GPS Coordinates: 38.806327, -120.903538, Adjacent to where Hwy 49 crosses the river, behind Hotshot Imaging and the River Park shopping center. - Mark, Bobbie, Courtney, Dalene, & Shannon. ROCK GARDEN (II) As its name implies, this is a rock garden to be maneuvered through with skill. Please note that camping reservations must be made in advance of arrival and guests may check-in between 3:30 and 8:00 PM. Meat Grinder (III). No Fish have been associated with this river yet... No external links or resources added yet... Do you shuttle for this river and want to get listed? Class III-IV- run on the S. Fork American River. TROUBLEMAKER (III+) This is the biggest rapid on the upper section of this whitewater rafting trip. South Fork Details and Directions, Description:Our most popular American river rafting trip. Half Day Experience ; Click to view gallery. RUCK-A-CHUCKY (V+)  OARS does not take guests down this Middle Fork American rapid. Despite being in California this area still has a nice, remote, rural feel to it. Your guides will be there to thank you for coming and give you photo coupons good for money off your rapid photo purchase (if you wish). RACEHORSE BEND (II+) At Racehorse Bend rapid, the river drops and bends left, pushing current into the right wall. South Fork of the American River (Chili Bar) Stretch: Chili Bar to Lotus: Difficulty: Class III with one IV-Distance: 7.5 miles, short day: Flows: 800 – ?,000 cfs. This is probably a more advanced surf wave for kayakers and rafts should probably square up for this hole hit. Ford’s Bar, Otter Creek, river left. The river rushes to the right over boulders. Most rivers are rated on a scale of I – VI: from Class I, moving water with riffles and small waves, to Class VI, extreme whitewater not commercially navigable. "This special offering and service set your company apart in my mind from the other whitewater raft outfitters" - Jason B. No River Outfitters, Guides or Commercial Companies added yet... Do you offer lodging or camping on or near this river and want to get listed? Dreamflows-generated graph of realtime flows for South Fork American River At Chili Bar. Nothing to hard or serious about them. KANAKA FALLS (IV)  This rapid is also known as CARTWHEEL. This is the biggest (and last major) rapid on the chili bar run. Just after the putin is a small rapid with a fairly retentive but playable hole. If you don't see a fish that you know lives on this river, please login and associate that fish species. “The OARS catalog has turned into a coffeetable dream book for adventure junkies.” – T. Edward Nickens. Beverages and a return shuttle to our American River Outpost at the take-out of your OARS Middle Fork American rafting trip. This is a very fun intermediate run that sees a lot of use. Access to the chili bar putin is on Highway 193. As water levels rise the holes get bigger and more powerful. Day 1 is the Gorge Run on the South Fork American and … Learn more, Description:  How does this sound? You’ll hit Class III and III+ rapids like Meatgrinder, Maya and First Threat with the grand finale being the South Fork’s infamous Troublemaker! "There were plenty of other rafting companies on the river but these guys are miles above the rest! Suitable for kids ages 8+. scenic ride along Gold Country Highway 49, driving right past the Coloma State Park, where gold was first discovered in 1848 and started the California gold rush. Old Scary used to be one of the most difficult rapids on the Chili Bar-to-Coloma section of the South Fork until high water in 1982 changed the rapid. Despite being in California this area still has a nice, remote, rural feel to it. Splashy good times are guaranteed on the South Fork American River Chili Bar section, which happens to be a raft guide favorite stretch of the river. Watch the right bank at the bottom of the rapid as most of the flow runs up against it. Just downstream is our first class 3 rapid, “Meatgrinder”, the longest on the river (not the biggest, though). Lotus, CA 95651 The rapids come right at the beginning of this run and will not disappoint even the most experienced river rat. You can hit both holes and squeeze between gunsight rock and the left bank in a raft. This is a pay to park area but has a ramp (for rafters) and plenty of parking as well as a nice park. 530-888-6515 Sign the Online Assumption of Risk Form There will be bathrooms and changing areas there and places to sit around and talk about the rapids of the day. there is no better company on the river, period." Meatgrinder is also known as “Quarter Mile Rapid” because of its length. Do you run trips or logistics for this river and want to get listed? Built in 1917, also known as the “one-way bridge.”. Coloma Bridge. River clothing is very casual and you should expect to get wet! OLD SCARY (II) The river bends sharply left, with an island midstream. BIG thank you to Mike and Mikey for a great trip." Technically, the rapid should be called Chute Tunnel, as you will descend through a narrow 80-foot long chute which concludes with a big drop into frothy, churning water. Deposit: $60 Turn right (west) south of the Coloma Highway 49 bridge and you'll see the park down the road a ways on your right hand side. Take it north out of Placerville, CA. "Time of my life for sure! The biggest hits are towards the bottom near the right hand bank where most of the water funnels. So. For kayakers this is a good run to get some surfing in and for rafters this is just a good run without a lot of consequences. Releases Below Chili Bar Dam . The South Fork of the American River is perhaps the most commercially rafted river in the West, and it is also kayaked frequently. I had such a blast thanks for everything!" Intermediate Level; 11 Miles of Fun! Surfing the main hole at the bottom is doable at most all levels. Arriving at our Chili Bar launching point, your guides will help you with your pfd’s (life jackets), helmets, and paddles. © 1969 - 2020 OARS Companies Inc. All rights reserved. High-quality inflatable rafts, paddles, helmets, personal floatation devices (wetsuits – if needed), Transportation from the meeting place to the river and back. Our guests walk around as guides maneuver the boats downstream to a safe location. TRIPLE THREAT (III) Three separate