endobj 16 0 obj Where are they going? b) No, he isn't. �2*4��"��K�e��H��a�� More. 2) Is Betty listening to music? Questions without question words in the Present Continuous. ���q�t��Q��Z+�2ƕ����>@�� endobj Learn and practise English words for computers and the Internet. Is Tyson working today? 20 0 obj x���o5�i �D�)��E �[X�3���+B���Z�����H-���x?g�#�|,wA���{f�t�m�����|��Y՜���>����e�O� ���s�U�ȭ�fZ��sU��23K�k���b�:��(Q!K��Ei��|� �'�?Rɺ1ؘ?N�d�Mc��@���G{�YrJk��D��'��c��Ӥ� � Present Continuous - Questions - Quiz. © 2008 www.perfect-english-grammar.com May be freely copied for personal or classroom use. UCLES. www.perfect-english-grammar.com Present Continuous Questions 1 Why are we watching this dumb documentary? Leaderboard. To ask questions in Present Continuous, we use: am/is/are + subject + ‘-ing’ form of the verb. Cambridge English: Key is a basic-level qualification. Log in required. c) Yes, I am. �Xԛm����Q�^���S Some vocabulary to add information to our sentences: I am planning to go to a Blink 182 concert. 5 0 obj �qtPm1�>�g�|��d ���73Q��G�W��NF4w���z�D߳���P(��t���q*l�4����֩� The present continuous (or progressive) is the tense used to express situations that are happening now (before, during and after the moment of speaking).. Auxiliary. The continuous form of the verbs is created by adding ing to the verbs such as. 1444 1. m�-Z�>��?m�4�� ����@�jWJ�fSm��-�I��=@ak@��?��f�*�'!����A���Ё��ͦ�g��`�~��ޠX����hJ�M@S��45��@�����J#�i��Eӏ ��ҩ@����Jij͗����d��)X���`N���^_`�s(}�cې�O��i�H�&�ک���jj���ַuq��\���j�Jd������iϖ���yw�94s�霙`i�� ���b��[�����JMNv��� �#�����]�V�[B��e�����+gE��l;���Z�%8�M�o M�����u��&~�du�[���0 ���'��Zi��S�lewe ���Ơ�[��� �`#�pk�mꔮ}� ��)��aۙtJ���K��H��o~�Z�4��E������+D�2K�i�n]Fuj ��}|s�E����]y�i����U��܈]�����^t�����y�No^n8�{����ρB��ҝ���E�K�U|[h�o/&H� i=�_���@�#�������p�t�Pt�%��r�ʱ6��o���q8!لd��-��ꧬ7��Y�j����q�Ֆ����H���;��~� Rest. Options. Grammar Lessons | 15 0 obj ���Q�r��z�p�jX���J����� ������i-J^7K�2���� Qa='����#�u��`�v�I�Z�S��n�����a���_��AA��V�}�Qh�Y0�q�뗰�3δ�K"@�r��@�( ,��iR���V?͗\�N�j�[!�'�.� Present continuous exercises. Jason doesn't know the answer to this question. Elementary level esl, esol, ielts d) Yes, she is. Use the present simple to speak about typical behavior. Website content © copyright ESOL Courses Limited, except where otherwise stated. Questions in the Present Continuous. stream Share Share by Zalkas. This leaderboard is currently private. Use the present continuous form of the verb in brackets. 1) Is Adam doing homework? Today you are going to learn how to make present continuous questions and how to answer them with this simple guide. Show all. <> �Og� ��L�#.�_�ϳ6�O�^�~��� Ra�endstream Subject. They're going to the cinema. asks is asking Correct Wrong. Skills Grammar In this grammar exercise, choose the correct answer to present simple and present continuous questions. PDF Printables. Practise plural endings. x��YKoEq�k�����Č���qEBH���� "E2R���������[�ؐ\ڻ���_}���T������a��j~��V������?����Os�J�>���W��+���S&=|��c�Z��:H�J�J&*eZˌ�VW�_�Ϛ�h����O�����{�i��F�O�j ��S����b Present simple and present continuous questions Learning English. In this grammar exercise, choose the correct answer to present simple and present continuous questions. A simple English grammar lesson explaining how to use short forms and ask questions using the present continous tense. Complete the sentences. These are some examples of present continuous questions: If you want to make present continuous questions, you need to know five things: This is the structure to make basic present continuous questions, If you want to make an open question, the structure is similar. We use cookies. 8. Choose the correct informal way to finish the sentences in the email. Vocabulary Lessons | document.write(year); b) Yes, you are. Simple present and present progressive exercises affirmative, negative, interrogative. This leaderboard has been disabled by the resource owner. This writing, grammar and vocabulary exercise practises the informal language used in emails. Theme. �>?� �������4�x��~�~e���S���X�шqrz�����#E���C5'�!+=0f%�v��P/����X+�7����r�z���_�F;�mn�[�t��"��� ǖd9Z��$N4��SϤ:Z����TnN���l�'�'�� ��1�6j ybO���\h�T���8 ���o���&��C�d���T����N7�&&��D;qo��Ľ��,s��1�g5�$�і�[N�L$�$�D��$TA���YA�����*����i�Ћ%��a ��c�}�U�lW3c�7�ض(��H�t�����i;g��.G�� ��2�I̬Զ2yZ��[�t�te��e�I�Im��F+���WH���˥i�,S�I}&��m�q��ZR��E�n��4�[��&�]|�? We use short forms to answer questions about things that are happening. This course contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0. 