My job is to tell stories persuasively,” she explained.

The period genre doesn't cater to all TV viewers’ palettes. Of course, some cast members are hoping the show strays far from history — especially Alan Van Sprang, whose days as King Henry are numbered. HollywoodLifers, does it bug you that Reign strays from the history books, or do you like it better for doing so? Period TV Shows that are Historically Accurate. Adelaide said she “did quite a lot of research on” her Mary character and discovered she was “really a remarkable woman… very witty, charming, spoke six languages, played two different instruments…played golf.

ViacomCBS-Morena Films Deal; Mueller Investigation Series; BBC Studios Writer Comp; E4 Commission; Shooting Stars Jury — Global Briefs, Third Democratic Debates Set For Houston, But Format Details TBA – Update, ‘CBS This Morning’ Makes More Headlines With Bill Barr Exclusive, Jeff Glor Sticks With CBS News As Co-Host Of Morning Show’s Saturday Edition, Trevor Noah To Host 2021 Ceremony On CBS; How To Watch Today’s Nominations Livestream, It’s Over For Donald Trump: GSA Signs Off On Joe Biden’s Transition As Democrat’s Michigan Win Is Certified, George Clooney On The Urgency Of His First Netflix Film ‘The Midnight Sky’, Giving Away $14M In Cash & More: Deadline Q&A, Netflix Commits $1B More To New Mexico Production, Expands ABQ Studios; ‘Stranger Things’ Joins List Of Albuquerque-Set Shows. “I mean to me!” said Adelaide, as if that was all that really mattered. Even the accents are going to be a little different on Reign than they actually were. It may be too much to hope that CW would help educate our children, but we could at least ask the network to avoid making them stupid. But Reign leaves them ill-equipped to understand it, if it doesn't completely remove any interest they might have in hearing it.

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If, in her extensive research, Adelaide came upon any mention of hubby Francis having been a sickly, short-lived teen, Adelaide has decided to ignore it. One of those beautiful chicks Hollywood gobbles up – all hair, legs and accent — Adelaide is one of those people who goes to great lengths to make sure to answer your every question — even questions not directed at her. The period genre doesn't cater to all TV viewers’ palettes. “It’s TV so, you know, we can take creative license with it,” chimed in star Adelaide Kane, adding, “It’s entertainment – it’s not the History Channel.” And how cute is she that she thinks History Channel still is about history? Perhaps Anna Popplewell, who plays lady-in-waiting Lola, summed it up best when she told us: It’s like historical fan-fiction.

Why substitute some risible, derivative, soap-opera drivel of your own limited invention? In Reign (* out of four, tonight, CW, 9 ET/PT), Adelaide Kane, 23, stars as the young Scottish queen, who, as we meet her in 1557, is living in a French convent for her own protection.

In Reign (* out of four, tonight, CW, 9 ET/PT), Adelaide Kane, 23, stars as the young Scottish queen, who, as we meet her in 1557, is living in a French convent for her own protection. “In each episode we’ll educate people on what element of history helps our story,” exec producer Laurie McCarthy explained this morning when one of the early what-the-heck history questions came in. As told by CW, Mary arrives in France to marry the French king’s hot son, Prince Francis. Adelaide Kane stars as sixteen year old Mary, Queen of Scots as she tries to cement her alliance with France by … What’s the attracti. One can only wait for the spin-off, starring her cousin Elizabeth as a vampire who's fallen hopelessly in love with a werewolf. Finally, she's called back to the French court, where her only friends are four ladies-in-waiting who have clearly been spending their time mastering makeup and hair tricks that must make them the envy of their 16th-century peers. “That’s what the show has chosen to do. Copyright © 2020 Penske Business Media, LLC. Adelaide wants you to know she got the part because “I’m half Scottish” on her mother’s side, and that her mom’s family tartan is Stewart plaid. Times being what they are CW execs went into their half-day at TCA Summer TV Press Tour 2013 braced for some scorched-earth questioning about the teenage-girl-masturbating-in-castle-hall scene of the network’s first crunchy-gravel drama Reign, which purports to be a drama series about the teen years of Mary Stuart (aka Mary Queen of Scots).

All poor Mary wants to do is marry her handsome prince and rule Scotland and France combined, while kicking off her shoes now and then to dance, dance, dance!

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