drops, and all three can be run down the middle – with lots of bouncy, splashy fun. Read below and take a VIRTUAL RIDE rafting down the South Fork American River… Mile 0 Put in under the Chili Bar bridge. MAYA (II-III) There is normally a pretty easy run down the middle, but there is a big hole at higher flows. Upper South Fork American River Rafting: Chili Bar. 6580 Highway 49 All ages groups 7 and up. This alteration to the river created one of the biggest gold discoveries in the California foothills. We then board our bus for a 30 min. Doodlebug Dredge. Rocky at certain levels. The water is typically clear and not too cold (especially in the hot summer time heat of CA). OARS is a proud member of Adventure Collection, a partnership of the world's premiere adventure travel companies. LAUGHING EDDY (II) Also known as “Blue House Eddy” or “Whiplash.” There is a sharp-edged eddy on river left, at the blue house shortly above the bridge. Lot's of lateral waves throughout this rapid can easily flip IK's or hard shells. There is kayaker access on the south side of the bridge with free parking (limited space) on the southwest side of bridge on 193. This will certainly be a memorable California whitewater experience! Description: Raft the 10 Mile Chili Bar section of the South Fork of the American river. Chili Bar and the Gorge farther downstream could be the most popular river run in America thanks to a healthy commercial outfitter community and highly populated areas close by (Sacramento). This stretch of river offers some exciting whitewater including the huge waves of Meatgrinder and the biggest rapid of the day, Class III+ Troublemaker, comprised of three separate, bouncy, splashy drops. This is a very fun intermediate run that sees a lot of use. Enjoy one night of free camping for rafters at our riverside campground. An approximation of what adventure level (from easier to challenging) you should expect to encounter under typical conditions on this trip. - Rafting Trips. We’ll meet up at River’s Bend at 8:30am sharp and start by getting all the waivers signed. There is a side hike one mile up Otter Creek. TAKE OUT (end) for the South Fork American River Chili Bar Run is at OARS American River Outpost. Spend two days whitewater rafting, two nights of camping out, and enjoy five gourmet meals, all at our own private … Learn more, Description: The South Fork American river Gorge Run is our most popular 1 Day trip that we offer. Chili Bar Hole provides fun raft surfing at levels around 1500 CFS. Rapids are longer, and markedly more powerful. (call for details). - 2021 Guide School - 2 Sessions for 2021! Highway 49 bridge that crosses the south fork in Coloma CA. CPUC# TCP 5646C. A small class II that used to be bigger until it washed out. This uninhabited, pristine wilderness area was once home to two mining camps and more than 10,000 people. First Threat Rapid is a favorite kayak surfing hole and site of the American River Festival Rodeo. Join the other thousands and thousands that have boated this area and give it a try. This is a long continuous rocky rapid. Then we’ll jump on the bus and drive you to the launch area just below Chili Bar Dam (about 20 minutes). This area has a ramp for rafts and plenty of parking. Most of the flow goes down the right channel. We then board our bus for a 30 min. Waves are generally quite small; passages clear of any major obstacles. Gage useful for the following whitewater runs: See "The Best Whitewater in California" (Holbek and Stanley) for a full description runs. CHILI BAR HOLE (II) For many years Chili Bar Hole was the site of the Chili Bar Rodeo. At higher flows a drop on the left opens up as well. This is definitely the best option for rafts. West, Inc. holds Transportation Charter Permits (TCP0022913 - C and TCP0022913 – A) with the California Public Utilities Commission. There is a swimming hole and plenty of ripe blackberries from mid-July to August. Bathing suit/trunks, lightweight, quick drying top (rash guard works well), Lightweight  windbreaker for cool mornings, sweatshirt for cool evenings, River sandals or old tennis shoes work great (No flip flops or bare feet allowed), Sunglasses (suggest retaining device so they don’t end up in the river), Bottle of water (drinks provided at lunch and end of the trip), Inexpensive waterproof camera (professional pictures are taken at one of the rapids). Chili Bar Run @ 1900 cfs, South Fork American River - YouTube O.A.R.S. Josephine Canyon, river left. Take out/end of your California whitewater experience. Just make sure to square up. 2 holes are the major feature of this rapid. Hidden pools and waterfalls can be found up this creek. - Now taking bookings for 2021 - Plan for a fun vacation for 2021! The following fish species are often found on this run. ALARM CLOCK (aka GOOD MORNING COFFEE) (III) As its name implies, this rapid is the wake-up call for the day to come. The current will sweep the boat toward a rock wall on the right. There are numerous Class III rapids until the Class IV Kanaka Falls rapid. california rafting trips & vacations American River Rafting - Trips for all Ages 4+! Very long rapids; dangerous rocks and powerful waves and currents, precise and powerful maneuvering is required. The river now heads into a more mellow section for about an hour, where we will end our trip. Many commercial rafts pile up here to give their customers a "stern squirt" splash. A ‘hole’ is created when the river current drops over a rock or ledge and circulates instead of continuing its downstream flow. Just below first threat is another wave train (towards river right). This is a long rapid that has many hidden rocks and holes throughout the rapid. Rental options include: Learn about our campground | View the campground map. $10/person for each additional night. Rivers and rapids that are only run by EXPERTS and then with great risk to their safety. Gift Certificates are now available - Get Yours Today, South Fork Chili Bar Run Trip Information, South Middle Fork American River Deluxe 2 Day Combo, South Fork American River Deluxe 2 Day Trip, South Fork American River Whole River 1 Day Trip, South Fork American River PM 1/2 Day Trip, “ OUR FAMILY LOVED EVERY MINUTE!

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