Strictly speaking, you’re not quite enjoying the absolute freedom of flight while inside the Hypertube, but the speed and sensations are exhilarating! Best paired with Stitched Iron Plate and default Beacon recipes to see its usefulness.

Privacy,, 7 Satisfactory Tricks the Game Doesn’t Tell You, Satisfactory Now Available on Steam Store, Optimizing Belts in Satisfactory (Early and Late Game), A Look at the (Unofficial) Satisfactory Mods. I'm just glad it's useful to others, because I honestly mainly made it for me.

This is a newer and better alternate recipe list and analysis: Game content and assets are copyrights and trademarks of their respective publisher and its licensors. While the standard Wall & Foundation sets provided by FICSIT are both elegant and effective, there have been several new shapes and styles added to satisfy the need for further factory customisation.

Yes, when short of water, it obeys gravity, but once full, gravity is simply an input vs output. A is really good, you would use this almost all the time.

In return for sinking items into the AWESOME Sink and sending valuable data to R&D, you will receive coupons that can be spent in the AWESOME Shop on all sorts of fun and useful goodies. In return it prints coupons that you can spend in the AWESOME Shop. Unlocking pipes together with coal and Automated Vehicles got overwhelming. Who needs that much fabric? There is no better way to freely traverse your factory, and the seating compartment is an ergonomic masterpiece. Allows you to translate coal and oil into iron resources at a good rate. Posted: (2 days ago) Luckily, the Alternative Recipes were already in place to deal with this problem. Great stuff! Wish I had a conveyor belt.

Then when production has increased, power follows in a second step. Now, researching the hard drive is all you need to do. That way you can bottle fuel for the Jetpack and such.

So you can now focus on progressing the research you care about and unlocking the content you want, rather than having to pay for a bundle. We’d appreciate any feedback on the added shapes and what might still be missing, so we can keep updating the AWESOME Shop. How do you use alternate recipes? Further refine it into power sources such as Fuel, and Petroleum Coke, which is an alternative to Coal. This can be turned off/adjusted in the settings, Conveyor Poles & Pipeline Supports height and rotation can now be tweaked when building them from a Conveyor or Pipeline, While placing Conveyors you can now see the clearance of nearby buildings, Interfering clearances while building are now highlighted red, Connecting Conveyors in close spaces should be a little easier now – Move all stacks of the same type between inventories with Ctrl + click, Power Poles, Conveyor Poles & Pipeline Support placed when building Power Lines now snap to the foundation grid, Players can now set part per minute when Overclocking instead of only percentage, The game now saves and restarts automatically after running for 24 hours consecutively to prevent all sorts of bugs that can occur under after that time, Mass dismantling buildings now creates a single crate when the resources don’t fit into the inventory, instead of a crate per buildable dismantled, When aiming at the workbench, now the workbench is outlined, and not the entire vehicle, Players should be able to jump out of water now, Added relay server support, this means that if you can’t connect with NAT punch-through, we will relay the data through a third-party server, allowing connection at the cost of additional ping, Lowered connection timeout from 60s to 30s, Build modes are now simulated on client, which should result in improved responsiveness and accuracy, Constructed buildables will leave a pending hologram on construction for clients if there is significant lag between client and server, Refactored the M.A.M.

We changed it to 15 Coal per minute, which is a lot easier to work with. The A.W.E.S.O.M.E. No new research is available. This progression setup was created for two main reasons.

Another very solid recipe. Generally, when designing the progression of a game, you want to introduce new features to the player one at a time. Foundries, for example, don’t require Steel anymore.

Well, that seems wildly inefficient. save. There are 89 Crash Sites, which means a total of 89 Hard Drives can be theoretically obtained. This is Coffee Stain’s biggest update yet, and there is way too much to dive into. Additionally, the changes to oil had caused some issues with the introduction of decimals not being properly represented. So, we felt it was more appropriate to make this the goal of the Space Elevator: to hook it up to the factory. The s/s is un-improved so I don't see much reason to use this recipe instead of vanilla still. Those are aimed at the less experienced players, since their worries might align more with simply getting production running well. Aluminum and Uranium did this before by requiring different, and large amounts of, buildings, and complex ratios.

It just doesn’t work in a logical way. Pioneers don’t. This was done to compensate for changes made to the main recipes and to further enforce their purpose to potentially increase complexity. The set of blueprints to choose from is determined randomly at the beginning of the scan. Yep it's still there (row 179). Alternate recipes generally require different input materials than the original, trading between raw material consumption, space, power, simplicity and availability of material. They may provide small boost or even slightly worse resource conversion ratio compared to the base recipe, but their recipe simplicity, space compactness, or power reduction can prove them to be useful to save you in certain situations. The reason for this change is that, through by-products refinement, player can produce more fuel from a lower amount of oil.

The HUB Milestone progression now mainly focuses on new parts, production, and power upgrades. You have a dedicated map button, but no mention of a map in the game, until you find it hidden behind a stupid “?” (Why hide advancements? I'm still struggling to grade this one even after the buff. I'm still not sold on this. Black powder is only used to make ammo and explosives, so you don't really need a more efficient recipe for them.

Mean productivity right around 100%, 60% faster crafting and lower power usage.

This one is not great. Your Hard Drive has been returned to you.". If we put mixed materials fed into a machine, like iron ore and copper ore, only take what you can use and make either one that can be made, in the same machine.

They are there to propose a trade-off. Last summer I posted my somewhat arbitrary opinions about the alternate recipes before update 1 hit. Community effort :). The productivity boost is unreal, and you get more speed as well!

This way we hope to support the specific needs of different players more. It’s just a fast drawing cube, at any distance. To make factory traversal smoother, we’ve added crouching and sliding to the game. The crystal oscillator alternate helps a little though. And honestly so much more.

Hi Pioneers! (Conveyors and power poles need to be more forgiving with places that they are being marked as invalid, when they clearly have enough room, or it doesn’t honestly matter. Two Hard Drives can be used for engineer inventory expansions, leaving 83 for alternate recipes.

It’s a cascade event of exponential GPU killing. Taking Steel, as probably the best example for this, players would need to craft Steel Ingots, then Steel Beams and Pipes, and even the expensive Encased Industrial Beams to build Foundries to automate the production of these parts. Also has better weighted productivity when using the solid steel ingot alternate.

Start Mark’s ramblings in 3… 2… 1… Run! Shop, respectively.

Relative footprint. report.

Shop has stolen some of the content from the HUB. I want to solve new and interesting puzzles–not the same puzzles over and over again in varying amounts and combinations. Some pipe arrangements just kill the whole system, for no apparent reason. Added high contrast mode for compass and hotbar (opacity slider).

This includes several quality of life features we hope you will be excited about, some balancing changes outside of recipes (your factories are safe for the moment), a little bit of polish, and a … If we put iron-ore into a machine, DUH, make iron ingots. With the changes to standard recipes, some of you might be disappointed that the complexity was reduced in some places. Thus, we removed the decimals from the oil product recipes and replaced them with cleaner and more consistent amounts, to allow the player a break from number crunching and focus on pipe logistics instead. Even if all you do is make rubber, you still end up getting 4 fuel per 3 crude oil, AND you get free rubber to boot! They are the most complete list of changes we can give you and we hope you enjoy all of it.


And it even saves a logistics step! It has a good unweighted productivity so you get a lot of ore savings, but be cautious as this recipe is slower for the same space than the vanilla. I guess so you can automate fabric production? I noticed something odd that screws in alt recipes seem to slightly increase the cost of producing the product but increase the rate of product significantly.

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