John McInerney, 61, who was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease in 2017, is a nurse who transitioned into IT work. and you are not buying for commercial purposes. This way, the person with dementia does not have access to a phone. Sometimes it’s not who calls home but who your elderly  family  member calls that could get them in trouble. People affected by dementia in Kent look at specially designed landline phones to see if they could be easier to use. But because the disease affects the brain in ways that make communication difficult, we need to keep in mind some guidelines to facilitate the best possible communication. Photos Some photo phones provide only a few buttons, each with a space to slide in a photo of the person. Have you ever tried to communicate with someone with Alzheimer’s disease and ended feeling awkward and frustrated? 7 conversation starters when talking to somebody with dementia 1. It can be tough to take the phone away completely, said Silvia Toscano, who leads support groups for the Alzheimer’s Association. Call the person by name – again, showing interest in them. “It’s kind of hard to take something away from someone who has dementia. Going through all of the steps of making a call can be difficult, if not impossible. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. PROBLEM: Not recognising the voice of the caller As dementia progresses, it can become more difficult to remember or recognise a familiar voice. First of all these pages on why a person may go walking about, and how to help keep them safe:…, We also have this magazine article on GPS devices, some of which may be relevant to your situation:…, If you need more support or want to talk to somebody about your sister's walking, you can also call our Dementia Connect support line on 0333 150 3456. I know many family caregivers with family members in assisted living or still living independently complain about  getting phone calls every few minutes, or the family member with dementia calling the police to report imagined robberies ( many accusing their own family members)  As you could imagine, this is a source of great stress for the family. Cell phones are also a way to track people with dementia who are at risk for wandering and getting lost. All rights reserved. All three have large number keys and picture buttons that you can set to call your most important contacts with one touch. The problem often works itself out as the disease progresses, Clyburn said. Christi Clark and Carrie Idol-Richards of the Insight Memory Care Center in Fairfax, Virginia refer to the “Basic 6” steps for communicating with someone with dementia. 22512 Gateway Center Drive 2 worth trying: Telephone 90dB Ringer Amplifier and Flashing Light Classic Amplified Telephone with SOS button. If they ask about the weather or how your day was, this is a cue that they are enjoying talking, but don’t know what to say. Simon, London.

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