A very frosty dry coating all over the plant but I don't see myself running this in the future as the yield was really low and it was very short/leafy. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Bodhi’s Purple Unicorn cut is the ESSENCE of Chemdog D with heavy purple colorations with a little bit of cold.

im just happy we're here on page 2759 now. I did enjoy growing it out all the same as it brings some variety and each stain has something to teach you. I have ordered from Great Lakes and JBC several times to the uk, never any issue at all. big yielding, colorful, and easy to grow with serious horse power. Hashplant crosses usually lean towards the Hashplant side of the breeding pair, and that is usually a low yielder.

Hey buddy, I've got two Lemon Hashplants that are 56 days in flower today and they're a nice size and will yield pretty well. i thought i remembered seeing some not so desirable pics of it but thought i also heard some ppl really liked it - i have a pack that i still need to go through - i popped 4 a while ago but they were all males. Purple Unicorn (Clone Only) x Blood Rose. Bigger than average and enough branching for training. Purple Unicorn The ultimate male find for any women who is sick and tired of the same old dis-respectful treatment. Purple Unicorn.

It's amazing though how benificial a place like this can be for your grow game. Overall, the smell reminds me of the wild sage that grows in Colorado. this is why i love bodhi. I hope no one took that as my downplaying their opinions on the matter earlier. pretty much find this with most of his gear ime. He uses that strawberry in a lot of crosses and has chosen to f2 it so it must be quite special. Check out this and all the the new products from Bodhi Seeds. The Petting Zoo - 18" Posh Unicorn Purple - Stuffed Animal Toy - Great for Baby/Toddlers/Kids - Boys & Girls 5.0 out of 5 stars 20 $24.99 $ 24 . I am impressed so far. Would Purple Unicorn f5 be a better bet than Magenta Hashplant, I am looking for a fairly high yielding purple bud. Write a review Please login or register to review Purple Unicorn F5 *SOLD OUT. I was acting a fool last year on another forum.
I kick myself for not getting clones of that at the Cup. JavaScript is disabled. kinda finicky but worth it in the end for sure.

Don't do it! I have the Gorilla Ghani and will "back of the line it" but the GSD as I call it is pure power. all but 1 plant in my garden are bodhi. Bodhi’s Purple Unicorn cut is the ESSENCE of Chemdog D with heavy purple colorations with a little bit of cold. *we reserve the right to refuse service to any account with outstanding issues*, Credit / Debit / ApplePay Accepted | New Drop: Thunderfudge (10.31) | New Restock: Archive (10.30) | New Drop – Lucky Dog (10.29) | New Drop – Riot Seeds (10.28) | New Drop – CSI: Humboldt (10.27.20) | New Drop – Swamp Boys (10.26.20). A funky skunky purple tinged beast. Silver Lights was bred by our friends at Life’s Blood Seeds, and it does not disappoint. You must log in or register to reply here. My current daily drivers. I can't really pick out any particular aroma on pheno no1, but pheno no2 is unmistakably citrusy! And I’m thinking about how I would feel if I was involved (more than just a personal grower). Wait, I mean Netflix, I hate when I show my age. Reactions: Jewels, Cattapilla, LittleDabbie and 10 others. I prefer glg simply because of the better variety of freebies but they are both very good. Name: Purple Unicorn F5 Brand: Bodhi Seeds | IG: @plantmoreseeds Type: 11 Souvenir Seeds (R) Note: Buy any BODHI offerings get 1 BODHI bonus gift (10 souvenir seeds-r)–bonus gift is automatically added to your cart + randomly selected. On another note... if you dont have a pack of the GG4 x SSDD yet and you grow outdoors... you are a straight-up slacker. Will take about 4-5 weeks in total before you get your beans. I think everyone is making good points and I’m glad to see people aren’t being cruel. Thanks a lot. holy shit! I'm at F3 and pushing forward... its something else. I am impressed so far. Dismiss, Copyright 2011 - Present - Riot Seeds | All Rights Reserved. Heavy garlic bo funk and very potant chem buzz. Where did you get the setup/frame? Prob photosynthesis plus and/or em1., *ages 21+ only. ^^^^THIS^^^^ They (SSDD) need to be babied and hand-held from time to time but WELL worth it in the end. You could be watching infomercials at 3am. big yielding, colorful, and easy to grow with serious horse power. Can't wait to pop this Hippy Slayer and this Moonwalk and the Aruba Land Race.... plus some of the Tranquil Elephantizer, i may chuck some bodhi pollen soon but if i do you wont hear about nor will i pass it out . The most recent restock release was May 22nd, 2020 via Speak Easy Seed Bank. PURPLE UNICORN F5 SEED SPECIFICATIONS. seeds contain 0% cannabanoids and are for novelty/souvenir purposes only* It may not display this or other websites correctly. Fed fully organic in roots or ffof with the full shibang of roots dry ammendments. I got a PH pen and dialed my lights down and here we are, Awesome, I just got here . I’d keep those seeds in the vault unless you want to use that strain specifically for breeding purple traits into existing strains. To give you a little background, The Purple Unicorn is an indica dominant hybrid that combines Chemdawg with Blackberry Widow and supposedly is a local strain bred in Oregon. smells like the stable on a hot day while growing crystal towers, but cures out to danky stanky skunky fruity musk in the stash jar. A funky skunky purple tinged beast. If the flavor comes out sage-like that would be pretty enjoyable. I do like that and is on the plus side for this strain. The more genetic variation for selection the better.

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