The pad also features a Touchpad, something you don’t really see on too many fighting models; as well as control functions for in-game voice chat, should you have a headset attached. The controller certainly feels sturdy, despite being very light due to the lack of a battery and vibration motors. Will Greenwald has been covering consumer technology for a decade, and has served on the editorial staffs of, Sound & Vision, and Maximum PC. The clicky direction pad is satisfying, and the clearly defined tactile response for the cardinal and diagonal directions really helped me perform special moves that require precise inputs. New Launches.

The cord is also rubber, without the fabric-wrapped cover that Razer's high-end wired headsets like the Kraken Ultimate have. Ideal for tournament play, enjoy the convenience of plugging your 3.5mm audio device straight to the Razer Raion instead of the console*.

Because of this, the fightpad category exists.

In addition to our sincere thanks, you can gain access to our vibrant Discord community of patrons and staff members, get trade paperbacks sent to your house every month, and a lot more. The direction pad clicks in both cardinal and diagonal directions, providing individual inputs with distinct tactile feedback, similar to arcade joysticks with octagonal gates. The cable is hardwired to the top of the Raion, which is a shame because cable damage is just as likely as button and direction pad damage with heavy use, and a detachable cable would have protected against that. The right switch lets you choose between using the triggers in the standard L1/L2/R1/R2 configuration, or to move the L1 and L2 inputs to the right triggers and set the left triggers to act like the L3 and R3 inputs (clicking the left and right analog sticks). Having access to every basic function under your thumb instead of using triggers or bumpers for heavy or dust attacks (which the games would require with a standard DualShock 4 controller and its four face buttons) is useful and convenient. The Raion isn't for everyone, but if you know what red parries or Roman cancels are, it could be the ideal gamepad for you.

For starters, it has an 8-way D-pad and it is the only directional input present. Both the pad and the face buttons use mechanical switches, which are generally sturdier than the membrane and other switches used in most other gamepads. The D-pad performs decently enough, as we were able to pull off special moves with ease — even complex super moves in Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition.

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It could also use a little more heftiness in the weight, so it won’t slip out of your grip so easily. Dedicated Mic Mute and Volume buttons sit near the bottom edge of the front of the gamepad, and pressing them both at the same time locks out the Share, Options, and Home buttons for playing in competitions (where accidentally pausing a match results in a disqualification).

For now, this is a good buy for fans of fighting games, but everyone else can probably stick with a good Fightstick instead. The cable is hardwired to the top of the Raion, which is a shame because cable damage is just as likely as button and direction pad damage with heavy use, and a detachable cable would have protected against that.
Everyone else, however, well, hang tight. Is the Razer Raion supported by Razer™ Chroma?

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