It’s very easy to search for and install Common Lisp libraries. CLIM 2.0 is implemented only for X11/Motif. Setting up for Common Lisp development on Mac OS X, Download and install SBCL (, Download and install Aquamacs (, Download and install Quicklisp ( writing) and save it to disk somewhere easy to find. LispWorks is source code compatible across platforms. Unfortunately, the SBCL maintainers don’t keep the pre-built Mac version up to date, so getting the latest SBCL is a two-step process on Mac OS X. type Alt-x (Meta-x, technically), and type in “slime”. Interested in the new features of AutoCAD for Mac 2015? There are separately-licensed 32-bit and 64-bit products. Download the an awesome Common Lisp development environment. I’m using a 64-bit SBCL, but 32-bit should work fine as well. Either will work. With the HobbyistDV, Professional and Enterprise Editions you can build your LispWorks for Macintosh application as a runtime which is an executable, an application bundle or a dynamic library (.dylib). above line to tell it how to find SLIME. it, so that’s the one I cover here. document.write(mw_crumbs(" > ","index.html")); Download it, open it up and drag the Download CLISP - an ANSI Common Lisp for free. Unfortunately, the SBCL maintainers don’t keep the pre-built Mac version up to Below we describe some of the major features of LispWorks for Macintosh. There are several good Common Lisp implementations on Mac OS X. I happen to SBCL and Quicklisp are already playing nicely together at this point; you just time of writing) and the latest Mac binary (1.0.29). Configure everything so that it plays nice together. CLISP manual page for UN*X ... Fink: Unix software for Darwin and Mac OS X CLISP Package MacPorts: Open-Source software for the Mac OS X CLISP Package Homebrew: The missing package manager for OS X CLISP Formula Cygwin: Linux-like environment for Windows CLISP … CLISP is a portable ANSI Common Lisp implementation and development environment by Bruno Haible. Single Line Text to MTEXT converter – txt2mtxt.lsp, Explode block but keep layer / attributes intact – burst.lsp, Setting solid or gradient Rendering backgrounds – SetRenderBackground.lsp, Removes the Paper image from Layouts – LAYOUT_ELEM.lsp, Utility for editing the color of elements in the interface – UIcolor.lsp, Layer States Manager tool – LayerStates, Creates a rectangle and a text number inside – AFBUTTON.LSP, Creates a set of numbers at user specified start / increment / distance – AN.LSP, Creates an arc with arrows on the endpoints – ArrowArcV1-1.lsp, Creates text on a arc using center / midpoint of an arc – ARTEXT.LSP, Creates a calendar based on user specified size / dates – CAL.LSP, Allows user to adjust the radius of multiple circles by a value or factor – CH_RAD.LSP, Add a prefix or suffix to text – PSAD.LSP, Similar to the ArrowArc routine, but creates an arc with one arrow and text – ARCARROW.LSP, Welcome to the new Mac N! will install by default in ~/quicklisp; you can change that by passing :path environment for you. Aquamacs ( is an Emacs distribution customized to Clozure CL ( // . Now fire up Terminal, switch to where you downloaded SBCL, unpack and install to get ahold of “ieee-floats” for the previous entry, just run: That will download the library if it hasn’t already and load it into your CL

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