5Q�F�&��|ތB���u�1�`L '�+�a5N�;��IN���-戃4����r��d�JӢG�N�8��Tv�W������j�� ���T���u����)��Ƹ��k�6Z�����)��n�Ŭw]Ҋf'�N���2i��q���@�Mm�že}v��E�JJ���C�I�~�:zBҮ����a"��ׁz4(�n!��kRK�w�w���|j������x;��]� ���}�=��]Uy[u˟����3�7z���:� >�[�T$�۔^=4y0�W�����ht���'r=����ޛ�]��4���T��_,~��~���6�endstream stream �ʱ���m�凕06u��GɈ�>��P������qW���'E�� �!Z9�B~\� 6V� &�ZQ$O1���t��8�\9��.����E1��:��;�N+��+ ����f%� a) No, she isn't. We _____ a meeting in Chicago this weekend. Too easy. Click Share to make it public. Edit Content. /%�7f8���no�s��4����t�J����j���FYjeo�l. CEFR Level A1-A2 Time 0–5 minutes. Yes/No questions. endobj Extracts from Skills for Life materials are Crown Copyright and are have been used with permission, under licence. These are some examples of closed questions: These are some examples of open questions with what, These are some example of present continuos questions with where, These are some present continuos questions with why, These are some examples of present continuous questions and answers, These are some posts that you might find interesting, Mi nombre es José Manuel Campos Noguera y soy un profesor de Inglés de Costa Rica, Tengo más de 8 años de experiencia impartiendo lecciones y este blog ha sido una de mis principales herramientas en la enseñanza, © 2020 EnglishPost.org • Made with Love in Costa Rica. 1842 Embed. Who is Anya talking to? B���i�(�������^�vY�g]���^v�;�}0���@[o{�g�Ґ5RS�ܧqO�5SK{��m#ֳS$6É�Z�����������ÅNa]�BU���N���y%����~�M�1�nQ��搛�y�bfxY�c:����Do���lC�l����9����k��`~��C�?R�;�ο+P��Q |bu���u� Show more Show less . D��x��J��.�ʡ�O���]�DZ˜調��RV��+Z���jn����׮ܯ\��t����:�����7���!tIiU&�bS�P��$�ms2c�|�i���nb8 Questions in Present Continuous. var today = new Date(); Is he cooking dinner? By continuing to use this website you are giving your consent for us to, B1 Business Preliminary (BEC Preliminary), International language standards explained, Qualifications for schools and ministries, Your new English classroom. To create a question that will be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, use ‘am‘/’is‘/’are‘ (or ‘isn’t‘/’aren’t‘ for a negative question) + ‘-ing’ form of the verb. Today you are going to learn how to make present continuous questions and how to answer them with this simple guide. 9. It's his day off. Start Basic Present simple and present continuous questions How difficult was this activity? Subject. <> If you want to make present continuous questions, you need to know five things: Questions; Personal Pronouns; Verb to be ; The continuous form of the verbs; Vocabulary; Let’s analyze each one of them. Present Continuous - Questions . is knowing knows Correct Wrong. Like. Elementary English | �)�\Ć[�0�B̆v*���&T�&?A�jϡB���~'�R�NC!S�"�簶��8���R��A�j��J�c.��B��o���|0�K�����j�Z��awv*�2���R���mU��Y��9��ڦ��lU�py�� Ң8C�\M�PX�֎�X�tTٜ�m��R�Hl9^���N$ ��YdCM(ʐ��.2�� rVR��ws�88M��m���w�� �}������(j��)���S��P����ga�_NZE�u�c��F�i�����YPRrz`mX�X�2����^��C�T�@�w��ѠU\-�Q�=$���#s��VHq?Z4[X�j����f���Z1e��FRss�����-�ՌQ��P�@Xi��˥���/���Ъg�Pb��2.�m�cx�g�~�����V ��NGԚj�R�����˃�L��kʗe0Szt�>�J͛�n2����JQӨ-2�x��F�j �������` �v-�3����* F�%O��ȇ�]�� 0Y!�����-��߫EFQI=NJ����t#!��9�uRܫ��E��|��i�e�OC���@�m�ٶ��C�^"{6��IG�5��-��a� © �v�5˦�զ����T����vY y��(�[�o7ٸ�"՟g�[+�е�Ѵ�VV%폚�1J��r-ŝM��qlH�l=;EY2䮵鐙�֤7;�C���7�g:��32S��w�eٓr���i�@l>��X�� Z-_HZc����/�n��V�sIJbO�� She's talking to her sister. Learn and practise using simple English words for everyday life. Easy song-themed quizzes and activities for learning English. x��Z�o�D�Js�H�6 � .j�ݙ�~EBH��{Ky*�R�Z����ڻ����6��$�������og�~[������̞����ga�x�K$޽����Z�O��Wo��$�hTHO���f���y����ej+�-of'�'�kD�Ly��K�@(�W���Y�Ȩ9�F�|y���eT-�(]ުI[k�ҵ��(�$^�je�Cy��(�� 4. Suitable for classroom use or self-study He _____ the other answers. var year = today.getFullYear(); %�쏢 stream endobj Lesson Activities by Sue Lyon-Jones. �hR �?��怵�X�}��kZ�?i�>c��{c�yȪ�� When expressed in its interrogative form, it is used to form questions about something that is happening now. G5 English Present Continuous. %PDF-1.4 No. Don't use the continuous form with a stative verb (a verb that expresses a state, feeling, opinion, etc.) ESOL Courses Limited, except where otherwise stated. Peter usually _____ a lot of questions. These are some examples of present continuous questions: Are you playing soccer? Verb. Use contractions where possible. It is a great exam to take if you're new to learning English.

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