Figure 13.25 shows the influence of the flow speed of a standard fast quenching oil (oil temperature of 70°C) on the cooling curves of an ISO standard quench sensor 12.5 mm in diameter. 0000002668 00000 n Getting continuously mixed with fresh air at a high temperature is the primary reason for the degradation of the heating oil. 0000038869 00000 n 0000029242 00000 n 0000009435 00000 n 462 69 0000009256 00000 n In a well-designed system where oil is not thermally overloaded, oil lasts for many years. We start by fully austenitizing the steel in the temperature range of 1500°F – 1650°F, depending on the steel grade. <]>> 0000016641 00000 n Oxidation or reaction of hydrocarbons from the oil with oxygen in the air. 0000016264 00000 n We start by fully austenitizing the steel in the temperature range of 1500°F – 1650°F, depending on the steel grade. Możesz dowiedzieć się więcej w jakim celu są używane oraz o zmianie ustawień przeglądarki. In a well-designed system which is not overloaded, oil lasts for many years. 0000027907 00000 n lection of the mar-quenching oil is based on the operating temperature and quenching characteristics. 0000040072 00000 n 0000048887 00000 n 0 It’s held at this temperature for a time proportionate with the part cross-section. h�b```b``1g`e`�rcd@ A���%�'��+{Z��(]��RNd�Ƚ��/C:�F�"ϼmW5�yg,��Zu�V�7���0�10. 0000016454 00000 n 0000007889 00000 n 0000011404 00000 n %%EOF 0000041215 00000 n Therefore, to avoid the intensified oil degradation, the system pump should have a sufficient capacity to enable full turbulent flow through the boiler at a speed of 2-3 m/s. This reaction takes place at a very slow rate at the ambient temperature but, as the temperature goes up, the reaction rate increases rapidly. Figure: Temperature curve during quenching and tempering In contrast to annealing processes (such as normalizing, soft annealing, coarse grain annealing, recrystallisation annealing and stress-relief annealing), quenching and tempering does not always cool down slowly but relatively quickly ( quenching ), so that the desired microstructural changes occur. 0000006714 00000 n 0000007135 00000 n The system must not contain the “free outflow to an open vessel” type elements. 0000001676 00000 n 0000003471 00000 n The oxidation process results in acid products being formed in the oil; the products form non-soluble sediments while being oxidised further. 0000087616 00000 n 0000035802 00000 n %PDF-1.3 %���� 0000005087 00000 n As previously discussed, a quench oil’s quenching performance is dependent on its viscosity. 0000008235 00000 n 0000033590 00000 n 0000026361 00000 n 0000032911 00000 n 0000011803 00000 n 0000003639 00000 n 0000003865 00000 n 0000001755 00000 n Używając tej strony wyrażasz zgodę na używanie cookie, zgodnie z aktualnymi ustawieniami przeglądarki. For a given liquid quenchant, however, the main parameters controlling its quenching severity is its flow speed and to some extent also its temperature. xref Once a year, check the oil acid value and oil viscosity at 100oC. 0000023868 00000 n For process monitoring and trouble-shooting, the heat treater should develop an historical record, similar to the … 0000001016 00000 n 0000085062 00000 n It’s held at this temperature for a time proportionate with the part cross-section. 0000090324 00000 n 0000018356 00000 n 0000028488 00000 n The oil performance duration depends on the quenching tub loop system design and the operation of the temperature stabilisation system. The maximum cooling rate of normal, medium and fast oil is based on oil in the agitated condition, and at normal operating temperatures of 140°F to 160°F… 0000087259 00000 n The other physical properties of quenching oil can also have a significant effect on how efficient it is at quenching a particular steel type. 0000027327 00000 n 0000083417 00000 n In this case, it is not possible to avoid direct contact with elements heated up to a temperature exceeding the oil … 0000042231 00000 n Mineral oils undergo two kinds of aging processes under the impact of high temperatures: Oil Composition Engineered quench oil is governed by the desired quenching perform-ance, the necessary thermal and ox- Adequate measures can be taken to prevent premature oil degradation. As the oil temperature goes up, degrading factors get activated, which at low temperatures do not carry the hazard of a significant acceleration of the oil degradation process - copper and oxygen, or, to be more general, non-ferrous metals and air. 0000001818 00000 n A typical oil has a boiling range between 450ºF (230ºC) and 900ºF (480ºC). 0000003410 00000 n Heat is the Enemy of Oils – General Operating Notes. 0000004305 00000 n Cracking, that is, breakdown of hydrocarbon particles under the impact of heat. Due to degradation, oil viscosity changes with time. 0000085610 00000 n The cause (that cannot be eliminated) why the heating oil quality deteriorates is the oil heating boiler. 0000005261 00000 n 0000004909 00000 n The system should keep a pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure on the suction side of the pumps to prevent air from being sucked by pump and valve chokes. 0000011115 00000 n 0000035515 00000 n 0000036310 00000 n If the acid value increases beyond 1.8 mgKOH/g and viscosity increases by 50%, the oil qualifies to be replaced. 0000043228 00000 n 0000098575 00000 n 0000049764 00000 n Używając tej strony wyrażasz zgodę na używanie cookie, zgodnie z aktualnymi ustawieniami przeglądarki. trailer At a temperature up to 320OC, the cracking process speed is very low. 0000004525 00000 n �ڲf������l�F�f���@3ظ�º(�M���`�����c��dC�Ͻd����k�[�{yi�GEY�ge�l���9�f�͝�?o�� 3'LLl�49�i��䬜�����֠0������Ȩ���Т�i�!+W�uu�{�t����Y[�`aUoM��"�?�|ͤ� @>�����i(tt X\ �DPP"�R�:P� h���@' ^ V�� ����� �[ƗLRL���� Fuv��}E�W�0f p3J0�0L�Ndc�~� �>FV��:���]r9o1�cnz0��2�&ss �W"������o���b5c�����L�萋 �T�_7D��.

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