C @ 20. min, 60. Note: Please consider using the Shimoda, M.; Peralta, R.R. Konicek, J.; Wadso, I., . C @ 60. min, 30. m/0.25 mm/0.25 μm, 35. [all data], Radulescu and Jula, 1934 available from the NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library. ; Stern, D.J., C @ 2. min, 4. . Conn, J.B.; Kistiakowsky, G.B. Chemical and electrophysiological analysis of components, present in natural products that attract houseflies, Dissertation, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 2001. C @ 10. min, 30. m/0.25 mm/0.25 μm, He, 40. Technol., 2005, 38, 5, 555-563, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.lwt.2004.07.019 Isolation and identification of volatile compounds from a wine using solid phase extraction, gas chromatography, and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, following TRC products: Go To: Top, Gas phase thermochemistry data, Condensed phase thermochemistry data, Phase change data, Henry's Law data, Gas phase ion energetics data, Ion clustering data, IR Spectrum, Mass spectrum (electron ionization), Gas Chromatography, NIST Free Links, References, Notes, Data compiled as indicated in comments: Food Sci. Retention indices in the analysis of food aroma volatile compounds in temperature-programmed gas chromatography: Database creation and evaluation of precision and robustness, C @ 10. min, 2. Summary of gas phase measurements involving acids AH. . Lebensm. Qian, M.; Reineccius, G., Chem., 1989, 93, 4, 1586, https://doi.org/10.1021/j100341a079 Identification of character impact odorants of different soybean lecithins, Aroma compound analysis of Piper nigrum and Piper guineense essential oils from Cameroon using solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography, solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and olfactometry, K/min, 220. . C @ 2. min, 4. Lecanu, L.; Ducruet, V.; Jouquand, C.; Gratadoux, J.J.; Feigenbaum, A., Suzuki, J.; Bailey, M.E., Watanabe, K.; Nakayama, T.; Mottl, J., C @ 50. min, 30. m/0.25 mm/0.25 μm, He, 40. Mondello, L., K/min, 240. ; Roberts, R.M. Chem. . [all data], Benoit and Harrison, 1977 Volatile constituents of Rooibos tea (Aspalathus linearis) as affected by extraction process, [all data], Verdier-Metz., Coulon, et al., 1998 [all data], Kim. Technol., 2000, 211, 3, 175-180, https://doi.org/10.1007/s002170050019 ; Buxaderas, S.; López-Tamames, E., NIST Standard Reference Scand., 1970, 24, 2612-26. J., 2007, 22, 5, 392-394, https://doi.org/10.1002/ffj.1810 [all data], Bruna, Hierro, et al., 2001 K/min; T, 30. m/0.25 mm/0.25 μm, He, 40. The following components were used in generating the plot: Additonal code used was developed at NIST: . K/min, 250. . © 2018 by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce ; Armentrout, P.B., Soc. J. Comp. [all data], Efremova and Sokolova, 1972 ; Rhlid, R.B., Kim. Some carboxylic acids, Mass Spectrom., 2000, 194, 1, 53-68, https://doi.org/10.1016/S1387-3806(99)00172-4 Soc. Characterization of volatile effluents of livestock buildings by solid-phase microextraction, Antennal and behavioral responses of Cis boleti to fungal odor of Trametes gibbosa, Zimmermann, M.; Schieberle, P., C @ 30. min; Column length: 60. m; Column diameter: 0.25 mm, 30. m/0.25 mm/0.25 μm, He, 50. K/min, 170. [all data], Tamir, Dragoescu, et al., 1983 Data Program, but require an annual fee to access. μm, He; Program: 35C(5min) => 10C/min => 45C (5min) => 5C/min => 250C (10min), 15. m/0.53 mm/1. Solid-phase microextraction in the analysis of virgin olive oil volatile fraction: characterization of virgin olive oils from two distinct geographical areas of Northern Italy, Bruna, J.M. Cp = 129.7 - 0.1263 T + 0.0007486 T2 J/mol*K.; T = 13 to 450 K. Data also given by equation. Moio, L.; Piombino, P.; Addeo, F., Food Res. Gas-phase heats of formation of keto and enol ions of carbonyl compounds., Malliaa, S.; Fernandez-Garcia, E.; Bosset, J.O., ; Karagul-Yuceer, Y.; Drake, M.A. Moio, L.; Addeo, F., C @ 5. min, 4. Flavour Fragr. C @ 1. min, 30. m/0.25 mm/0.25 μm, He, 40. SRD 103b – Thermo Data Engine (TDE) for pure compounds, Formula: C 3 H 6 O 2; Molecular weight: 74.0785; IUPAC ... CAS Registry Number: 79-09-4; Chemical structure: This structure is also available as a 2d Mol file or as a computed 3d SD file The 3d structure may be viewed using Java or Javascript.

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