A strategist from Lü Bu's army. Note: This page was cut for reason: Moved to Shuumatsu no Walküre: Record of Ragnarok. Believing that a life without his lord is meaningless, he along with Red Hare and the rest of the army of Lü Bu attempt a suicide charge against Thor, knowing well none of them will survive a strike from the God. Among the Gods, he's the second one to fight in Ragnarok. She appears at first as a caring and kind mother, but in truth only used her child as a tool to marry a writer named Jack Smith who promised her that he would take her away from her current lifestyle once they married. shed more tears as they pay respect to Adam, as a way to voice that, even if he died, they are not going to give up winning Ragnarok.
This also allows him to copy transformations and biological powers), Reactive Power Level (The techniques that he copies are faster and stronger than the original user), Time Manipulation, Supernatural Willpower & Instinctive Reaction (His will was so strong that his body was still capable of fighting even after death), Social Influencing (A simple speech from Adam motivated the whole croud to cheer for him, as well as uniting the whole humanity regardless of division, creed, race, gender or nationality), Afterimage Creation (Shown here), Attack Potency: Planet level, possibly Universe level+ (Capable of fighting against and damaging Zeus, who is above the likes of Shiva, who can both create and destroy the world in a whim, and Thor who is capable of shattering Earth. Be careful, though, the only things that go in the Main namespace are tropes and should be created through the. Was falsely accused of eating the fruit of the Knowledge by the Serpent, thing that caused the expulsion of humans from the Garden of Eden.
She has a calm and peaceful demeanor and is fully loyal to her oldest sister. After winning he finds himself was stricken with an unfamiliar emotion, which turns out to be sadness for killing the only person who truly loved him. When she learned that he'd gotten married and left her behind, she wasted away and began showing her true colors to her son, However, it's gradually revealed that she only did this to make him look presentable to his father as a meal ticket to get out of her way of life, turning on Jack the minute she realizes the man already married and abandoned her; leading her to discard Jack as he was no longer useful and lamenting not killing him the moment he was born when she had the chance. The wife of Adam, the first human woman to ever exist, and the Mother of Humanity. An innate warrior since a young age hopes to meet his equal in battle in the tournament, as in life he was unmatched due to his superhuman power. Acts as Jack the Ripper's Volund during the fourth fight of Ragnarok. His fall on the fence was a calculated move to get blood for his finishing move. Eventually slain by Adam when he tried to attack him and Eve when they were about to leave Eden. though he keeps the position as the main antagonist since he wins the battle. forcing her younger sister Hlökk to become a Volund for Jack.

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