portal. The piston will push you up into the portal, warping you to the second level of this room and onto the top of the horizontally-aligned pistons on the next level. Pass through an orange portal to reach the upper ledge with your blue portal. Jump on the platform on the corner and then get back on the Scaffold, when it is on the other side of the platform. Shoot an orange portal into the room overhead, then warp through a nearby blue portal to reach the next area. As you fly up, shoot a portal on the angled piece of wall that you Don't panic! Shoot a portal onto the wall over there, then another near you that you can You should launch to the top level of the room. It features the Unstationary Scaffold and High Energy Pellets, and Goo is … Quickly fire a blue portal onto the left wall, just past the wall panel and positioned high. Pass back through the nearby blue portal to reach the alcove. Disable them. Then make a portal on the floor, and when you come through the portal, make another portal on the Step through the portal to warp behind the chain-link. Place an orange portal on the floor and drop through to come out the blue portal above. Test Chamber 19 testchmb_a_15.bsp This is the final Test Chamber and twentieth level of the game. Step inside and, while hugging the left wall but looking right, jump so that you can just barely find a portal-able surface inside the hole overhead. In this room, there is a poison pit, so be careful. Once you're through, you see a cube tube, and the words "over here" scrawled on the wall. It will shoot a rocket through the glass, shattering it. around to see which turret door is about to open. Place a blue portal on the surface, then look for a nearer ceiling surface just above the vertically-aligned pistons to your right. At the end of this vent, there is a spinning fan. Once it stops shooting like crazy, Shoot portals on the tilted panels to get the Pellet to the catcher. Go through the particle field and When you are done, you will drop the device in the equipment recovery annex. There is a door at the top of a short flight of stairs, and opening it leads Shoot a portal there and another in this room to go up there. Around the next corner of the hall is a wall panel jutting out into the path of your moving platform. Place an orange portal on a nearby wall and wait for one of the three doors to open, revealing a turret buddy that's got you in its sights. Place a portal at the end of the hall near the ceiling. Place a blue portal on the top surface of this slanted panel, then create a nearby orange portal to warp to the top of that slanted wall panel. When you can see the moving platform through the portal, jump down onto it to continue the ride. When you walk across them, they will Drop down behind a turret buddy and knock it over, then continue through the small crawlspace to a room beyond. From the top of the slab you can jump onto the horizontally-aligned piston in the corner of the room that'll push out, letting you jump onto a ledge with a hand-scribbled sign in red.

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