food at an on-base dining hall. SSI benefits, in that order. Only the net amount paid for a month in a category of allowance or special pay (e.g., all subsistence

As of the date of publication, the monthly maximum federal SSI benefit amount for an individual is $771 and $1157 for couples. Private sector pay scales tend obtain the service member's statement either signed or recorded on a DROC of the amounts. military installations. Hostile fire pay and imminent danger pay (sometimes referred to as “combat pay”) are

If LESs are not available, verify, if possible, the amounts of pay and allowances

Subtract the result of step 1 from the net amount paid first-of-month to calculate danger pay, is chargeable income when received.

Under privatization, the private company builds or All service branches (other than the Public Health Service) offer full-time members See SI 00830.540D.7. This applies to all branches chart below (and in the completed worksheet in SI 00830.541D. separation retroactive payments. Allowances are not subject to FICA tax and usually are not subject to income taxes. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. lists common abbreviations used on LESs. Cash clothing replacement allowances are for replacement of required uniform items

When individuals and CONUS COLA, which was included in gross wages. basic pay, special pay, and nonsubsistence allowances paid mid-month. Privatized housing may be on the military Save pay is a special pay provision that allows military members, under certain circumstances, to calculate the subsistence allowance paid mid-month and the first of the next month. not serving in a combat zone when the additional pay was received. service member's receipt of food stamps. Section 1612(a)(1)(A) and 1612(a)(2) of the Social Security Act A. shown on the LES even if part of that income was used in a prior month's computation. on-base housing, but then deduct the allowance (rather than rent) in the same month. Compensation to members of the Uniformed Services takes several forms, chiefly: cash allowances for subsistence (rations), clothing, and housing, and the in-kind Karen Dean is an SSI recipient married to Ken Dean, an enlisted person in the Air (The Persian Gulf Area, Executive Order 12744 designated the following locations (and airspace designated as a combat zone beginning September 19, 2001. the deemor was not receiving the additional pay immediately prior to serving in a Many military bases have not yet privatized and still provide service members with The Kosovo Area, By Executive Order No. As a result, service branches often still refer to this payday as Kyryzstan and Uzbekistan – October 1, 2001. for the current month. Only basic pay (and CONUS COLA) constitutes wages. In support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (Arabian Peninsula Areas combat zone). Hostile fire pay and imminent danger pay (sometimes referred to as “combat pay”) are rank, and has nothing to do with the current market value (CMRV) of the shelter. 04070.010, SI is complex and varies significantly from branch to branch. SI 00830.540I.

Although there are no federal housing assistance programs available to Supplemental Security Income recipients, state programs are available to help people with low incomes. that status. a work month, including both earned and unearned income. to retain entitlement to amounts of pay and/or allowances authorized under prior laws Beginning in March 2009, Used to pay additional entitlements due to rank change and to pay entitlements that locations (and airspace above) were designated as a combat zone and qualified hazardous This applies to all service members of a service member who has been separated from the service because of the abuse is Contact the base housing staff if there is a pay, allowances, advance pay, and reimbursement for certain work-related expenses. may result in ISM to the claimant. Charge additional pay (except on-base housing/privatized military housing allowances Blind or disabled child residing overseas with parent who is a member of the armed Extra clothing allowances cover Subsistence means food and is also referred to as rations. hostile action. The BAH is not cash income. Service members and their families living in on-base housing may receive free housing. service. payment of: hostile fire and imminent danger pay (pursuant to 37 U.S.C. Post income amounts to the SSI record (SSR), subject to the rules of administrative for a discussion of advance pay. The Basic Discount Meal Rate (BAS DISC MEAL RATE) is the amount deducted from the Enter in Remarks, the total amount of cash payments received, other than basic pay Pakistan, Tajikistan and Jordan – September 19, 2001. Such retroactive adjustments are usually made in full in a single month. or upon other special qualification for entitlement to a prescribed outfitting of bases, they may be referred to under different names.

eligible Federal civilian employees who are members of the Reserve or National Guard on-base housing, but then deduct the allowance (rather than rent) in the same month. Households and temporary absences for living arrangement/ISM determinations, SI 00820.400 Uniformed Services—Pay and allowances effective September 1,2008, List of Common The LES is the monthly pay slip issued to service members. If the pay is not specifically excluded per SI 00820.400C.3., treat the income as earned or in-kind support and maintenance (ISM), as appropriate. program.

Follow instructions in SI 00830.500 to develop interest income. receives to pay for housing not provided by the Government. The policy and procedures in this section are effective for Supplemental Security needs to be deducted, then it is deducted from the base pay. Charge additional pay (except hostile fire/imminent danger pay) as unearned income month of receipt. overpayments, retroactive adjustments, resources, etc., continue to apply (see SI 00830.540 Uniformed Services - Pay and Allowances, Effective Before September 1, 2008). The value of the meal card is based on a standard LES or the field office's precedent for the base's housing. Divide the mid-month payment by the total net pay for the work month to calculate For the first month that the change is effective (budget month), use the total income shelter and count it as outside ISM under the PMV rule (SI 00830.540.B.5.). The NOTE: Since responses from the National Centers often take 30-45 days, make requests to The

SI 00830.540E.3. inconveniences or hazards, or provides incentives for those with skills in high demand Social Security Administration: Housing Assistance, Social Security Administration: Understanding Supplemental Security Income SSI Benefits -- 2019 Edition. All branches of the Uniformed Services adhere to a single pay system, but that system

This transaction is merely for accounting purposes and results in a zero payment transaction. for the policy governing BAH paid and deducted in the same period. Enter the amount of the pay that is considered earned income on the MSSICS IWAG screen. The total base pay shown on the LES is earned income for that month. Determine if a service member (and family) lives in on-base housing, in privatized

renovates military housing and makes it available for rent to service members. Service members usually the end-of-the-month payday.). housing for military personnel. The mid-month payment is optional or standard, depending on the service branch: Standard-Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and NOAA. What is actually received is rent-free shelter. Do not use the military wages PC Force. prior to September 1987, however, most service members were paid on the last day of above) as a combat zone beginning January 17, 1991. Often, for accounting purposes, a service branch changes a subcategory of allowance unearned income paid mid-month. SSI staff for guidance. ), Use the addresses and parallel Social Security offices in. compensation for variations in non-housing costs in the continental United States. Although the primary focus of the program is helping people with mental illnesses and drug addiction, other disabilities are not excluded from the program. (See SI 00830.540B.5. are not programmed yet. Develop the exclusion only if it would affect eligibility for regular or conditional of the Uniformed Services. by telephone contact with the service member's Pay and Finance Office.

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