable beater, and this Hamilton Beach model has all the handheld power you could want. By now the passengers were emotionally and physically exhausted, not to mention frightened, but everyone stayed amazingly calm. The travellers weren't just in St. John's. Fudge is especially touched that Gander is to receive at least one section of World Trade Center steel, a gift of thanks from the Bethpage Fire Department on Long Island, N.Y. Gander Mayor Claude Elliott said the steel will be part of a 9-11 memorial at the local North Atlantic Aviation Museum. The next day, the news reported that 911 had gotten frantic calls from around the city, New Yorkers who mistook the thunder for the sound of another imploding skyscraper…. “They cared for us in so many different ways, but they did it in such a marvelous way. “A few years later, I got a letter from the Columbus Zoo and a picture of a baby chimpanzee, and they’d named it Gander,” Elliott said. We are That’s when Gander volunteer Beulah Cooper, who’s as quick with a joke as she is to lend a hand, stepped in. ( Log Out /  A friend of mine was stranded in Paris. This Tiny Newfoundland Town Adopted Thousands of Americans Stranded at Its Airport On 9/11 Operation Yellow Ribbon is still an excellent reminder of the best that we can be. “Shortly after the buildings collapsed, you could hear all the man-down alarms from the firefighters going off like birds chirping in the background. As the soot and dirt and ash rained down, GANDER, Newfoundland — They’re called “the plane people” here because on Sept. 11, 2001, some 6,700 passengers on 38 planes descended on this piney little town of … Best of all, it doesn’t require a permanent water hook-up. Wally Lucas was a contemporary – retired now. Suddenly the population of this small Canadian city swelled as townsfolk needed to take care of almost 7,000 international travelers. As one Brooklyn assistant district attorney told police captains, a cracker was not “a complete meal in itself, but a sandwich is.” The New York Times article reiterated that a sandwich qualified as an acceptable meal, but also noted that, “The question of consumption of the food ordered was not seriously considered in its relation to the demands for excise refreshments; in fact the procuring of drinks was simply made subordinate to a formal order for ‘a meal,’ and this was gauged simply by the will of the patron.”. We (you and I) no doubt have some history. Emotion is a Lefties primary Weapon.

Users can fill the reservoir and let the machine do the rest. In New York, the Mayor, wearing a tuxedo, reappeared in his hotel lobby in Times Square, along with fifteen other Newfoundlanders who had come down for opening night, including a town constable named Oswald Fudge. “And if she wants to become an honorary Newfoundlander, we will screech her in.” ♦. God bless you Dekester, and God bless Canada! As luck would have it, Canada had just such an airport in Gander, Newfoundland. “They fed us, and put us up and if we needed anything, they’d get it for you.

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