I had my system installed bySunlight in 2012…Time really does fly. Columbia, MO 65201 USA The installation of critter guard around the edge of your system makes it a less desirable living area for animals of all kinds. See solar prices from qualified, local companies. and SolaTrim manufacture different styles of critter guards, which are then sold to solar installers and resellers around the country. This is a gated community so more then few customers. Aside from local animals disturbing your solar system, environmental debris can also lead to panel damage. All rights reserved. ← Previous Post Fortunately, our Line Guard and Pole Guard systems are designed to help prevent squirrels’ access to your roof, protecting your solar panels and your power. Squirrel damage is a big reason Sunlight Solar Massachusetts receives service calls. You can see just how effective these critter guards are in the video below. I spent over $30,000 On our system and now they go for a fraction of what I paid. A surprising threat to your solar panels may be the animals that live in the area surrounding your home.

This comes with a 6in by 100ft roll and 60 fastener clips. I am pretty sure that critter guard was not installed at that time. To combat damage from animals and the buildup of flammable materials, solar providers commonly offer “critter guards,” which are strips of metal screening resembling high-quality chicken wire that can be attached along the sides of rooftop panels. If critter guards are something you might want to have installed with your panels, make sure to confirm with your solar installer that they can install them. Critter Guard provides FREE SHIPPING for all orders shipped to customers located in the USA. Squirrels will sometimes nest under rooftop panels, and can chew through exposed or hanging wires. Critter guards can be a worthwhile investment for your solar setup, as they prevent potentially large damages to your panels while maintaining a clean aesthetic for your roof. You installed solar panels on my rooftop March 2014. 1105 Lakeview Ave Required fields are marked *. A critter guard is a mesh covering that goes around the perimeter of a solar panel system. When looking into critter guards, it is important to find a company that will install the guards for you, especially if you are looking to add them to an existing PV system. Check out our guest posting guidelines if you have an idea for our blog. Birds and squirrels can damage your solar setup in several ways, leading to unwanted repair costs and headache. When you join the Marketplace, you can find the solar installer that’s right for your home or business by comparing offers side-by-side to find the best deal.

Are energy-efficient appliances worth it? Dry leaves and twigs can build up under your panels, acting as a dangerous fire hazard near the electrical wires moving power from your panels to your home. COLORADO I was not happy to receive this email as I now feel like I was cheated and my system will probably fail prematurely from squirrel damage. My system was installed by Sunlight Solar over 10 years ago, before the critter guard was available. Squirrels that make their homes on your roof by building nests under solar panels can interfere with the efficiency of the panel, and they can also cause damage to exposed wires by chewing on them or getting tangled in them. Your email address will not be published. ENERGYSAGE and the EnergySage logo, are trademarks owned by EnergySage, LLC. A Critter Guard is simply a physical barrier that prevents vermin access to the underside of flush-mount solar installations. This is critical to ensuring your system remains productive throughout its lifetime and preventing the need for costly repairs. So the question is what would the cost be to install this?

Are there any SREC programs beyond my 10 years? You can indicate your interest in installing critter guards by simply making a note in your preferences when you join. Critter guards/bird netting for solar panels: protect your system from squirrels & birds. Even in areas with high squirrel and bird populations, installing critter guards will protect your PV system from environmental damages. Birds (such as pigeons) will also often nest under and around panels, causing a buildup of dirt and feces that can lower panel efficiency significantly.

We have found it to be the best value critter guard on the market.

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